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Riding the Wave

The Law of Attraction has come up a lot lately. People are wondering what the Law of Attraction is, how can I use it, or why it is not working for them?! Simply put, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. This means, what you say, think, and feel is what shows up in your life.

You are probably thinking, yeah, whatever. I don’t have that blah blah blah and I think about it all the time! I want it! I can see it! I know where to get it, and I know how much it costs. I’m all set to buy it but I don’t have the money for it!

That’s because what you are saying, thinking, and feeling are not all aligned. When you say you want something, your body overwhelmingly feels the lack of that thing. That emotion is much more powerful than what you are thinking. Research has shown that our heart’s electrical magnetic field is 10x as strong as our brain’s electrical field. So you can scream all you want out to the Universe that you want something, but your body (through your feelings) is screaming 10x louder over you that you don’t have it!

So when your body sends out the louder, stronger signal of I don’t have this, the Law of Attraction steps in and works its magic and sends you NOTHING! This is because you sent out the signal of not having it, so you attracted more of NOT having it!

Everything is made up of energy (thoughts and feelings too!), so chose your thoughts and feelings wisely. Instead of thinking you want something, try to feel what it would be like to have that thing, and then hold on to that feeling as long as possible. And certainly, make sure you are talking ONLY about the things you want in life (so no complaining!).


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