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Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping. EFT is a way of releasing stored energy and information in the body that is creating dysfunction or dysregulation within the body. This may be experienced as pain, anxiety, fear, and more.


In A Nutshell

EFT is great for helping people to overcome fears, trauma (both large and small), and help to rewrite limiting beliefs. It also helps to turn off the fight, flight, freeze response and put the body into a state of relaxation, where it can heal. It is well established that trauma creates stress in the body and stress is linked with nearly all illnesses. Studies show that childhood trauma is linked with chronic illness, addiction and mental illness later in life. EFT has the ability to help unlock, release, and rewrite these traumas through an energy based protocol that utilizes loving kindness.


What I’ve found in doing 1000+ EFT sessions and a thousand + more energy healing sessions, is that much of what is holding us back from experiencing the life we want, was first created when we were children. Trauma (large and small), mental programming (from family and society), and personal experiences, create a lens in which you view the world and make decisions and judgements about who you are within the world. EFT can help you to change the lens in which you view the world and thus transform the way you experience life.

What EFT Can Help

  • Anxiety

  • Coming out

  • Insecurities

  • Cravings

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Test Taking

  • Weight-loss

  • PTSD

  • Not fitting in

  • Depression

  • Divorce

  • Social Pressures

  • Sleep

  • Anger

  • and more!

How EFT Helps

  • EFT helps turn off the fight, flight, freeze response in the body

  • EFT helps place the body into rest and digest

  • EFT increases cognition and reasoning

  • EFT helps create a more coherent field that is capable of better handling future stress

  • EFT boosts the immune system

  • EFT helps remove the pain in painful memories

  • EFT helps energy and information that was stored in the mitochondria and Primo-Vavascular System to be released

What Happens To The Body

  • Re-consolidation of the memory/memories happen

  • The Reticular Activating System is able to find evidence for new things

  • Cortisol levels drastically reduce in one hour of tapping

  • 72 genes are turned on for healing in one hour of tapping

  • Parasympathetic nervous system is activated

  • Thinking shifts to Forebrain


How To Do EFT

EFT tapping points that help lower anxiety, Emotional Freedom Technique tapping points in an easy to view image

To Start

When you are doing EFT, it is important to measure how you are doing/feeling on a scale of 0-10, about the trigger. Zero would represent no “charge”(neutral) about the situation, and 10 would represent a significant change regarding the situation. Keep that number in mind as you do EFT. It will be helpful to check in after each round what the charge is regarding the situation. The “charge” should go down until it is a 2 or less.


In my experience, if you are stuck at a 3, try reflecting on the situation and seeing if there is a possible family/lineage energy/history. If so, tap on that and it should decrease fairly quickly. Try saying, “Even though I learned this from my (fill in the blank with the family member), and I would like to update my orientation to this information, I deeply love and accept myself.”


How To Tap

Here’s a quick demonstration of EFT.

Tap each of these points roughly 7 times and say,

“Even though I have this (fill in the blank), I deeply love and accept myself.”

During EFT

When you are tapping, you may feel the energy shifting in your body and the “story” you tell/told yourself will change. You may get insights as energy is moving out (for example your chest is less tight and you can breathe better). Take the opportunity to tap on what has come up. Another example of this would be, if you are tapping on “not being good enough,” and you get the feeling, picture, or knowingness that it is related to when you were in 1st grade and your friends all decided to leave you on the playground, tap on that. Your body is giving you the indication that that energy and information was still in there and needed/wanted to be moved out.

Your Body Keeps The Score

I believe EFT helps you move through the various stages of grief (Kubler-Ross), wherever you are in that process, and no matter how big or small that trauma/grief is. This is because your body “keeps the score.” Sometimes you may not remember the trauma, or you may not have had the opportunity or tools to process the trauma at the time it happened. The innate wisdom of the body will remember where you are in your process of releasing that trauma and will begin there with your healing. Sometimes during a tapping session, you may cry, feel your shoulders release, etc, that is because your body finally has the opportunity to move that energy and information out and you are experiencing it as a physical release.

How Many Rounds

I often get asked how many rounds of tapping should I do. The answer is as many as you want, but a good rule of thumb is to pay attention to your number (that you took at the beginning) and if it is decreasing, stop when you have reached zero.

You don’t need to do EFT perfectly for it to “work”

Please know that there is no “right” way to tap. There are guidelines to help you in the process of moving out these limiting beliefs, programs, and traumas, but they are not set in stone. Feel free to skip around to the different points, change what you are saying, or simply tap on the number you came up with in the beginning. Don’t not tap because you are afraid of doing it wrong. Your intention alone to release these limiting beliefs, programs, or trauma, gets you well on your way to being able to release these things.

Pain and EFT

If you are tapping on pain that is in the body, you can tap on the number or severity of the pain. As you tap, you will want to check in to see if that number is decreasing. If your number is decreasing (it should) then you tap on that new number, all the way until you get to 0. If the pain is related to an injury, you may need to tap on the trauma from the injury. That may be “holding” the pain in place—essentially making it difficult to let go of the pain.

Kids and EFT

Children love to tap. They can do fewer points and it will take less time for them to move out the energy of the thing that was bothering them. They intuitively know that it is better to release and let go of pain or trauma than it is to hold on to it. Kids can say, “Even though I feel… I am still a good kid,” or “Even though, I feel…I love myself.” Kids are usually comfortable saying those phrases.

Creating Resilience

Regular practice of EFT will create a body that is more creative, less stressed, happier, healthier, and more engaged and connected with others. When we can recover from trauma and become stronger, healthier, and more empowered than ever before—that is true resilience.

This is what is possible with eft and why I love it so much!

Disclaimer: Amy is a trained EFT practitioner. She has done over a 1000 EFT sessions as well as over a 1000 energy healing sessions. This is an overview of how to do EFT, it is not a substitute for learning from a trained practitioner. EFT is generally safe to practice on your own but you may require assistance, from a professional, when dealing with deeply traumatic events. Please practice at your own risk.

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