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“You will find the answer if you let it go.” -Sarah Mclachlan

The Law of Attraction has made it into mainstream lingo and is causing a lot of mixed emotions. Some are relieved to have found the “answer” while others have tried it to no avail. So what is the Law of Attraction exactly? And how do you use it?

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. The best way I have heard it described was when my friend Gem (thanks Gem!) said the Law of Attraction is like ordering a burger at a diner. You tell the waitress what you want exactly (grilled bun, medium-well, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and pickle). After the waitress leaves your table you resume a conversation with friends and low and behold 20 mins later your burger comes out exactly as you wanted it! Perfect!

The same types of feelings you have in generating your burger are the same you should have when asking the almighty Universe for your most desired outcome. When you order your burger at a diner it is very likely that your burger is going to come out great, so it’s easy to believe you will get it exactly as you ordered it.

Why is that belief important? In order to activate the Law of Attraction you have to believe that it is possible for you to get it. You also have to know exactly what you want. Oftentimes in life we are not sure of what we want, so things don’t manifest the way we want them to. I remember when Elizabeth Gilbert, in Eat, Pray, Love wrote about George wanting an “open heart,” and he ended up having open heart surgery! Or when a friend of mine said she wanted to “fall in love in 2010” and did– only to have it unrequited! The more you are sure of (exactly) what you want and believe you can have it the more likely it is going to come to you.

Let's take a closer look at what is happening. Once the waitress leaves your table, there is no anxiety (or shouldn’t be!) that she is going to deliver the message to the cook and eventually get your burger to you. There shouldn’t be any anxiety about receiving the object of your desire either! Essentially, anxiety is screaming out (energetically) I need to control this! I might not get this! I won’t get this! That energy is so catastrophic to this recipe of desire! The energy that is being emitted into the environment is going to bring back exactly what is sent out (remember like attracts like). Oops! Sometimes we as humans also have feelings like we don’t deserve something, which also keeps us from receiving it. I have found that Emotional Freedom Technique is great for helping to rewrite patterns of not being good enough.

So how does this relate to energy medicine and the body?

Taking a step back and looking at the energy of the body will help explain the relationship between energy and the Law of Attraction. Remember Bruce Lipton and his experiment with a cell without a nucleus gravitated towards the nutritious apple? That experiment taught us that every cell in the body has the ability to sense the environment (it is sending and receiving information). So if there is a thought of anxiety, it carries a frequency, and that frequency will be sensed within the cell and communicated to the next cell, and the next cell, and the next cell! Until you literally become a ball of anxiety! Have you ever noticed “when it rains, it pours?” –Like when you are having a bad day and it just seems to get worse! Change your vibration and it will stop raining (easier said than done)!

So how do we do that?

To start off, filling your mind with positive thoughts and feelings is a great way to immediately change your vibrational status. The Secret, offered a great tip of placing a “Gratitude” rock in your pocket. Every time you touch the rock, you should say something you are thankful for. This exercise both releases soothing hormones and gets you in a more relaxed (parasympathetic) state. It also places you in receiving mode. Cha ching!

Additionally, filling your body with high-vibrational foods such as organic fruits and vegetables and exercising the body will help safeguard a fall from a higher vibrational status. Also, meditating, massage, EFT, and energy work will do the same!

If you are still not convinced that your thoughts are this powerful, consider the study done at Princeton University that was done on the ability to influence Random Event Generators (REGs). Scientists started noticing a phenomenon where groups of people who share a ticket are more likely to win the lottery. This study gathered several people and told them to try to influence the REGs and they did! This study has been repeated thousands of times with thousands of people and yields statistically significant results (Human Antenna, Dr. Robin Kelly, pg 76). There is strength in numbers!

Did you hear about the study that looked at crime in Washington, D.C.?

This study had subjects meditate on peace in Washington, D.C. for 8 weeks. The rate of violent crimes dropped 23% in the 8-week period! The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than 2 in 1 billion. Scrupulous statistical analyses ruled out an extensive list of alternative explanations (Social Indicators Research – Volume 47, Issue 2, June 99).

I hope this gives a whole new meaning to, “I think, therefore I am.” ~René Descartes.


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