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Hello Mindshare.

It's great to meet you!


I'm Amy Stark,

Host of The Stark Transformation Show

I'm so glad you're here. I created this video for you! Being at a conference can be very draining. This video will teach you my top hack for managing my energy during a conference. I promise it's easy. I bet you'll feel recharged and more like yourself afterwards. Try it out! :)

Energy tip for getting through any conference!
Amy Stark

Energy tip for getting through any conference!

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More About Me

A bit of background...

In 2006, I went through a dark night of the soul which catapulted me into a whole new way of life.


For well over a decade I have been studying the tools, techniques and mindsets that can change your life. I have witnessed countless transformations in others and in myself. That's why two years ago, I started my podcast, The Stark Transformation Show. I wanted to be able to share everything I've learned, as well as interview others who have gone through a similar journey of healing themselves and uncovering their purpose.

Holly Bertone

Dr. Lisa Olszewski

Dr. Lisa Koche

Jodi Cohen

Dr. Tabitha Barber

Debi Silber

Emily Fletcher

Mark Gober

Amanda Gates

Dr. Aimie Apigian

Lisa Goldberg

Dr. Anshul Gupta

Dr. Jill Valerious

Julie Michelson

Wendy Myers

Tammy Ward

Deepa Kannan

Amanda Testa

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