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" I have so much to share and invite you to join me on the path to health and wellness! "

 I am also lgbtq+, a mom, a wife, a rescue dog mama x3, an owner of a 1961 Shasta camper, and a biohacker at heart!


I strongly believe each person has the opportunity to live a vibrant life! To do this, the foundations of health—whole food nutrition, exercise, self-awareness and a balanced energetic body—must all be working together.


As an educator and energy healer, I work to help people understand how the body can heal itself, using recommendations based on scientific evidence proving what helps the body to do this.


With so much confusing information about what it means to get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy, I’ve vowed to help my readers, students and clients understand what really works!

The road to wellness doesn’t have to be bumpy. If you're feeling ready to work with me, check out the Stark Transformation Starter Pack, and these courses I designed for you

The Stars

from Spirit.

"Amy is a leader and helper of humanity. She disguises her healing abilities through the power of talk. She is a light in this world, a bright one at that, with extraordinary capabilities beyond human measure or capacity to understand. Her ability to navigate and traverse the land that she walks is unmatched by many. 


Amy is among many healers on the planet, leading the transformations taking place. Her limits are not there. She is extraordinary. There are no bounds. There is only light and healing.


She is a sensitive soul sent here to transform humanity in ways they are unaware of. She sees the potential and knows what to do. She bravely steps forward and makes those transformations, fulfilling God’s wishes and intentions. She is loved by many and hears the calling of many needing her work. She gets frustrated by limiting thoughts and beliefs because she herself is not limited by time and space. 


The lessons learned by Amy are a great many. She has learned to heal herself and has decided to make that a career. She has learned to live unconditionally and share herself unconditionally. Amy is a healer in every sense of the word. 


Amy is a healer that has qualities that set her apart. She knows how to get to the root of the problem and expose it with love and acceptance. She knows how to transmute that energy and information for the highest and best good of all those involved. She knows how to tap into your excellence and share it with you. She is a leader among leaders. 


Her work here on the planet has always been to serve many, and now is the time. We look forward to watching her support the growth of so many. Now is the time."


Amy's Official Bio:

Amy Stark is a highly sought-after Transformation Specialist, renowned for her dynamic approach to mastering life and energy. With over a decade of experience and a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education, Amy is a true expert in her field. As a biohacker at heart, she is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and staying ahead of the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques.


As a trained Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, and E.F.T Practitioner, Psychic- Medium, and healer Amy has helped countless people from all around the world create happier and healthier lives full of joy and purpose. Her innovative and unique methods have garnered her a reputation as a top expert in the field of transformation.

Amy is also the host of The Stark Transformation Show, where she shares her wisdom and expertise with a global audience. Her engaging and informative content has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better.


In summary, Amy Stark is an accomplished Transformation Specialist, biohacker, and educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field. Her passion for helping people create joyful and purposeful lives is evident in everything she does.

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