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“Hi Amy, it’s James, I wanted to update you on my friend, he is doing much—much better. He has been moved to another facility and is able to communicate ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ and short fragmented sentences—and is laughing! The hospital staff is amazed and has attributed his recovery to the work we did. Thank you!” That was the incredible voicemail I received early this morning.

On Thursday afternoon I received a desperate call from my friend James. He asked me to accompany him on a trip to do energy work on his dear friend who has been in the hospital for the past month (two, out of those four weeks his friend was in a coma). His recovery since the coma was dismal, so the doctors had essentially given up on him and told his parents, “There is nothing more we can do for him. This is the way he is going to be for the rest of his life.”

That meant this 46-year-old man would be in a state of frustration, crying, grunting, and sweating profusely, with strained movement, and little to no coordination of his limbs for the rest of his life. He also wouldn’t be able to communicate or swallow, so was hooked up to feeding tubes, heart rate monitors, and other things. The doctors and parents had decided there was no hope and he needed to go to a hospice facility to—die.

James, believing in the power of energy work, rounded me and another friend/energy worker named Marina to travel to Tampa to see this young man in the hospital.

Even though I had been advised about the state he was in— I was still in shock. Because of his outbursts of crying, grunting, and straining it was at first difficult to transmit healing energy. I was told he was dominantly in his reptilian brain, which meant he was in survival mode. I was afraid he might involuntarily lash out at me (i.e bite me) because he didn’t know me.

I had to have the utmost faith that I would not be put in harm's way. I had to trust that the Universe wouldn’t have created a dangerous situation for me or him. I had to face my fear head-on and chose love. My faith, my concentration, and my ability to transmit healing energy were all challenged.

James began calming this young man down with his endearing smile and caressing his hand. He was expressing palpable unconditional love— and it calmed me down too. The love he had for his friend filled me with hope and I was able to relax and allow the energy healing to flow.

I was able to pick up on some vital medical intuitive information to make his friend more comfortable. The feeding tube was making him sick and hurting his throat. James informed the nurses, and soon, they agreed the tube should be removed and he calmed down.

After closing the energy session, my only hope was that James’ friend would improve from the energy healing—offering him a second chance at life. It seems energy work gave him that chance.

I am eternally grateful to be the messenger of such a beautiful message.


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