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Eyes Wide Open

“Art is an expression of soul.” ~Anonymous,

Years ago I created a vision board—the kind where you cut out pictures of things you want, places you want to go, and people you want to meet. Basically, anything that you want to attract into your life.

As I was creating my board, I decided I need a picture that represented my spirituality. One that would remind me of my journey, where I came from, and the sheer beauty of nature.

I came across the most exquisite picture of white light streaming in an auburn and burnt sienna-colored cavern.

I stared at it and it took me to a whole new place—one day I’ll actually go there. I heard drumming, chanting, and could feel and smell the cool damp earth in the canyon. I was in awe and my head felt woozy—so I cut it out and posted it on my board.

I visited my board every morning, dreaming of the life I wanted to create while waiting for my coffee to brew.

Just two weeks later, I found myself moseying down Duval street in Key West like many others. I had just visited the “Best Palm Reader in the Keys” and was contemplating my palm and all it had revealed. As I glanced up to keep my pace with the tourists, I found myself in front of a life-sized picture of my cavern! I couldn’t believe it! I could run forward and hug this life-sized picture or grab the nearest tourist and say, “Look! It’s the picture on my vision board!!!! Can you believe it????”

It turns out, life placed me in front of Peter Lik’s gallery—only 1 of 2 in the whole country. I had no idea the picture I cut out was his photograph.

I entered the gallery awe-struck. Each photograph told a story and I could feel it. I felt like a child discovering nature for the first time. I spoke with William, a distributor, about these photographs and he began to describe Peter’s work in a way that sounded so familiar. He spoke freely about how Peter could capture the energy of the landscape— how he sees and feels the landscape differently than most. He explained how photographs are generally just a “snapshot” in time—a minuscule portion of a second and Peter’s are much longer. He extends the exposure time, letting in as much light as possible in order to allow all the colors of the landscape to be absorbed and the true beauty of nature to be expressed.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was as if William was talking about energy healing. Slowing things down…letting in as much light as possible…allowing for true beauty to be expressed! Peter’s work is another form of healing!!! I had never looked at it like that before! The thought of it brought tears to my eyes—how perfectly awesome!

What are you doing to create your path?


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