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Every Little Bit

Last week I received an email from Oprah’s website. The email was titled, 6 Reasons You’re Still Suffering From Allergies. As you probably know by now, I was curious to see what Corrie (the author endorsed by Oprah) suggested to alleviate allergies. I wish I read the miracle suggestion for you but her article was as helpful as two left shoes. I had hoped the author would tell readers what they needed to stop doing and start doing to treat their allergies, but the article came up shorter than Danny Devito in Twins.

The author started out making the reader feel bad for having allergies— stating that the reason you have allergies is because “you’re mistreating yourself” by not going to the doctor to get diagnosed and given the appropriate prescription for allergies. She then suggested that natural remedies are “making you sick.” She rounded out this uplifting article (insert eye-roll) by saying, “so if you have them [in adulthood], you’re probably stuck with [allergies].”

I can’t tell you how disheartening this was for me to read. I couldn’t help but think of the dejected readers who gave up hope and resigned to a life of suffering because they believe Oprah is capable of delivering the Truth. It’s easier to believe these things when you are bombarded by prescription commercials, doctors suggesting them, and every other person you know is on a medication. It has become harder to think of someone who is healthy, than someone who is not.

I think we, as a society, need to be reminded of how sophisticated our biology is. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have the mechanisms to circumvent disease. Before we even recognize we are thirsty, our cells have already started preparing for the possibility that we might not get water anytime soon and begin shutting down functions that can wait til we get more water.

As an energy healer, we are taught that everybody is infinitely wise and knows how to heal themselves. We are also taught to respect the divinity (perfectness) that is within that person. It’s a grand, beautiful perspective—but is there evidence for this?

It turns out… every little bit is true.

Dr. Robert Young discovered we are healthy (disease-free and prescription free) when our blood pH is at the appropriate level of 7.4— any deviation from this number means you are unhealthy. Period.

So basically our “divine self” is measured at a blood pH level of 7.4.

Going to the doctor for a prescription pill that covers up the signal that we have dipped below optimum pH level not only goes against biology but it is keeping us from getting well. Taking a pill is the same logic as pulling a stop sign out of the ground because it annoyed you. The removal of that sign is going to cause so many future problems that we would be better off dealing with the sign than removing it or covering it up.

Some of us have deviated so far from the optimum pH, in our bodies, that we are forced to take something just so we can breathe, move, or live. When life is so debilitating in that way, it is understandable that we would need medications. But the underlying cause of these symptoms should have been addressed much sooner keeping us from needlessly suffering.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss some things you can do to get your pH level back to normal so you’ll be whistling zippidy doo da with the birds nestled in the pollen-filled bush right next to you!

If you are suffering from anything…there is hope.


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