Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 5

Five Tips for a Better Week:

  1. Don’t to take anything personally this week. This is one of the Four Agreements published by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s excellent advice, because what people say and do is a reflection of what they are going through, not a reflection of you. You have complete control over how you interpret every situation. If you chose to make the situation about you, you are not only risking your self-esteem, but you are missing the opportunity to see and learn what the other person is going through. Observing and understanding the root of their behavior will give you much insight about your own life and keep you from losing your cool.

  2. Floss. Many of us forgo flossing because it is tedious, but research shows it can add up to 7 years to your life. That’s because gingivitis is a chronic infection that your body needs to fight. This infection is constantly taxing your immune system, because the bacteria get into the blood stream and cause inflammation around the body.

  3. Spend some time on yourself. With this week full of Valentine’s Day hub bub, don’t forget to share the love with yourself first. Self love gives you the strength to give of yourself. Wen you’re not feeling 100%, you are not going to be able to give 100%. So take some time to give back to yourself, so you’ll have more to give others later.

  4. Stretch. Stretching improves flexibility, but also moves energy. Your body is constantly looking to enhance the energetic flow enervating your muscles and organs. By stretching, you can release pent up energy which could lead to pain and discomfort if not released.

  5. Check in with your body every morning. This is crucial. Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback about how we are doing---we just don’t always listen. Two popular medical intuitives, Carolyn Myss and Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz, refer to aches and pains as “Body Talk.” Listening to your body helps build your self-esteem--- because listening is a form of active love.