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“I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill –a skill based in self-esteem.” ~ Caroline Myss

Recently I was working on a new friend of mine and totally enjoying it.  I love being in the zone–channeling this beautiful energy, knowing that I am helping her body physically, spiritually, and emotionally. To me, the emotional and spiritual bodies are one and the same.  They are energetically intertwined.  Emotions are wrapped up (sometimes tightly!) in the chakras.  I promise to share all my knowledge of the chakras at a later time, but for now, chakras are basically energy centers located close to the body and correlate with major intersections of nerves. I want you to be able to see how emotions, the chakras, and listening to your body are all related because I use information to help my clients.

I started working on my friend because she was experiencing pain in her middle back.  It was also causing her ribs to hurt.  As soon as I reached the area, I could see exactly what I needed to do.  I could literally see her ribs and the muscle that was slightly torn (because I can do this, I am considered a Medical Intuitive–but not a doctor!).  I could also feel the bottom four chakras out of balance.  As I've mentioned before, spontaneous illness is unlikely the cause, so I started to listen to what her body was telling me so I could see what may have led up to this muscle being torn.

That’s when I started feeling anxious, protective like I was battling something, worried about finances, and alone. Whoa!  That’s a lot of emotions!  So how was this information related to the imbalances in her body?  Each of those feelings corresponds to a chakra.  Rather than standing over her and continuing to try to make sense of what was going on, I decided to tell her what I was feeling and describe the imbalances in her chakras.

Lo and behold I was making sense (maybe I haven’t lost my mind)!  My friend revealed that her brother had passed 11 months earlier, and there was a financial battle over his estate.  She also said she has been dealing with the financial aspect of his death for so long that her body hasn’t had the space to grieve. So, exactly how are these emotions affecting the body?

Here’s how these emotions translate into the body spiritually speaking.  The base chakra (first chakra) is related to family, the second chakra (in the back) is related to finances, third chakra is related to power, and the fourth chakra is related to love and grief.  All four of her chakras were responding to the emotional things in her life–family, finances, power, grief, and love. 

After discussing these things, she could see how the muscle in her back became vulnerable and eventually torn.  There was an overall weakness in the area that paved a path for dis-ease!  Her torn muscle (pain) is her body signaling that certain emotions need to be processed and released.  This is why I worry when Western doctors prescribe pain relievers without addressing the whole body (mind, body, and spirit).  Pain is your body talking to you!  So the next time you have a headache or your neck is sore, ask yourself, what is my body trying to tell me?  Listening to your body will probably help you avoid disease!  How great!!!

Once I balanced my friend's chakras and made a few suggestions she could do for herself, I was off on my way– always grateful for the opportunity to help someone and to bring more clarity and peace into their lives.

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