"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."


Late one night I was at a light and was guided (through my intuition) to “turn left.” My usual route was to continue straight. After hearing the guidance, I contemplated turning left---it would take me the long way to the highway but I’d still get home. In my exhaustion, I decided I would stay straight because it was the fastest way home. I heard again, “turn left.”  I contemplated it once more.  This time, I knew there must be a reason to turn left---so I reasoned I would just go slow for a few blocks--thinking this would be like I was turning left. I reasoned, if I’m supposed to turn left to avoid an accident, than slowing down will also help. The light changed and I proceeded straight--slowly. Just as the car was seizing forward, the train track gates descended and lights began flashing to stop the traffic! I quickly hung a left and avoided the 20 minute freight train delay. Yeah!

While listening to my intuition in this example didn’t save my life (as far as I know), it did get me home earlier--which is exactly what I wanted. When I look at the guidance that was given to me, it was simply to “turn left.” No interpretation needed. Just execution. How often though, do we hear guidance and reason it away.  Technically speaking, if I was supposed to go slow, my intuition would have said, “go slow.”

In this example, I was forcing my will over my internal guidance. I was trying to control the circumstances, instead of letting go and allowing what needed to happen for my highest good.

All too often we think we have all the answers. We think we understand all the pieces to the puzzle. We think we know what’s best for us for our situation. But the truth is (at least to me), I don’t have a better view of the playing field--the Universe/God/Higher Power do— and they come up with things that I couldn’t even dream of they are so perfect. I see this all the time in my healings and in my own life. 

I know I’m happiest when I follow my internal guidance. I’m less stressed and more fulfilled. It takes a lot of faith and practice to listen to your inner guidance, but with time, you will build your library of success stories. You just have to take the first step and trust in your intuition. Chances are, you'll be glad you did.

Chasin' the Sky

"During meditation your metabolism and your breath rate go down to a level of rest, twice that of deep sleep." ~ Mike Love

Meditation.  There.  I said it.  It seems like a dirty word-- doesn’t it?  I know when I first started meditating I was wondering how I would calm my mind.  It use to take me about an hour and a half to fall asleep, now--about 11 seconds.

Realizing your mind is something you can control is a daunting yet powerful concept.  Many of us are not up to the challenge.  Many of us don’t have time, can’t do it, and we don’t know how to do it.  But!  Meditation creates time!

Research has shown meditators, on average, regardless of age, visit the doctor half as often as the average American!  Meditators also had 87.3% fewer admissions to the hospital for heart disease, and 55.4 % fewer admissions for benign and malignant tumors of all types--the two leading causes of death in Americans!  You can’t get results like these from prescription drugs!

Meditation specifically aids in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol--which helps avoid a heart attack and stroke.  According to insurance companies, blood pressure levels prove to be a good indicator of life expectancy.  An average American with normal blood pressure is expected to live 16 years longer than one with moderate blood pressure.  Meditation has proven to help people drop from moderate blood pressure to normal blood pressure--giving the gift of a longer life!  Incredible! (Perfect Health, Deepak Chopra, pg. 164-167)

That’s not all!  Mediation aids in weight loss, brain function, immune function and reversal of the aging process!  Plus its been shown to help you find your life’s purpose!

Many wonder how long do you need to meditate a day?  Well, Dr. Oz believes all it takes is 7 mins a day to receive the benefits of meditation. Making the commitment to meditate is the most important step in receiving the benefits.  I can pretty much guarantee that once you dedicate the time, you will want to do it more.  It just feels soooooo good.  The inner peace is wonderful.  After mediation I feel calm, content, and happy--all pretty great feelings.

Many people don’t know how to meditate, and that’s ok.  Meditation is about working with your brain waves.  When doing an activity we are really familiar with we go into “auto-pilot.”  Running, brushing our teeth, and driving a car long distances are all examples of this.  Parts of the brain slip into Theta waves during these activities.  Maintaining Theta waves is the goal in meditation.

A beginner meditator should find calming music, focus on breathing (the out breath is particularly relaxing), and be gentle with yourself.  Meditation isn’t easy.  Just as you would train your mind to play a sport, the piano, or learn a language, you need to develop the neural pathways for meditation too.  The more you practice anything, the better you get at it because you are reinforcing the neural pathways (the connections that send information around the brain and through the body).

If you can’t stop the one million thoughts from bombarding your brain it’s ok.  In time, you will learn to set these thoughts aside. This method is described as non-directive meditation because you are developing the ability to “tolerate the spontaneous wandering of the mind without getting too much involved”--meaning you don’t have to make the mind blank! You just need to learn how to let thoughts “pass effortlessly” (Brain Waves and Meditation, ScienceDaily Mar. 31, 2010).

While "meditation is painful in the beginning... it bestows immortal bliss and supreme joy in the end” and worth the try (Swami Sivananda).

The Prayer

"Your mind can only hold one thought at a time. Make it a positive and constructive one." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

This time of year is beautiful!  It’s a time for reflection, granting wishes, and a time for sharing moments.  For some, this time of year can be a struggle--both financially and personally.

If you are someone who is finding it difficult to give monetarily, I have something to share with you.

The power of prayer.  Large scientific studies have confirmed both prayer and distance healing to have a greater effect than chance.  In a study published in 2001, a group of mothers in a fertility clinic in Korea were divided into two groups.  One group was prayed for and the other was not.  These prayers were sent over great distances (from the USA, Canada, and Australia) from people of all religions and cultures to the fertility clinic.  This effort resulted in nearly doubling the amount of pregnancies from in vitro fertilization in the group that was prayed for.  The pregnancy rates went from 26% to 50%!  No one even knew who was being prayed for in the clinic until the study was completed.  Incredible! And there are several other studies that support the power of prayer and intent! (The Human Antenna, Dr. Robin Kelly pg. 74)

What we are talking about here is energy!  Everything is comprised of energy--including thoughts!   Scientists have discovered (from EEGs) that our brains emit different frequencies of waves.  They are Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta.  Each brain wave serves a different purpose in our life.  We learn in Beta, we sleep in Delta, we meditate in Alpha, and we transcend in Theta.  Quantum physicists are discovering that the Theta waves are linked with the feeling of Oneness.  They have found that this is the state that energy healers, psychics, mediums, and experienced meditators are in when they are sending and receiving universal information.  We know, from scientific research that waves continue endlessly through time.

This holiday season, wrap your thoughts in positivity and know that you have positively effected those near and far--and eternity.  What could be better?

Suddenly I See

"Your mind's a dangerous neighborhood: don't go there alone." ~Mary Karr

People often ask me, "Did you always know you were a healer?"  The better question is, how did I go from being such a huge skeptic, to someone who believes in this so much? I used to help teach a Physics class in college where we touched on the topic of psychic phenomenon and I thought it was a bunch of crap. A waste of time, and that psychics were making stuff up based on reading the body language of the person.  It was going to take a miracle to change my mind.

In March of ’07 my life changed when my partner said, “Why don’t you try meditating.”  My reaction was, I’m not doing that-- I can’t do that! I can't even sit still!  My ego didn’t want her to know the truth, so out came, “O.K.”  I could just feel myself energetically slapping my forehead thinking-- you idiot!  Now I had to do it.  I’ve always been a person of my word-- especially to myself.  I had to give it a try.

So I sat down one chilly morning in March on my little brown couch, turned on soothing music and held on to my coffee tightly (I wasn’t about to meditate without coffee--I’d probably fall asleep!). The plan was simple. I wasn’t going to get off the couch for the next hour.  I was going to force myself to sit still for an hour. I figured if I sat long enough something was bound to happen.  So I sat, and I sat, and I sat.  Day after day meditating.  Waiting, listening, and finally one day I suddenly felt my eyes burning.  Holy moly!  I opened my eyes.  What was that?  And then it was gone.  I closed my eyes again, and it was back.  This time I kept my eyes closed and let myself feel what was going on.  They felt like they were burning, like there was sand in my eyes.  Jeesh, do I have pink eye? Then I tried to figure out what had crossed my mind just prior to the burning sensation.  Sara!   And then I knew, this was not mine.  I can’t really explain how I knew so definitively that this was not my eyes burning, but my twin sister Sara’s!  This is crazy!  I started meditating to gain inner peace, and now, I’m in pain?  Is this a joke?  I put my coffee down, mustered up the courage to pick up the phone and call my sister at 8 in the morning.  This was our conversation.

Me: Sara, hi, it’s me (the one you shared the womb with).  Um, I have a weird question for you, but could you just answer it for me?

Sara: Hi, um, yeah.

Me: Are your eyes burning right now?  Like you have sand in them?

Sara: How did you know that?! I have a double pink eye infection-- one in each eye.  They are killing me.  How did you know that, I didn’t even tell mom.

Holy crap!  I started to shake, I was a little scared, but intrigued.  Was this “twin-tuition” or something else. I explained to her that she popped into my head when I was meditating and my eyes started to burn. I couldn’t offer much of an explanation.  I knew I sounded crazy.

The next day, I sat down again and started to meditate.  I got bored so I started to wonder how my dad was doing.  Ouch! What the heck was that?  All of a sudden my tooth was killing me in the back of my mouth.  I knew this was not mine either.  So I sat with the pain, trying to figure out which tooth it was in my mouth.  Once I located it, I decided to call my mom.  The conversation went similar to the one with my sister.

Me: Mom, what’s wrong with the tooth in dad’s mouth.  It’s all the way in the back, on the top, on the left side.  Does he need to go to the dentist?

Mom:  Yes, he is going today.  Last night he bit down on a walnut and cracked his tooth.  How did you know that? Wait, which tooth did you say?

Me:  The one in the back on the top, on the left side.

Mom:  You know, that is probably right.  It’s definitely on the left side and in the back on the top.  How did you know that?

Again, I really didn’t have a good explanation.  I thought, what is going on?  What is the purpose of feeling someone else’s pain so intensely? That question lingered in my mind for several months.

I continued to tune into other people’s pain during meditation only after getting their permission.  I started getting phone calls from friends and family asking me what I thought of a certain pain/problems they were experiencing.  The more I was accurate, the more I knew there must be something greater at work here than just me.  How could I possibly know these things?  Suddenly it dawned on me (I'm a little slow sometimes), if I can feel their pain and I can heal with my hands, maybe I’m supposed to combine the two and help make people feel better!  Cue the Alleluia music, angles and fairies dancing and a bright light shining between clouds that have just parted.  I had just found my purpose!

Now what do I do with that?!