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Desert Rose

“Keep in touch with yourself kid!” ~my Dad

I’m in Fabulous Las Vegas! Gazing from the 58th floor I have the most beautiful panoramic view of a mountain range. Their rich chocolaty color is etched with exquisite detail from weathering and time. All of them seemingly placed without effort in this vast desert and endless sky. It reminds me of just how insignificant things really are.

Several years ago I took a road trip through the Southwest and that’s when I fell in love. At sunset, the reds and oranges echoing off the mountains and sky were breathtaking. It felt like an embrace from God.

On that road trip we stopped in Sedona and I decided to do something crazy. I went out into the desert with a 6 foot 5 Shaman whom I’d never met before! This was a clear case of me blindly following my intuition–but what an experience!

The first part of our meeting didn’t go so well (part one was in his office, and part two was a hike). He started by asking a lot of personal questions. He just skipped over the small talk and pleasantries (which is common among psychics because part of the intuition process is bypassing the frontal lobe which means they are now operating without a (social) filter). Because of this, I found myself acting defensive and he commented on it. I said, “To be quite honest, you’re a man, I just met you and I’d rather just go out in the desert with you and do this.” I couldn’t believe the words that just came out of my mouth! He obliged and soon we were heading to the desert in his old, dusty, red pick-up truck and I was thinking, I hope I don’t die.

When we started, he began by introducing us to plants, trees, and animals. He kept referring to the three of us being there. I kept thinking, who the heck is he referring to? I wasn’t about to argue with a man talking to plants about how many of us were really there. Needless to say, it took me a while not to laugh at this process but I soon began to enjoy the experience. I thought we should introduce ourselves (however many of “us” are here).

After some time I even began to like this guy. He’d ask me to sense things I’d never tuned into before. He’d show me a vortex (an Earth energy center) so I could feel it. Then I’d have to find one of my own. It was fun to experience nature in a totally different way! I even “spoke” to a Grandmother tree.

Soon we came upon a clearing, where he decided we were going to use a drum and the mountains to clear blocked energy from me. At the time I had no idea what that meant but I trusted the process– and I’m glad I did! Moments later, I was doubled over holding my stomach wondering how mountains and a drum could make me want to throw up. He asked me to step out of the pain I was feeling and to see the root of the pain. That’s when I saw a black ball sitting inside my energetic body. I grasped this ball and set it beside me. The pain stopped. He asked me to peel back the color on the ball–it was now white. He asked me to reach inside the ball and pull out what was inside. I did. Much to my surprise, I reached in and found me– around the age of 4 in a white, flowy, nightgown. Wow! Didn’t expect that! I had found our third hiker!

This experience in the desert was amazing because it taught me to trust the process even though it is sometimes very scary and to keep in touch with my inner (4-year-old) child–my soul.


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