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“I love working with Amy. I’ve been having sessions with her on a regular basis for the last several months and the improvement has been remarkable. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good!

— Susan Lander, Hay House Author

 Amy’s “You Are Energy” online course series was a perfect and powerful first look for me into the world of energy healing. Chocked full of science and backed up by studies, Amy teaches not only what energy looks like in the human body, but provides powerful hands-on strategies for her learners to tap into the healing powers we all have within us. The course has a natural progression that builds as you go and Amy’s teaching styles is highly accessible for any learner. The course includes helpful videos, PDFs, and links to research so learners can access the information at their own pace. I have just started to put into practice several of the energy healing options and have already begun seeing positive results on my healing journey. I owe huge gratitude to Amy for such a fantastic and informative course! Can’t wait to see where this practice will lead me.

— J. from Colorado

Amy and energy healing were my missing puzzle pieces in fully regaining my health. I’ve suffered from chronic illness for years and have tried SO many different things, yet still didn’t feel fully well. I had this nagging feeling that I was missing something, and it was the emotional aspect. I was a bit unsure when I signed up for my first meeting with Amy, but nothing had gotten me to where I wanted to be and so I figured, why not? Amy is super kind, funny, empathetic – I immediately felt at ease. I was surprised by all the ground we covered in just the first few sessions, and how different I felt after our sessions. I learned tools that I could use every day, and saw positive changes in my mood and my relationships with others. I’ve always been a sensitive person, and she taught me how to harness/tap into my energy so I don’t feel so depleted at the end of every day and especially after stressful situations, which overtime, I believe was a major cause of why I crashed. I really do feel like a renewed person after working with Amy – I can think more clearly and articulate my thoughts without feeling overwhelmed or confused; I am able to read again (this inability to read was something I thought stemmed from my chronic illness, but no, it seemed to be energy based!) and am able to pursue an online training, thanks to working through stored energy; and she gave me great tips to help with sleep. I feel lighter emotionally, I’m not carrying around as many concerns and worries. I feel confident, healthy, and lighter after our sessions, and Amy is an absolute joy to work with, she’s a wonderful and ultimate healer. I finally found my missing link, and feeling very lucky to be more confident in my own body and mind again. I’m so glad to have energy healing and Amy in my life.

— Lisa in Colorado

Overall, I have seen big improvements in Max’s general attitude and resilience. He just seems to be a happier child. He still has anxiety, but he seems to have a better understanding of it now. In general, his behavior patterns and triggers are more predictable than before, and he can almost always be reasoned with when he gets derailed. His occupational and speech therapists are able to work with him more productively, and his school work is improving because he is more focused. He is less clingy and more independent, both physically and emotionally. He has a newfound emotional awareness, both of himself and others, and is open to expanding that awareness. We are so happy with this new direction. I did not expect energy healing to have as profound an impact as it has on our lives. We certainly plan to continue energy focused work as part of our daily routine.

— Mother of 8 year old boy


During the last 8 weeks, I have noticed huge changes. These are the changes:

* Impulse control being drastically better
* Better control of her hands
* a lessening of aggressive spells
In terms of her connection to others, she is now able to go places with her caregivers in public with ease and enjoyment. This wasn’t something she couldn’t do just 8 weeks ago. They recently went to a crowded grocery store together. She has been saying things like, “I want to connect with you.” to her Mom. Katie is starting to joke with people and her attitude has shifted. She is a lighter, happier child now.

— Mother of a 14 year old girl with Autism

“Amy has worked on me at least 3 different times. Each times I saw dramatic results.
The first time I went to Amy, my hands and wrist were diagnosed with arthritis that was so bad that I needed surgery. I went to Amy because I had just opened a coffee shop and couldn’t afford to miss three months of work so that I could recover from the surgery. In one session with Amy, all the pain in my hands and wrists are gone. I have been pain free and can use my hands and wrists easily for over six months.

The second time I went to Amy, I could barely stand up straight; I was in so much pain! I needed to work that day, so I had a session with Amy. After just one session my back did not hurt and I had no problem walking or standing up straight. I was able to return to work and work a full shift without a problem.

The third time I went to see Amy, my neck and shoulders were hurting so much I could hardly turn my head. Again, it only took one session to regain proper use of my head, neck, and shoulders.

I am so grateful for Amy’s ability to heal pain and discomfort in such a short period of time!

— S., Florida

My 12 year old daughter has had sinus congestion since she was 2 yrs old. I have searched to find natural ways to heal her of this especially after taking her to an E.N.T. who said to give her “Zyrtec” for the rest of her life. That simply was not an option I wanted my girl to live with. Finding Amy was God send! She offered a natural relaxing and pleasant experience for my daughter. There were results the very evening of her session. It was a gradual change in her breathing. Her nasal passages were allowing air in! A month later she continues to experience better and better breathing! She loves her energy healing sessions with Amy!

— Mother of 2 children

I am 69 years old and experience severe carpel tunnel in my wrists and arthritis and edema in my ankles. The pain was so bad it kept me up nights. I had to resort to wearing an uncomfortable brace all night. Then I found Amy. After 1 session with her I did not need my brace–sleep came easier and I wasn’t waking up in pain! My ankle swelling went down too! It is the most wonderful sensation to have Amy work on you—like being in a spa—it’s uplifting and gives you an all-over feeling of well being!

— S., Florida

A recent session with Amy was AMAZING! She has the healing touch that aligns and reconnects your energy. The lasting effects have been a heightened awareness of color, feeling more connected with the earth and an overall better sense of well being! Thanks Amy!

— D., NYC

Amy Stark is one of the most gifted intuitive healers I have ever met. She is able to tap into our subtle bodies and recognize within us blocks that prevent us from achieving balance and well being, then, with that same uncanny accuracy, she is able to guide us through lifestyle changes and healing modalities to help ourselves remove these blocks, leaving us with the tools to maintain our own states of health and well being. Amy has done all this for me, as well as guided me through difficult life changes. The experience was amazing and empowering.

She is a remarkable healer, and person, and I will always recommend her and her work to anyone open to the experience of elevating themselves to higher vibrations of health and well being. Amy Stark is the real deal.

— R., California

I have gone to Amy regarding both her psychic & healing abilities. Her intuitive abilities have literally made my jaw drop on numerous occasions. Her ability to tap in & connect to someone/something is astounding.

Amy has also used her healing abilities with me. Not only did she identify an injury I had in my elbow, but she left me with an overall feeling of extreme calmness.

I used to think that people were given one gift in their life. Amy is living proof that you can have many.

— C., NJ

Amy Stark is fantastic! I have had at least 5 sessions with her and each time I was amazed a little more. At the end of my first visit the calm my body and mind was experiencing was something I had never felt before and it brought so much joy to realize I could actually be at peace and have a quiet mind. I have visited on other occasions with terrible elbow pain so much so I could barely lift my right arm, yet after my session the pain subsided and to my delight for the next few days it only got better and better until it just absolutely wasn’t there anymore. I have gone for lower back pain which resulted in the same amazing result as my elbow and after a terrible root canal session and frustrating painful weeks that followed I visited Amy once again only to have her heal the pain that my dentist and pain killers could not relieve. I recommend her with the highest marks and not only is she a amazing healer but she is a positive, kind, gifted person.

— K., Florida

Amy is the rare breed of person who truly embraces her strengths and rushes to share them with as many people as possible. She is not only immensely gifted in the field of energy healing, but she is truly thrilled to share her knowledge with her clients. Every time you speak with her about a session, you can see her eyes light up as she not only explains what’s going to happen but learns more about what she’s capable of. I feel truly lucky to have been exposed to Amy’s gift – not just her sessions (where she will spend as long as is necessary to make sure she’s done the best work possible,) but the time she takes prior to them to discuss the theories of energy healing. It’s clear that Amy finds this field enthralling and we, as her clients, benefit from this. I love Amy and can’t wait to work with her again.

— M., NYC

Amy, I wanted to thank you again for taking time out your way to come to my home. It’s very rare that people do that, and especially right before a holiday to help me out. When I went to sleep that night, I did have some very lucid dreams and slept more than my two hours at a time without waking up.

I thought my nutritional habits were up to par, but you gave me more great information on nutrition, not only for better health, but also very specific and easier ways of getting better nutrition. There can’t be a healthier way than yours.

I can tell you truly have a genuine care for the people you help. I wish my doctors would be as caring. It’s rarely heard of that they go to the extreme that you do. Thank you again so much, I’ll definitely be getting in contact with you again.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Not only that, your energy will help heal all things too!

— A., NJ

Amy is an amazing healer with many unique skills and insights into health and well-being. My personal experience with her was truly transformative and opened doors to revelations about my health that had previously been unknown to me. She was very gracious and extremely generous with her time and her knowledge. I highly recommend a session with Amy. It will be an experience and a healing to remember!

— M., NYC

I could see the change in my son immediately after his first session with Amy. His energy felt lighter, freer, and happier. I was amazed to see how his social and emotional struggles began improving so quickly. Amy is incredibly gifted and skilled in the work that she does!

— N., CO

Amy is incredible. She has a fantastic understanding of how people function and how to resolve physical and emotional issues. When I worked with her; I felt myself rising above. She helped me feel more in tuned with my physical and emotional self. It helps me to become more in tuned with those around me and I hope that more people get to experience her work!

— S. NYC

Absolutely life saving services. I myself a mother of 3 chronically ill children became a client. Soon after seeing how I was healing not only emotionally but physically, I had my 3 children begin. The transformation in such a short period of time is crazy. They’re sleeping through the night, feeling again, pain is gone!!! Coming here literally saved me and I’m getting my family back.

— K., CO

Amy worked on my toddler son who has Down syndrome and the results were amazing! She was able to identify and treat issues he was having that his doctor missed, like when he had congestion blocking his eustation tube. I had taken him to the doctor earlier that day and he hadn’t seen anything amiss, but Amy identified it and asked me if she could clear it. After it was cleared it was obvious that he was greatly relieved and he did great on a flight we took the next day. Amy’s work on him also helped his cognition and speech, usually with immediate results that I would observe later the same day. Amy is a powerful healer and a lovely person to boot. I highly recommend her for anyone in need of healing, especially for neurological issues.

— T., AZ

Amy is a natural healer. She genuinely cares about helping others — friends, colleagues, family, people within her community, and people who are seeking a better quality of life. She has devoted years of time to her own personal studies of the Healing Arts and I can say from experience that she is a talented Reiki healer. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone interested in improving their overall health & wellness.

— H., NYC

I had my first session with Amy and during the session I could feel shifts within my body, full body and muscle relaxation, and intuitive “downloads” for my next steps in life b/c I was more present and tapped in to my higher self! I will be back for sure and I’m excited to see how these shifts will play out over the next few weeks! You are a very talented healer, Amy! Thank you

— J., CO

Amy is an intelligent, intuitive, knowledgeable, kind and beautiful person - one of my very favorite people in the world! And she is devoted to creatively helping others heal! So if you have the need or the chance to work with her, feel blessed that you have the opportunity!

— P., FL

Amy is a gifted healer with a HUGE HEART! I highly recommend her! Her intuition and abilities are so special and rare, anyone who comes into contact with her is, I would consider, lucky! Her heart and soul are committed to phenomenal results for her clients.

— K., FL

Amy Stark is an energetic, intuitive and inspirational “lightning rod” that will rapidly align you with your souls greatest expression and life mission. She’s helped me out a lot, and I was a tough case.

— A., CA

Amy has incredible gifts, tools and knowledge to help you and your body mind spirit move and clear energy for healing and wellness. She’s amazing!

— T., CO

Amy is incredibly skilled at what she does and has seen clinically significant results in patients with neurological disorders.

— K., CO

Amy is a gifted healer! Don’t hesitate if you get the chance to work with her.

— M., NY


I was first introduced to Amy and the world of “Reiki” through a massage course we were both taking in 2010. I had actually never heard of Reiki before I met Amy, but have always been open as to other practices and beliefs, both traditional and non-traditional. I was intrigued by Amy in that she was young and yet claimed to have this supposed “gift of healing” through this “Reiki” thing. I wondered often if she really could heal people and why I had never heard of this type of healing before. My thought was that if this were a “real thing” surely it would have been more popular and publicized more. I secretly research this “Reiki” practice. The testimonials while very heart-warming were still not convincing to me. I suppose I would equate it to the Biblical reference of “Thomas Aquinas”, one of Jesus’ disciples who always doubted until he saw things for himself. Although I try to keep an open-mind about things that I have no knowledge or experience in, I also maintain a healthy skepticism. Adding to that, I was raised Catholic and it was instilled in me that only GOD can heal all things. So I guess you can say I was a bit of a skeptic of this “Reiki” concept. But as I would come to find out later, Reiki is as personal an experience as child birth or the death of a loved one. Everybody’s experience is different. Needless to say, I was always intrigued by Amy and the dynamic she brought to our class.

Here is where the story gets interesting folks!

In 2010, during a routine visit to my Gynecologist I was informed that I had a lemon sized tumor (Fibroid) in my uterus. My worse fears of cancer came to the forefront of my mind. I was 38 at the time, never had children but hoped it could still happen even at such an advanced age. Although numb with disbelief I still blatantly resisted his information. He gave me the number to a reproductive endocrinologist for a consult. I chose not to visit the Reproductive Endo and instead started doing my own research on how to naturally do away with this Fibroid. I tried about every natural remedy you can imagine (cutting out red meat, hot castor oil packs, reducing carbs, etc.) Long story short, one whole year later I went back to my Gyno for my annual and this time I had 8 fibroids ranging from lemon size to baseball size to one as big as a grapefruit. I knew something was wrong throughout that year, as I now started experiencing uncomfortable symptoms in that area and I looked as though I were several months pregnant from the distension in my abdomen. Left with no other choice, I visited the Repro Endo who confirmed that I now had at least 8 if not more in my uterine wall. He said my uterus has now expanded to that of a woman who was 5 ½ months pregnant. The worse part, is that because I waited so long and developed more fibroids, I no longer qualified for the outpatient laparascopic procedure. I now had to have major surgery. The Doctor explained that I would essentially be having a C-section type of surgery (abdominal myomectomy). Never having had so much as a stitch on my body, I’m now being faced with (in my mind) the equivalent of an open heart surgery. I had never been so scared in my life. My optimistic nature went out the window and was replaced with negativity, pessimism, fear, anger, anxiety, insomnia. My fear was paralyzing. I envisioned the absolute worst. Infertility, Cancer, and Death. And the list goes on. I finally scheduled my surgery date and my anxiety went through the roof. During this time I was also nearing my final exams and graduation day. It was during this time that Amy noticing my anxiety, and generously offered to do a Reiki session on me. I had no idea how or if Reiki would help me, but I was also desperate to ease my fears and to accept that this was the only way to get me healthy again.

Amy proceeded to explain what she would be doing and asked me what were my biggest fears with this surgery. I told her I was petrified of the pain, the possibility of infertility and complications that could result in death. She told me just to relax and work on my breathing. From my sheer exhaustion of not sleeping well I was able to relax during my session. At one point during the session Amy asked if I would allow her to give me a message. I agreed. In all honesty, I would have agreed to anything at that point. She proceeded to share with me a vision she received of someone very near and dear to my heart. Someone who from the point of my diagnosis, I had been praying to and speaking to daily in the spiritual sense. My beloved Grandmother who had passed away in 2008. No one was privy to this knowledge except myself and my Grandmother. So you can imagine the utter shock and confusion of hearing that Amy was delivering a message to me from my Grandmother. She explained that she was a pear-shaped heavy set woman and was being shown a bun type hairdo as a way to indicate that it was a grand-motherly figure. This is an exact description of my Grandmother. If it were not because I was already on the table laying down, I probably would have passed out cold onto the floor from this information. Amy proceeded to tell me that her message to me was that she would be holding my hand during my procedure. Needless to say, I was hysterical with emotion but elated with this “Divine” news. I went home that night, slept soundly through the next morning and as God as my witness I felt an unexplained calmness each and every day leading up to my surgery. Not one care in the world. Literally, we could have been experiencing the Apocalypse and I would have welcomed it. Amy was gracious enough to perform another Reiki session the day before my surgery, but truth be told her first session had already cleared out all of the anxiety and fear that was paralyzing me. This second Reiki session was just a bonus for my spirit. The morning of my surgery I was packing an overnight bag and my Aunt walks in and says to me, “I won’t even ask how you’re feeling because you look as though you are packing for a cruise and not a hospital stay for major surgery”. I had to laugh because that is exactly how I felt, the same excitement of packing for a vacation. I was excited to know that my body would be rid of the tumors that resided in my uterus and I was looking forward to my healing. My calmness was so evident to everyone I encountered that I had no doubt that Amy had given me the greatest gift of all. I learned at that point that Reiki healing comes in many forms. For some people it is physical healing and for others it is emotional healing. The beauty of this is that my emotional healing also provided physical healing. It was a two for one deal. My thoughts changed from a sense of doom to thoughts of healing and well being.

My surgery went wonderful, the pain that I envisioned to be so debilitating was more bearable than I had ever anticipated. So much so, that I told them to take me off of the morphine pump only hours after my surgery and I only took 800mg of Ibuprofen for my pain. My healing was so phenomenal that even my doctor was surprised at how well I healed. I spent 2 ½ days in the hospital recovering. My doctor said I should plan to be out of work for at least 4 weeks. I was up and walking 4 hours after my surgery and returned back to work on day 13 after my surgery and I attended my graduation which was 7 days after my surgery.

I don’t claim to understand fully how Reiki works or how someone can possess a “gift” such as this. But I don’t really need to understand it anymore. What I can attest to are the facts of my own personal experience with Reiki. At one of the most scary times of my life I had this “Reiki Master” put in my direct path to learn from, to trust in and to receive from. Reiki has become my personal form of therapy and healing. I have told this story so many times to people who have no knowledge, understanding or experience with Reiki and their reaction is always the same. If you can imagine a deer in the headlight look with the sound of crickets in the background from the deafening silence of people processing what I’m saying. But after the initial look of “Is this girl for real”, I find that people really are more open-minded to Reiki than they would like to admit. I love the saying “ People come into your life for a reason, A Season or a Lifetime”. Amy came to me during a trying “season” in my life, but as it turns out, it looks like she’s a “Lifer” and I am ever so grateful for her sensitive spirit, her generous nature but most of all for her “Gift of Healing”. She is an earth angel.

— D., FL

**Please note: While Amy has witnessed many of her clients experience amazing healings, she cannot guarantee a miracle for you—neither can anyone else for that matter.

***Please note: Amy is not a doctor and does not diagnose. She illustrates how your personal mind, body and spirit connect to form your overall health. She only makes suggestions based on information received from you and your energetic body.

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