“If the total band of electromagnetic frequencies [light] is represented by the height of the Empire State Building..the band you see is much less than the height of a grain of sand.” ~Gary Schwartz Ph. D.

Despite how amazing this planet is in all it’s brilliance, it is a proven scientific fact that 99.999 % of the light around us is invisible.

Donna Eden has the ability of seeing energy with her eyes.

This past weekend I attended her workshop.  She is so vibrant, energetic, charismatic, and beautiful!  I don’t think I stopped smiling for 48 hours.  Donna is going to be 68 years old next month-- and she clearly has the energy of a 24 year old!  She laughs without hesitation, smiles with delight like a child, and is passionate--about nearly everything.  She wraps herself in the present like no one I’ve seen before.  Her attention is so focused on the present-- it’s no wonder she is able to see energy clearly.

She can look at a person, see exactly where there is insufficient energy flowing and restore the flow.  She once had a practice of over 10,000 clients.  She now shares her unique style of seeing energy with millions of people. During a workshop, she spends almost the entire time calling people up to the stage, revealing their personal energy dysfunction, and fixing it on stage in front of everyone!

Donna translates what she sees energetically (which is invisible to many of us) into a visible and tangible demonstration which is called energy (muscle) testing.  Simply put, energy testing is measuring the degree to which energy is flowing through a particular area in the body using the arm as an indicator.  This system can be used by anyone.  And can be used to treat dis-ease and enhance well being.  Donna has overcome dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, a heart attack at 24, food allergies and many other health complications.  Amazing!!!

One of the exercises Donna teaches helps children with learning difficulties.  It was discovered in New Zealand that children were not suffering from the same learning disabilities as other children around the world.  They found these children were playing a game that included making figure eights around their body.  Amazingly, this action has been shown to “unscramble” energies because it is guiding the energy from one side of the brain to the opposite side of the body-- and this promotes focus and retention!

They also found that kids who suck their thumb (even for a few moments), were less disruptive in class.  This action corresponds with the action of linking central and governing meridians--which is known to have a calming, centering effect.

Here’s something else to think about... a person with multiple personalities can have a personality that is allergic to peanuts and all other personalities are not.  Studies have shown that a person can be experiencing an allergic reaction (such as hives) under one personality and upon switching personalities, immediately show no signs of that allergic reaction.

If energy isn’t related to illness or dis-ease, how could all this be possible?

Cleanin' Out My Closet

“I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet...” ~Eminem

It feels great to do spring cleaning.  We donate clothes, tidy up and the house feels amazing!  It is lighter and cleaner.  According to Feng Shui, when we do this we are getting rid of stagnant energy which allows for more prosperity to flow into our life.  Who doesn’t want that?!

Our bodies also benefit from spring cleaning. When I work on a client I clear out unnecessary energy from the chakras and balance them, but I also feel energetic imprints on the energetic body.  So, what are energetic imprints?  They are imprints (like a fingerprint) that are left on your energetic body when we experience something emotionally.  The emotion becomes part of us if the body does not process this emotion fully.  Western medicine would suggest talking about the emotions and releasing them that way.  I find this method falls short especially when someone is not aware of a feeling they are having.  We have an unbelievable ability to suppress emotions and feelings. In fact, many scientists and psychologist are finding out that the mind is much more powerful than we ever thought!  This type of healing is more multi-dimensional.

As I’ve discussed in earlier blogs, the emotions translate into the body on a physical level through the release of hormones, but they also translate into the energetic body through imprints.  I see these imprints and can feel how they manifested.  Essentially, each imprint has an emotional component.  For instance, I might feel an imprint and it is related to a divorce that happened 12 years earlier.  I also may feel a nasty break up that is so intertwined in the energetic body that is so large, it is pressing on the chest (hence the feeling of “having a weight on your chest,” or “having to get something off your chest”).  What I do for clients is remove these imprints.  You are probably thinking, how is that possible and does it really work? Well let me explain...

In acupuncture and acupressure, the purpose of the treatment is to get the energy flowing around the body in it’s optimal way.  Chinese medicine is based on the theory that the body has major meridians (like highways) that supply energy to various parts of the body.  If one of these meridians becomes blocked, subsequent areas of the body (such as organs!) will be receiving less energy--yikes!  Additionally, what is cool about Chinese medicine is that major intersections of these meridians corresponds to major overlappings of muscles in the body.  Just like a car sitting in the middle of an intersection slows down or stops traffic, so does blocked energy in the meridians!

When I am working on a client I often find emotional energy trapped in the armpit area and chest.  Interestingly, these are major intersections of muscles, but also the lung meridian points are in this area which also corresponds with the heart chakra.  (Remember, the heart chakra is related to love and grief.)  Also, part of the lymph system is here as well (but I’ll explain why that’s cool too in a minute).  So when I am working in this area, I am working on three different levels, which is why people are so sensitive in this area.

Energetic imprints in these areas look like a dense, gray cloudy matter in the shape of an oval or a bean.  They usually are attached to the body by a cord, and can be connected to other similar imprints.  Basically, they look very similar to the lymph nodes that sort through the toxins in your system and keep you healthy.  The cool thing about this is that you have another system to help keep you emotionally healthy (thus physically healthy)!  This energetic system catches these floating emotions that have not been fully processed by the heart and mind.  What’s interesting is if there is a build up of these energetic imprints (aka “emotional baggage”) in the armpit area and chest, the person can feel sick, lethargic, and depressed. If there is a build up of toxins in the body the person can feel sick, lethargic and depressed too!  Very interesting!

When I have found an energetic imprint that is no longer serving a client, I discuss what I am feeling, ask them to validate the feeling, and ask for permission to remove the energetic imprint.  Usually, people want the imprint removed (not always! we like what is comfortable for us! it’s like an old ratty shirt you can’t part with).  At that point, I literally take the energetic imprint off the energetic body to be recycled into a more useful energy (energy cannot be created or destroyed). Upon removal, many times a client will cry, sigh, or sob and can feel me removing the energy.  Often it is described like feeling tugging on the body and can feel uncomfortable.  What you should understand is, I am not actually touching the body at this point.  All sensations are coming from the energetic body!

Amazingly, my clients report feeling lighter, and energy flowing better in their bodies.   It is the emotional release with the energetic release that provides that maximum benefit for the client.  Many of my clients report wonderful life changes occurring in the few days following the removal. That is because the energy is no longer stuck in their body and they are now vibrating on a higher level-- which brings me to the Law of Attraction...