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“After suffering for 50 years, I decided it was time to get my life back. I found Amy through social media posts by two other clients with Lyme. At first I was skeptical but the results have but nothing short of a miracle.

— Debbie Friedlander


While working with clients with Lyme disease, Amy channels energy specifically to enhance the mind, body and soul connection. Often, people with chronic illness are so depleted of vital energy that they begin to feel lost, hopeless and angry.

Amy works with her clients to release those feelings, so that they may feel lighter, think more clearly, operate from their Truth, and know that their illness is their opportunity to reclaim and redefine who they are and what they want. Amy coaches and teaches her clients to understand that they are energy, and what they can do to start feeling better immediately, and how to handle "tough" situations.

Amy works with clients both in person and all over the country.  Amy is able to do distance healing sessions because she is able to tap into the quantum field and access the other person's field through the Quantum Physics principle of Entanglement. You can read more about that here.

Amy helps her client in two very specific ways. Prior to a session, she tunes into the client's energy field, notices the energy that needs to be released, reads the energy signature that created the energy that is stuck in the body (creating symptoms) and discusses her findings with the client. Based on the energy that was read, Amy will be able to determine if the client would be best served by a Emotional Freedom Tapping session, or a typical energy session (where the client lays down and relaxes and receives the energy healing).

In the beginning of the session, Amy coaches her clients about how the programs running in their subconscious are creating and perpetuating the life, symptoms, and dis-ease they are experiencing.

If it is determined that an EFT session is most appropriate to expedite healing, and the client is at a distance, Amy will Facetime or Duo the client. In the session where Amy and the client utilize EFT, they work to dismantle the programming that is not serving the client, rewrite it-- so that the client is now operating under a new set of programming that is more inline with their true nature.

In the case of a distance energy healing session, Amy will call the client, discuss her findings, and then hang up and do the energy healing session. At the end of the session, Amy will call the client back with any updates on the energy field. While Amy is not on the phone, she is helping the client move out the energy that is impeding the connection and communication between cells and then enhances the communication by specifically channeling energy to those areas.

There are 3 ways the communication in the body can break down. Those three ways are: when a toxin physically gets in between the cell communication, when the body receives an injury to the tissue, and when an emotion is being held onto in the tissues waiting to be released.

After a session, clients often feel like hope has been restored and their whole life starts to transform. They begin to see the beauty all around them, excited about life and all it's options, and they realize they have more control over how they are feeling than they once thought.






Clients with Lyme Disease and their Testimonials

“I first reached out to Amy from a friends recommendation while I was literally crumbling. After caring for my three children who all have Neurological Lyme Disease and multiple coinfections for the past almost three years, my body, mind and soul could not take the pain anymore. I, too, had been suffering for almost 15 years with undiagnosed Lyme and confections that manifested itself in almost every part of my life. It was getting to the point of destruction and I knew I had to do something. Having had a background in Psychology, I knew that talk therapy wasn’t going to be enough and I didn’t believe pharmaceuticals could heal emotional trauma. I needed something beyond that.

I walked into my first appointment the same way I walked into every appointment, scared, doubtful and exhausted. As much as I wanted to believe that this type of energy work could help me, my ability to believe in anything at that time barely existed. That changed with in the first 20 minutes of my appointment and I’ve stepped into HOPE and stepped out of my LYME IDENTITY, ever since.

Amy and I first worked on Lyme Disease being my identity, then guilt of passing this to my children, followed by control and fear. It was like I could literally breathe again. I could feel again. I could respond rationally to situations and I lost the sense of panic. I was glued into fight or flight mode much like other Lyme Patients. I was ALWAYS in survival mode. Presently, I am mentally the healthiest I have ever been in my life. As the weeks past, my physical ailments continued to lessen. I was able to sleep, my energy increased and my heart no longer hurt.

I brought my son to see Amy out of pure helplessness. He began to be unable to sleep for 36-40 hours in a row multiple days in a row post Lyme treatment. With in 5 minutes of getting to the appointment Cole fell asleep. He continued to sleep fairly regularly from that point on. Cole also began to come out of his emotional lyme coma. He actually started having conversations and dealt with the pain from having the past 3 years of his childhood placed on pause.

After seeing the results Cole and I were getting I began sending my two daughters. I knew this would help us all. They have been able to heal the trauma and emotional issues of this illness. Ability to sleep, body pain and anxiety was all transformed through their energy therapy. As well as learning tools they can continue to use in order to process life.

I always said that when I found a treatment that helped my family and I, I would share it...scream it to other Lyme patients. AMY STARK FROM STARK TRANSFORMATION GAVE ME THE TOOLS TO SAVE MY LIFE AND HELP MY CHILDREN. Now we walk steadily into the future of healing filled with hope and self care.

— Kimberly Cronan Gifford

“When I first started to work with Amy, I was preparing to undergo a rather experimental treatment for my Lyme disease and mold illness. I had spent a lifetime dealing with autoimmune illness and after turning 50 years old this past summer, I decided it was time to get my life back. I had 6 weeks until I was planning to leave when I called Amy. During our initial consultation on the phone, I instantly felt a connection with her. She was compassionate and authentic, which enabled me to open up to her without feeling judged. My history of family trauma and illness is rather extensive to say the least and honestly, I wondered whether I was expecting too much too soon. My goal was to to get in a better frame of mind so that when I left for my treatment in early November 2017, I would be able to relinquish the FEAR and self-doubt that clouded my every thought.

In order to get my head in the game, Amy and I decided we would work together twice a week, through FaceTime, until I was to leave town for my treatment. The first few appointments, Amy focused on removing the layers of negative energy I was holding onto. I will admit, I was skeptical because I had been misled by many professionals over the course of my life.

What ensued was nothing short of a miracle!! It’s not like you see on a TV show, where you wake up one day and everything is perfect. Amy has the unbelievable ability to slowly and gently remove layers of unnecessary negative energy. It’s so gentle that at first I didn’t know whether it was working. But then, I started to feel differently. My mind was clear and decisions were easier to make. I noticed that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the day-to-day stresses like I was before. I found myself wanting to take challenges again and try new things. My pain and inflammation had diminished and when I asked Amy about that, she explained that my flight or fight response had been turned off. It makes perfect sense. My autonomic nervous system was starting to behave again and therefore, I wasn’t having flare-ups like before. I also noticed that I started to feel more comfortable making decisions that were for MY own well-being instead of feeling STUCK and putting others first all the time. This was HUGE as I had spent my lifetime trying to please others in order to feel WORTHY. The changes I felt were mind blowing! The most incredible part about this is that when it came time for me to leave to go get treatment, I decided not to go because there was no doubt in my mind, I was already well on my way to being healed.

Amy Stark has transformed my life. I cannot wait to see where my journey takes me.

— Debbie Friedlander from D.C.

“Amy and energy healing were my missing puzzle pieces in fully regaining my health. I’ve suffered from chronic illness for years and have tried SO many different things, yet still didn’t feel fully well. I had this nagging feeling that I was missing something, and it was the emotional aspect. I was a bit unsure when I signed up for my first meeting with Amy, but nothing had gotten me to where I wanted to be and so I figured, why not? Amy is super kind, funny, empathetic – I immediately felt at ease. I was surprised by all the ground we covered in just the first few sessions, and how different I felt after our sessions. I learned tools that I could use every day, and saw positive changes in my mood and my relationships with others. I’ve always been a sensitive person, and she taught me how to harness/tap into my energy so I don’t feel so depleted at the end of every day and especially after stressful situations, which overtime, I believe was a major cause of why I crashed. I really do feel like a renewed person after working with Amy – I can think more clearly and articulate my thoughts without feeling overwhelmed or confused; I am able to read again (this inability to read was something I thought stemmed from my chronic illness, but no, it seemed to be energy based!) and am able to pursue an online training, thanks to working through stored energy; and she gave me great tips to help with sleep. I feel lighter emotionally, I’m not carrying around as many concerns and worries. I feel confident, healthy, and lighter after our sessions, and Amy is an absolute joy to work with, she’s a wonderful and ultimate healer. I finally found my missing link, and feeling very lucky to be more confident in my own body and mind again. I’m so glad to have energy healing and Amy in my life.

— Lisa in Colorado


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