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“You know what really gives you satisfaction? …Offering others what you have to give.” ~Morrie (From Tuesdays with Morrie)

Recently a gentleman in his early 70’s came in to “clinic” for a massage. He looked like a fisherman on Deadliest Catch. I was intimidated. I glanced at his stature and it felt like it was twice mine—and I’m not considered petite!

As I walked him back to my massage table, he quickly remarked in a thick Irish accent, “I’ve never had a massage before— my friend brought me here.” His tone seemed to imply two things. It seemed he was both confessing this for some reason and implying that he really didn’t want a massage. I thought this should be interesting, he doesn’t want a massage and I don’t want to give one.

I have to admit, I’m still not entirely comfortable giving massages. I prefer to do energy work but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Right?

I explained the process of the massage to him so that he would feel comfortable and left him to get on the table.

When I returned, he was laying on the table very stiff and eyes wide open. I reminded him that this is a re-lax-a-tion massage (so relax buddy!). I don’t know if it was a cultural barrier or what, but he lay there stiff as a board, eyes wide open—not even blinking! I decided to get started. As I worked my way down to his arms his body remained stiff and alert as if a bomb was about to go off. At that point, I turned to God (knowing everything happens for a reason) and asked, “Why on Earth did You place this guy on my table?” At this point, his arm started to raise up in the way Germans would salute Hitler. Great–he’s so uncomfortable that he is now resisting me.

I kept going knowing that this would all be over soon enough for the both of us.

I started thinking about all my other classmates—figuring out which one of them would have suited him better. This guy has waited almost 60 years to get a massage—and he got me?! At this point, his arm was so high in the air it was impossible for me to do anything but stare at it, so I tried to push it down. It wouldn’t go. I tried again with a little more effort. Still no budge. Fine. I’ll leave it I thought.

I passed my hands over the top of his forearm towards his elbow and back down his hand. His entire arm jerked, his forearm muscle quivered, and his arm flopped on the table like a fish out of water. “Woah! That was great! You really did something there!” He was so loud in such a quiet room I had to laugh and smile at his childlike behavior. “I have such pain in there all the time! I’m always using that hand!” He wasn’t about to stop shouting with excitement, so I leaned over like a teacher and placed my finger to my lips, and whispered, “The other clients are going to get angry with you.” He smiled with delight, nodded his head, and whispered “Thank you.”

After that, we both were able to relax and enjoy the delight of what we had just experienced together.

People often wonder why some people need to go to a healer for help if what heals us is within us and all around us. My answer is, that the divine plan is so brilliantly created to bring us together. It is in unity that we are able to support one another and create a space that provides healing for all involved. What could be more brilliant and beautiful?


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