“Here the skeptic finds chaos and the believer further evidence that the hand that made us is divine.” ~Robert Moses

I love a good skeptic.  Especially the nuclear physicist kind.

Recently I found myself in conversation with one trying to explain energy healing.  They know splitting an atom (which is essentially making something less than what it was!) results in more than they can handle--- but energy healing under the very same sky is impossible!  I think not!

We all hear people say things like, “I like her energy,” “she’s really positive,” “I got a good vibe from her,” or “I’m getting mixed signals” ---yet many can’t seem to believe our energy is readable.

Here’s the physics of it all-- our bodies essentially flash in and out of existence.  Yeah, I know, hard to believe.  This is because on the most basic level, we are composed of atoms and the components of an atom flash in and out of existence.

From a biological view, each strand of DNA, contracts several BILLION times a second!  That’s just amazing! Each contraction releases a photon of light carrying all your genetic information!

It turns out the brain doesn’t have the circuitry (RAM) to be able to process all this information and store it.  So it is released from the body in frequencies.  The information is then stored in the electromagnetic field (the aura) that encapsulates the human body.  This field is photographable, measurable and well documented to exist.

Essentially, our field (aura) is a magnet holding on to all our information.  Scientists know this because they have seen Alzheimer patients (missing 40% of their brain) be able to recall information from their past under hypnosis---with great clarity!!!  That means that the information is being stored outside of the brain.

If our information is suspended in the air like radio waves, it’s understandable that we could tune into these energy frequencies and listen to what’s going on.  Some refer to us as human antennas.

We’ve probably all seen a mangled antenna incapable of receiving a radio station--- our bodies are the same.  If they are “mangled” by inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, and detrimental thoughts, we aren’t going to be clear receivers of guidance.

To be able to hear clear guidance you have to treat your antennae really well.  I look at my body like my instrument.  That’s why I have become so adept at sensing energy.  I continually feed my mind, body, and spirit with things that create alignment so that I am able to clearly differentiate between my body’s energy and others’.  I also do this so that I am in vibrational alignment with the things I want in life.

If the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, your antennae might need adjusting!


“If the total band of electromagnetic frequencies [light] is represented by the height of the Empire State Building..the band you see is much less than the height of a grain of sand.” ~Gary Schwartz Ph. D.

Despite how amazing this planet is in all it’s brilliance, it is a proven scientific fact that 99.999 % of the light around us is invisible.

Donna Eden has the ability of seeing energy with her eyes.

This past weekend I attended her workshop.  She is so vibrant, energetic, charismatic, and beautiful!  I don’t think I stopped smiling for 48 hours.  Donna is going to be 68 years old next month-- and she clearly has the energy of a 24 year old!  She laughs without hesitation, smiles with delight like a child, and is passionate--about nearly everything.  She wraps herself in the present like no one I’ve seen before.  Her attention is so focused on the present-- it’s no wonder she is able to see energy clearly.

She can look at a person, see exactly where there is insufficient energy flowing and restore the flow.  She once had a practice of over 10,000 clients.  She now shares her unique style of seeing energy with millions of people. During a workshop, she spends almost the entire time calling people up to the stage, revealing their personal energy dysfunction, and fixing it on stage in front of everyone!

Donna translates what she sees energetically (which is invisible to many of us) into a visible and tangible demonstration which is called energy (muscle) testing.  Simply put, energy testing is measuring the degree to which energy is flowing through a particular area in the body using the arm as an indicator.  This system can be used by anyone.  And can be used to treat dis-ease and enhance well being.  Donna has overcome dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, a heart attack at 24, food allergies and many other health complications.  Amazing!!!

One of the exercises Donna teaches helps children with learning difficulties.  It was discovered in New Zealand that children were not suffering from the same learning disabilities as other children around the world.  They found these children were playing a game that included making figure eights around their body.  Amazingly, this action has been shown to “unscramble” energies because it is guiding the energy from one side of the brain to the opposite side of the body-- and this promotes focus and retention!

They also found that kids who suck their thumb (even for a few moments), were less disruptive in class.  This action corresponds with the action of linking central and governing meridians--which is known to have a calming, centering effect.

Here’s something else to think about... a person with multiple personalities can have a personality that is allergic to peanuts and all other personalities are not.  Studies have shown that a person can be experiencing an allergic reaction (such as hives) under one personality and upon switching personalities, immediately show no signs of that allergic reaction.

If energy isn’t related to illness or dis-ease, how could all this be possible?