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Mental Strategies For Today’s Wacky World.

Boy these times strange right now! So much energy is shifting on the planet—and shifting within us. Downtime can be great, but a lot of downtime can be down-right scary!

I’ve been there. I’ve had several “dark nights,” and I believe we are in a collective dark night. A dark night is when circumstances “bring you to your knees.” You feel lost, confused, afraid and deeply concerned about the future. You may feel that you’ve hit rock bottom or are close to rock bottom.

There are some tools and strategies that one should utilize during a “dark night.”

First and foremost, be gentle with yourself. Take time to pamper yourself in any way that you can. For me, Epsom salt baths, with lavender essential oil, really help me clear my energy and give me a good reset. No one has ever navigated these times, so be gentle with yourself if you feel you have not been “doing a good job” of handling these times.

Please make sure that you are either tapping and/or talking about your feelings. This alone time can make you question a lot of things in life—and that’s a good thing, as long as you are gentle and compassionate with yourself and your thoughts. Get more info about tapping here.

Recognizing that you have been doing your best is really important. You have been working with a certain set of tools, and maybe now it is time to expand that tool set. I highly recommend the book, The Four Agreements if you are looking to expand your mental tool set.

Please allow yourself to have intense feelings, and express them if you feel safe to do so. Talking, tapping or writing are great ways of releasing some of the energy and information that is bubbling up to the surface during this time of stillness.

If you are feeling called to go deeper with those feelings, I’d definitely suggest tapping about your fears and concerns. It will help you to get to the root of where those fears and frustrations came from, and help you release them once and for all.

Try to not resist what is happening. Resisting what is, is going to make you feel stuck. Accepting the times we are in is going to be the first step to changing the reality in which you find yourself. Just like if you are searching for directions to a particular place, you need to enter where you currently are, before you can get started. Check in with how you are doing, what your current circumstances are, and decide where you’d like to go, or who you’d like to be in the future. This is the first step to creating the life you want.

Resisting what is, or wishing things would go back to the way they were, will turn on your fight or flight. That’s because it is asking for the impossible. You cannot be in two places at once, and so your body cannot be in the past or the future, only the present moment. The present moment is the only place you can get stuff done.

Resisting what is will kick you out of reasoning mode, and make you feel like you are on an energetic hamster wheel —trying to find the ground but not landing on anything. Much of your energy will be spent trying to hold off the current reality, while being in a “checked out state.” Tapping (EFT) is the fastest way I know to get us back into our body, expand our field and handle things from the present moment— and get us off that energetic hamster wheel.

If you are trying to be more productive during these times, but find that you are not being more productive, it could be (minus kid interruptions), because your fight or flight is on.

During this time, fears are being triggered and we should be cognizant of that and try to tap, meditate or purposely turn off our fight or flight in any way that we can. Doing so will result in a shift in the body and mind and you will find that you are more creative, less stressed, have better access to your intuition, and can organize your thoughts more clearly–and you’ll also have a boosted immune system! Don’t forget that an hour of tapping lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, by 24% and turns on 72 genes for healing.

Please remember that connection is super important for our overall health. We are hard wired as humans to connect and without connection we feel lost and lack purpose and meaning. The heart field organizes the whole field, so it is important to make sure that our heart energy is feeling good and supported!

Isolation is getting really tough for everyone. This isolation is wearing thin on even the most staunch introverts. Please be sure to hug when you can (with those in your immediate family/roommates–and for 20 seconds!), or place your hands over your heart for 20 seconds. This helps release Oxytocin and that will fill your body with good feelings. Do this several times a day.

Also remember to organize and/or participate in group meetings such as “zoom happy hour,” or other similar online functions. This will give you a sense of connection.

If you’d like some more insights, tips and mindset shifts, hop on over to my podcast and get a healing (just by listening), and learn some of the best tools to reset your nervous system and shift your mindset. The feedback about the podcast has been great!

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, thank you! I’d love to hear YOUR feedback. I’ve created this podcast for you and I’d love to know what you think of the podcast, as well as hear your suggestions for future podcasts.

Much love and peace to you!


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