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Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 7

Five Tips For a Better Week


1)  With Spring upon us, try to start amping up your intake of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and will help you though allergy season and boost your immune system.  A 1992 study found that taking 2,ooo mg of vitamin C daily lowered blood histamine levels 38 percent in healthy adults in just one week. *

2) If you are over the age of 40, your ability to turn CoQ10 into Ubiquitol deminishes.  Try taking Ubiquitol instead of CoQ10 for the vast health promoting benefits--- from lower cholesterol to higher sperm motility!  CoQ10 seems to do it all!

3) If you love pasta and are trying to avoid gluten, try organic Quinoa pasta and other similar products. I love them!  They don't get mushy like other gluten free products and are a good source of protein.  Quinoa is considered a super grain because it supplies all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern.  Prego!

4) Zip- up!  For those of you who are sensitive to energy, try zipping up your energy centers the same way you would zip up a coat.  This helps to keep your energy contained and other people's energy out--- leaving you feeling more like yourself.

5)  Challenge your intuition.  Next time you are in a restaurant, before looking at the menu, set the intention that you will find the perfect dish for the evening.  Open the menu and scan it quickly.  Notice where your eye is drawn.  This just might be the perfect dish for you!  This is what I do!

*Johnston C. et al. Antihistamine effect of supplemental ascorbic acid and neutrophil chemotaxis” J Am Coll Nutr 11 (1992):172-76.