Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 3

Five Tips for a Better Week:

1.  Set a fitness goal and try to break it by the end of the week.  Do you think you can’t run 3 miles?  That’s what I thought---until I did it.  Little wins boost our confidence significantly.  So try running or walking non-stop at your fastest pace for 1 minute, or walking up the stairs all week instead of taking an elevator.

2.  Treat yourself to a massage.  With stress being top on the list of reasons we become ill, a massage naturally packs a one-two punch against illness. It decreases stress, anxiety, and blood pressure and also boosts the immune system.

3.  Disconnect yourself for an hour a day.  People are flocking to "Black Hole Hotels" in an effort to avoid feeling tethered to the internet.  Constantly being connected to a cell phone, tablet or computer keeps us disconnected from ourselves.  They have become our choice distractor.  Spending an hour of your waking day disconnected will ironically help you get in touch with yourself and those around you.

4.  Use your "Golden Hour" wisely.  The "Golden Hour" is the first hour after waking.  This is primetime for our brains to learn something new, set an intention, or focus on the future.  After waking, our brains are in the alpha stage, which means we are most open to ideas and suggestions.  Plant the seed for your ideal future in your golden hour.


5.  Go organic.  Did you know some fruits and vegetables can have up to 14 pesticides on them?!  Not only are these chemicals linked with cancer, but they also decrease the amount of antioxidants found in the plants.  This is because the plant doesn’t need to produce as many antioxidants to protect the plant from disease because the pesticides are already doing that.  Antioxidants protect the plants and us from disease.