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Tapping 2.0 Course

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About This Course

Tapping 2.0 is my free self-guided course to learn EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping. Tapping is a way of releasing stored energy and information in the body that is creating dysfunction or dysregulation within the body. This may be experienced as pain, anxiety, fear, and more. Tapping is great for helping people to overcome fears, trauma (both large and small), and help to rewrite limiting beliefs. It also helps to turn off the fight, flight, freeze response and put the body into a state of relaxation where it can heal. It is well established that trauma creates stress in the body and stress is linked with nearly all illnesses. Studies show that childhood trauma is linked with chronic illness, addiction, and mental illness later in life. Tapping and EFT have the ability to help unlock, release, and rewrite these traumas through an energy-based protocol that utilizes loving kindness. What I’ve found in doing 1000+ EFT sessions and energy healing sessions, is that much of what is holding us back from experiencing the life we want was first created when we were children. Trauma (large and small), mental programming (from family and society), and personal experiences create a lens through which you view the world and make decisions and judgments about who you are within the world. Tapping and EFT can help you to change the lens through which you view the world and thus transform the way you experience life..

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