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I needed to share this! I recently went to my first acupuncture appointment. I know! Totally surprising, but truthfully the Universe hadn’t presented me with someone I felt comfortable doing this form of treatment.

The acupuncturist I chose is very in tune with other energy healing modalities (in addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine), and incorporates them into her practice. Plus, we are exchanging services which is really an awesome benefit of being in my field. Yeah for free massages and energy work!!!

I decided to experience acupuncture out of curiosity first and foremost, but also I wanted help getting to my “happy weight” —the weight where you just put on your clothes and they fit perfectly and make you feel great.

Even though I’m really healthy according to my “numbers” attained through Western medicine protocol, I know I could stand to lose a few pounds, and I intuitively knew my metabolism needed an energetic boost (or a kick in the butt), so I elicited some help.

Per usual in a doctor’s office, I filled out a lengthy questionnaire asking me detailed questions about my history, lifestyle and present symptoms. She asked me about my diet, looked at my tongue (gross!), and felt my energetic pulses (what?!). I don’t know how she did this, but while taking my pulses, she could somehow tell I had an accident in my teenage years in my lower back (I broke my lower back when I was 16), and I had seen something scary in the last 24 hrs (I watched a scary show before bed—I almost never do that, because it disturbs me so much)! Very much intriguing and impressive.

After a long discussion (about practically every detail of my life!–yes, she even asked me about my poop!) she surmised the purpose of the treatment was to treat a “damp,” “heat” condition in my body—sounds nasty but it’s TCM lingo.

What was interesting about this appointment is that she explained WHY I had developed a damp heat in my body. Apparently, I’ve created this condition through my intense desire to learn and so have started robbing energy from other areas of my body in order to fuel my insatiable desire for knowledge. In addition, I am constantly “downloading” tons of source energy which overloaded my metabolism. The combination of these two things and the fact that I’m often in Florida—hello sizzling heat and sticky humidity!—I needed some energetic adjustment. Plus, she advised me about the foods I was regularly eating that were either contributing to or lessening my symptoms. For example, she told me I was right on track with drinking Aloe Vera juice (score one for me!), and I needed to cut back on peanut butter because of the nature of the conditions in which it is grown (total bummer)! But how interesting!

Right before the treatment, I asked her what was going to happen to me after the treatment. Was I going to become disinterested in learning, or worse, dumb after the treatment? I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just wanted to be clear. Thankfully, my thirst for knowledge would be dialed down—not my intellect.

After that reassurance, I was ready to get rewired!

I knew I would be sensitive to the energy flow, but I didn’t know how sensitive!

OMG! After the insertion of the first needle (right between my big toe and 2nd toe), a wave of energy looking exactly like a blue ocean wave, glided up my body, nearly lifting me off the table! The wave seemed to find its resting spot somewhere in my lower back on the right side. I immediately described what I felt and she remarked, “That’s exactly where the energy was supposed to go—to your right kidney.” Whoa!

Then she did it on the other side, this time it was as if a red lightning bolt shot up my leg, branched off a my left kidney, and proceeded up to my head. This was exciting!

With each insertion of a needle, I could feel some sort of release in my body and not at the direct site of insertion.

One of the last needles placed in my body was to “drain” heat from my body. I had no idea that this particular placement was supposed to do that, but sure enough, I immediately experienced an internal shiver. I couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively each needle’s placement was.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, in the middle of the treatment I opened my eyes and could see the whole room filled with tiny white balls of energy bouncing off of each other, and all the electronic equipment in the room started to buzz! I was even able to control the loudness of the buzzing with intentional releases of energy from my body! The more I released, the louder it got! So amazing!

As for how I felt after the treatment? I felt great! I felt relaxed and I could tell that I was slightly disinterested in research and food—very interesting. I also felt lighter—so much so that I thought I might have dropped some weight the very next day. The scale didn’t register a difference but maybe my body will catch up to how I’m feeling. Either way, I’m happy with the results.

I can’t wait for the next treatment!


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