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32 Days Sober

Last month I challenged myself to go 31 days without drinking any alcohol. Suffice it to say, I did it. It wasn’t easy though—I visited family and friends, watched football games (hello beer and wings!), and even attended an event solely based on drinking. In the past, all these occasions would have included some level of drinking.

Before sharing my realizations, I’d like to point out I didn’t give up alcohol because I was addicted to it or felt I needed it daily, I gave it up because I wanted to see what life would be like without it.

Here’s what I found—much to my surprise!

I became significantly more aware of my surroundings—even for me! I noticed colors, smells, and people’s interactions more than ever. I experienced a newfound zest for life and a heightened connection with those around me.

It was so much easier to see how we are all connected. I couldn’t believe the high I was on! Feeling the vibration of those under the influence paled in comparison to the heightened awareness I felt. I ached for them to have the moment of clarity I had while dancing among them. Everything was beautiful!—they were, their hearts, their minds, their thoughts, all of them! I suddenly realized, why would I ever want to miss this?! Why would I not want to bask in the energy of all that was, is, and will be—the MOMENT.

When I realized alcohol pulled me out of the moment, I realized I was missing some profound connections. When we aren’t fully present in the moment we are missing our opportunity to create a profound connection with ourselves and others—and possibly it all.



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