How does energy healing help heal the body?

To understand how energy healing helps heal the body, I must first mention that our body is made up of energy. In fact, everything is made up of energy which means that everything is vibrating at a certain rate. There are several ways your body is emanating energy. For example, on a cellular level, your DNA emits photons of light containing your genetic information, your heart cells communicate electrically to produce a coherent heartbeat, and your brain fires electrical signals—which are called brainwaves.

The most noticeable and detectable sources of energy along the body are where major intersections of nerves meet. There are seven major areas where nerves intersect in the body. Just as a traffic jam through an intersection is a nightmare for the flow of traffic in the area, so too are energy blockages for the flow of energy throughout the body. A disruption in the energy flow will create pain and dis-ease in the body. The area where energy is not flowing is also said to have a low vibration.

Energy healing helps heal the body by influencing the energetic body— particularly in the areas where there is pain and disease. These area have stagnant energy. An energy healer can help heal areas of the body where there is stagnant energy to flow again by transmitting Qi (Universal Energy Force) to the ailing body. An energy healer can also remove blockages that are impeding the flow of energy. This increased flow of energy to the area helps the body to naturally heal.

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How does a grounding mat help heal the body?

The body is made up of energy and comes in contact with various electrical objects through out the day such as a computers, cellphones, and our bodies pick up volts from those electrical objects. This causes an imbalance in our bodies, because our bodies are not meant to carry these types of signals. These signals make it difficult for the body to function properly with repeated exposure and no way to get rid of these volts.

There are two ways of absolving your body of these extra volts. You can walk barefoot on the ground, or you can use a grounding mat. Both of these methods are scientifically proven to remove these volts surrounding the body. When these volts are removed on a consistent basis the body experiences less inflammation, deeper sleep, and faster recovery/healing times.

The mat does this by helping blood cells separate, which helps oxygen be more efficiently delivered around the body. With oxygen having so much healing power for the body, this becomes an excellent way to help the body to heal because it decreases inflammation. With inflammation linked to over 80 diseases, anything that reduces inflammation should be considered!

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What's the difference between a juicer and a blender?

The difference between a juicer and a blender is that a juicer removes the insoluble fiber from the vegetables and fruit. This is the most effective and fastest way to deliver vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to the body because the body doesn’t need to break down the food to get the nutrients. The juicer removes the bulk of the vegetables and fruit while still providing lots of nutrients. In other words, a person would feel full before they could finish the amount of fruits and vegetables in a serving of juice. A juicer does still leave soluble fiber in the juice.

A blender mixes the fruits and vegetables and does not remove any of the fiber. This makes for a very soupy thick concentration of nutrients, and the body still needs to further break down the nutrients.

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What does energy work feel like? Will I even feel anything?

Most people who receive energy healing feel something and to varying degrees. It is very common for the client to experience tingling, energy rushing throughout the body, warmth or heat. Many clients also see, with their eyes closed, beautiful colors. These colors are generally described as the most beautiful, brilliant colors they have ever seen, and they even seem other worldly. Many clients experience a great peace of mind, feeling lighter in their body (like a weight has been lifted), and can feel pain leaving their body. Often people describe the treatment as if they have gone on a long relaxing vacation.

Over the course of the three days following the treatment, many people find that they sleep very deeply and for longer periods of time than usual. They also experience more energy and more of an ability to stay focused and accomplish tasks that once seemed daunting. Many people also report feeling much more connected spiritually and understanding their purpose in life.

Very often aches and pains that once seemed chronic, disappear either immediately or within days.

How do you know the energy work is helping?

When I am working on a client, there are certain visual cues that let me know you are allowing the energy to flow through you. The visual cues are, involuntary swallowing, twitching of facial muscles, fingers and toes involuntarily moving, sighing and sometimes whole body parts move. Almost every client has no recollection of these movements. This is very common. The muscle movements are due to energy surges throughout the body removing blockages and enhancing the flow of energy to an area.

Also, when I am working on a client I can tell, because I am so sensitive to energy, when they are properly releasing energy blockages, and what they flow of energy feels like in the body. I can also visually see blockages of energy throughout the body and I work to fully remove these blockages.

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