chia seeds

Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 2

Five Tips For A Better Week:

1.  Sing everyday.  Not only will this lighten your mood and probably make you smile, it will release your vocal cords and help pave the path to your intuition.  Our intuition comes in through the gut, travels to our heart and is expressed through the throat.  Opening the channel through unabashed joyful singing will place you blissfully in the present---the point at which all creation is possible!

2.  Turn off the News for a week.  To most people this seems impossible.  I urge you to take the leap.  I did it for several years while living in NYC---and I was fine.  If you are really concerned, tell friends and family you are doing this and they can alert you of WWIII if it should happen.  Otherwise, this will be a good chance for you to see the beauty in the world without being clouded by sensational drama.

3.  Put Chia seeds in your water.  Chia seeds greatly expand in water which helps regulate blood sugar, keeps you feeling satisfied, provides a good dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, is a great source of protein, is full of anti-oxidants, and ingeniously hydrates the body.  You'll only need a few tablespoons a day, so if you are trying to lose weight, this will be your new favorite buddy.

4.  Make an appointment with your dentist to take out your amalgams.  Having the mercury removed from your mouth is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.  Seemingly random symptoms can be the result of mercury poisoning.  The FDA has conceded that there is NO evidence that amalgams are safe for children, and children and fetuses are MOST susceptible to the neuro-toxic effects of mercury.  Additionally, many countries in Europe have already outlawed the use of mercury for cavity fillings because of the detrimental effects on health and the environment.

5.  Make a list of the the things you love.  This list will raise your vibration by getting you in tune with what makes your spirit happy, and it will remind you of the things you can do for yourself when you're lacking joy in your life.