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You Are My Sunshine

“Those health nuts are going to feel pretty stupid when they are dying in the hospital of nothing.” ~Jeff Wilington

If you take pharmaceuticals regularly, have gastrointestinal problems, or ANY disease, you are going to want to keep reading.

One of the strongest predictors of disease is an acidic body. In an acidic body, there are too many toxins and not enough oxygen.

Knowing which foods are more acidic, (produce more toxins), is really helpful. Reducing your intake of meat, dairy and all forms of sugar (that means carbs too!) will greatly enable your body to readjust it’s pH levels. Americans went from eating meat 2-3 times a week in the 1950’s to eating it 2-3 times a day today! I know it’s painful even to just think about it, but you will be saving your body from so many complications—and there are so many healthy substitutes out there that you hardly notice you are not having traditional pasta or white bread (there are lots of great gluten-free substitutes nowadays).

It should come as no surprise that eating vegetables is good for you. So increase them. Whether you are eating them in salads or juicing, they deliver vital nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium and they help break down toxins. When you don’t consume these minerals, your body will take them from storage to help break down toxins. If you are consistently de-voiding your body of these “anti-acids,” you will eventually become acidic. So eat your veggies!

The good news is, when you change your diet, your body stops craving acidic foods. That’s because the parasites in your intestines are greedier than a kid on Halloween, but will eventually give up and go back where they came from when the sweets are gone. When I started juicing, I had less and less of a desire to eat meat, sugar, and alcohol. Call it a miracle, because that’s what it seemed like to me! Remember, your body just needs balance. So keep these suggestions in mind when you are choosing food to fuel your body.

The second most important step in decreasing acidity in the body is by increasing oxygen levels. Delivery of oxygen to your cells is one of the single most important factors in changing your acidity level and avoiding disease. That’s why working out is so great for you! You burn calories while you make your body less acidic by taking in more oxygen. Plus, you sweat out any toxins close to the skin! So take a deep breath in!

Believe it or not, people can be “toxic.” I’m talking emotionally toxic. They are the people who make you feel drained. If you are stressed your body becomes more acidic, thus more toxic. If you are constantly exposed to someone who has a stream of negative outbursts and thoughts, you might to sever that relationship. You’ve probably already had lots of feelings that this person doesn’t make you feel good, so listen to your body!

Also, participating in yoga or meditation has a slew of health benefits because you are calming the mind and focused on your breath—which means more oxygen—which means fewer toxins! How ‘bout them apples!

The last important factor to pay attention to is your water consumption. More water means fewer toxins. If you have ever received a massage or worked out with a trainer, they suggest you drink lots of water. That’s because lactic acid builds up in your muscles and will make you sore and weak if it is not flushed out with water. Personally, I’ve been doing P90X (I should be sore every day) and I don’t suffer from any soreness because I have a juice once a day—it hydrates me AND pulls the toxins out. Also, most people are chronically dehydrated. This means the toxins are going to be waiting longer than a gay couple to get married in the state of Louisiana before they get flushed out. By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already short 1 liter of water. Plus, studies have shown that most people confuse thirst with hunger.

The type of water you drink is also important, so test your water source to see if it is acidic or alkaline (using pH strips from the pharmacy). I used my pH strips to test my water and the water out of the tap was alkaline and the water from the Brita was acidic! Yikes!

The good news is that all this effort will pay off. Making your body more alkaline will enable you to eventually get off medications (if you don’t believe me, watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead). Obviously, this should be discussed with your doctor, but your goal should be to get off as many medications as possible. ALL pharmaceuticals are acidic. It’s interesting how the medicines that are intended to make us well, eventually make us sicker. Also, antibiotics are harmful to your acidity level because they are acidic AND kill off the healthy microforms in your intestines that produce oxygen! Jeez la weez this sounds like a conspiracy!

Now, all this might seem extreme—because it is. You’re probably in shock like I paraded a naked 6 foot 5 man in red leather underwear and cowboy boots singing, “You are my sunshine!” but don't stress. You can do anything you put your mind to. If you are thinking you can’t do this, you are unnecessarily creating boundaries that you now need to knock down if you want to get healthy. Just change your mind and take it one day at a time.


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