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Stark Transformation
Starter Pack

Welcome, friend! This starter pack is the perfect place to begin if you are new to Stark Transformation and need to orient yourself. Helpful videos, articles and podcasts will give you the tools you need to start your journey!


Raise Your Vibration

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Subtle Shapes Transparent


How to shift from a victim mentality to one that is more empowered. Practical advice on how you can reframe your experiences to help create the life and health you want.

The energetic root cause of perfectionism and why many perfectionists become ill. How you can help yourself if you are a perfectionist and no longer want to be one.

Practical exercises you can do to create a more resilient mindset. I also share some of the research on the benefits of gratitude.

How to successfully navigate through the tough decisions we are facing. How grief is being activated in us and suggestions for releasing this grief.

About the two different states you can be in, and why it's so important to shift your state to one that is more conducive to creativity and health.

Learn how to use your triggers to help heal and grow. The more we clear the energy that is stuck in our field, the more we have room to embody our Truth.