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“God continues to work miracles in my life.” ~Willie Aames

Last week I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

I booked a hypnosis session with a dear friend and mentor. She is a silver-haired lady in her 70’s— an unusual choice for a 30-year-old, but when I met her I already knew we had a history.

I booked the session with the intention of finally getting off the asthma medicine that I have been taking daily for 15 years! I have tried several times to come off this medicine, but have not been able to do so. I usually can go a couple of days before I experience frightening tightness in my chest so I cave into the fear and begin taking my medicine again. I hate it.

Truthfully I find it very annoying that I know the spiritual and emotional origin of this dis-ease, and yet I haven’t been able to rid myself of the dependence o this medicine. Ugh! I’ve even tried doing energy work on myself, but it’s sort of like trying to tickle yourself. With this level of awareness, attachment, and ingrained behavior— I needed some external help. Big time.

As I entered my friend’s house, I remarked, “I’m not so sure this is gonna work because I’m pretty wired. I just found out a good friend is coming down to visit!” In her calm, unwavering voice, she uttered, “sure it will.”

Let me just say, the level of trust I have in this woman is remarkable. Her mere presence sparks an inner relief that everything is going to be ok. I wish everyone knew her.

We began the session with me focusing on a particular spot on the wall—and within a second, literally a second, I was “under.” Hypnosis is a funny thing. In my experience—which is very limited, it feels as if your body is completely asleep, but your mind is more aware and active than after a double espresso. I remember the entire experience.

She began by talking about my asthma and releasing it. The words in this situation paled in comparison to what I experienced. As she was talking, a very warm light began slowly sweeping up and down my body. I was sure that the light was coming from a flashlight. The way it moved up and down my body had humanistic qualities. It would spend more time on my forehead, then down to my toes—short stopping at my knee. Very interesting. I chalked it up to another tool to put me under— kind of like when people use those ancient pocket watches. The light was so engaging, that I was tempted to take a peek at the flashlight out of my insanely instinctual curiosity. Instead, I decided to stay present in my body and allow the process to unfold.

After settling into the sweeping light sensation, I began to feel a tugging on my left lung. I saw chakras–two of them, that were being released. I actually felt pain like something was leaving me. I knew what was happening. I was receiving a healing—from me! I relaxed into the process and allowed what was happening– knowing I was in good hands! It was at that point that I was asked by my friend to take a deep breath. Oh- My-Gosh! I could breeeeeeathe for the first time in 30 years! I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt. My left lung felt like it was 3 times its size!—Expanding beyond my body! My lung felt cool, smooth, and healthy inside. Simply, amazing.

When I came out of the hypnosis, I asked if I could see the flashlight she was using. I was met with a blank stare. She clearly had no idea what I was talking about. Knowing that she can be the type of person to “pull my leg,” I begged her to see it. She said, “I don’t have a flashlight, I’ve just been sitting here!” We both paused in that moment and knew the enormity of what had just happened. We were in awe. I couldn’t believe such a beautiful experience had been bestowed upon me. I felt humbled.

It has now been a week and I am almost completely off my medicine (I’ve decreased it over several days, as I usually do). I have run several miles each day with no tightness. I was exposed to lots of pollen and dust (two strong triggers) and had no asthma attacks.

To say that I am truly grateful for this experience is an understatement.

*(Update: Nearly 5 years later I still have not had to take that medicine. So grateful.)

*Always consult your doctor before deciding to come off of your medicines.


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