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The Message

“I don’t look at this as a religious based thing. To me this is energy based.” ~John Edward (Medium)

While my “gift” isn’t being a medium, sometimes I get information for a client that comes from someone who has crossed over. Often these spirits are both trying to heal themselves and the person I am working on.

One afternoon I was doing Reiki on a client who had pulled a muscle. Throughout the session, I discussed the information about her body and chakras and gave her some advice about things she could do to help her body heal faster.

Later that night, I was dreaming about anatomy (as I often do), when I suddenly heard my client’s (from earlier in the day) cell phone ring. I remember coming out of the dream confused as to why I was “hearing” her cell phone (my friend Gemma and I refer to this as “spearing”–spiritual hearing). That’s when the lights in my bedroom flashed on, and then went out! Holy moly! I was scared! What the heck was that? This was totally not cool with me. When things like this happen, I know there is a spirit who has a message that needs to be delivered.

It has been perfectly described to me (thank you Susan!), that people who are in my line of work have a “spiritual light bulb” over their heads. We stand out to the other side, as someone who can help with communication between worlds. We are like telephone booths. Anyway, I was scared (I can’t even watch scary movies!), but I knew I could firmly tell the spirit I was not going to engage until I was ready–which would be in the morning.

Early the next morning, in meditation, I decided to talk to the stranger in the night. When I say talk, I’m not actually using words that come out of my mouth (I’m not that crazy!). I just communicate through thoughts (more normal)–which is just energy. That’s when I discovered I had an important message to deliver.

This spirit was my client’s brother who had recently passed. He wanted me to inform his sister there were two nurses in the hospital who were responsible for his significant decline in health. One of the nurses had inserted the breathing tube incorrectly and the other nurse knew about it, but didn’t say anything about it. I could see where he was located in the hospital (second floor all the way at the end of the hall) and I could describe what the nurses looked like and their ethnicity. I even knew one of the nurse's names.

I delivered the message to my client with much trepidation– I had to for his sake and mine. I knew it would help his spiritual journey, and if I didn’t share this information I’d feel like I was carrying a weight around for days–maybe weeks.

Lo and behold, everything I said made sense. She said with tears in her eyes, “I knew he wasn’t treated well in the hospital. I have written a letter to the hospital stating how he was treated. I know which nurses you are referring to and I have doctors that have agreed to back me up about how he was mistreated…He was also all the way at the end of the hall on the second floor at some point during his stay. In my letter, I distinctly talk about how they didn’t manage his breathing tube correctly.”

I was stunned.

I love what I do, and I’m grateful I had the guts to share this information so she could have some validation about what happened to her brother in the hospital. I’m also glad I was able to deliver his message and bring him peace.


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