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How to stick to your New Year's Resolution ~ Know your WHY

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We are coming upon the season of transformation, and I just wanted to share with you about a couple of things that are really important to keep in mind when you start your New Year's resolution and how to stick with it!

The first thing that we really need to remember is our "WHY". We need to know WHY we're doing it. So if you want to lose weight, WHY do you want to lose weight? Is it just to fit into your clothes or is it to be healthier?

Is your WHY strong enough to sustain you throughout the whole year? Is your reason for getting healthy for your children, or is it for you to lower your cholesterol? So, remembering your WHY is going to be helpful for you remembering why you're doing what you're doing. Because there's going to be distractions and when you know your WHY, you'll be able to say that's not in alignment with me.

You'll also be able to keep going when you want to give up! You'll remember your WHY and why you're doing it. Sometimes when we're doing these New Year's resolutions we might think we are crazy or that it can't happen.

What we need to do is remember WHY we're doing this; which helps us to refocus and gain more clarity and more energy towards the goal that we want to achieve.

So, knowing your WHY becomes your filter for your everyday life. When you wake up in the morning, what are you doing first? WHY? You see, it becomes your lens in which you see the world. So, if it's focusing on becoming healthier, every single thing that you are doing throughout the day is going to be checked by this WHY.

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