The Science of Energy Medicine


“Here the skeptic finds chaos and the believer further evidence that the hand that made us is divine.” ~Robert Moses

I love a good skeptic.  Especially the nuclear physicist kind.

Recently I found myself in conversation with one trying to explain energy healing.  They know splitting an atom (which is essentially making something less than what it was!) results in more than they can handle--- but energy healing under the very same sky is impossible!  I think not!

We all hear people say things like, “I like her energy,” “she’s really positive,” “I got a good vibe from her,” or “I’m getting mixed signals” ---yet many can’t seem to believe our energy is readable.

Here’s the physics of it all-- our bodies essentially flash in and out of existence.  Yeah, I know, hard to believe.  This is because on the most basic level, we are composed of atoms and the components of an atom flash in and out of existence.

From a biological view, each strand of DNA, contracts several BILLION times a second!  That’s just amazing! Each contraction releases a photon of light carrying all your genetic information!

It turns out the brain doesn’t have the circuitry (RAM) to be able to process all this information and store it.  So it is released from the body in frequencies.  The information is then stored in the electromagnetic field (the aura) that encapsulates the human body.  This field is photographable, measurable and well documented to exist.

Essentially, our field (aura) is a magnet holding on to all our information.  Scientists know this because they have seen Alzheimer patients (missing 40% of their brain) be able to recall information from their past under hypnosis---with great clarity!!!  That means that the information is being stored outside of the brain.

If our information is suspended in the air like radio waves, it’s understandable that we could tune into these energy frequencies and listen to what’s going on.  Some refer to us as human antennas.

We’ve probably all seen a mangled antenna incapable of receiving a radio station--- our bodies are the same.  If they are “mangled” by inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, and detrimental thoughts, we aren’t going to be clear receivers of guidance.

To be able to hear clear guidance you have to treat your antennae really well.  I look at my body like my instrument.  That’s why I have become so adept at sensing energy.  I continually feed my mind, body, and spirit with things that create alignment so that I am able to clearly differentiate between my body’s energy and others’.  I also do this so that I am in vibrational alignment with the things I want in life.

If the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, your antennae might need adjusting!


“Your biography is your biology.” ~Carolyn Myss

What’s so cool about all this scientific analysis on age old modalities is that an Eastern practitioner would probably smile and respond to Western proof with something like, “Yes, I know.  Nameste.”

Chakras are energy centers (invisible to many) throughout the body that correspond to significant intersections of nerves.  Chakras are believed to store information (like a computer chip) about you and are related to sickness and health.

A great pioneer in the field of energy medicine is Carolyn Myss.  She is a medical intuitive who, throughout her 30+ years of practice, has seen patterns of sickness in chakras and so have I.  She, along with others in our field, have made it easy to see how our emotional health is related to our energetic and physical health.

When I first began studying Carolyn Myss’ work I was very skeptical.  I really wanted to know how our emotions not only effected our energy---but how it translated into our body possibly creating illness.

So I began at the beginning--well actually the base! The base chakra, also known as the first chakra, is located just below the pelvis and is usually symbolized in red.  Mystics and energy practitioners generally agree that the strength of this chakra is directly related to your perceived safety and security when you were growing up.  It is also directly related to how you feel you fit into your community.  Community can mean your family, your tribe, your country, or your neighborhood.  Since this is the base chakra, it is believed to be fueled by the Earth’s energy (because it’s closest to the Earth!)--imagine the roots to a family tree.

For those who’s base chakra is unstable, lacking in energy or unbalanced, they generally experience autoimmune deficiencies (a white blood cell malady) such as allergies, arthritis, eczema and Type 1 diabetes.  They also experience blood disorders such as blood clots and hemophilia.  These symptoms often create inflammation in the body because blood feeds the joints, muscles, organs, tissues, and cells.

These disorders are the result of perceived threats on the body from the environment---not actual threats to survival.  In fact, the definition of an autoimmune disorder is a condition in which the immune system reacts inappropriately to the body's own tissues and attacks them, causing damage and/or interfering with normal functioning.

So what is making our bodies react inappropriately?

Our fight or flight response!  Remember how our bodies are hard wired to get down and dirty or get outta there?  This response places stress on our bodies by making our heart race from adrenaline and releasing excess cortisol, slowing digestion, sending blood flow away from the core and lowering our immune system!  No wonder why the health of our base chakra is related to safety and security!  When we don’t feel safe, we feel the need to fight or get the heck out of there.

Interestingly, in Chinese medicine the fight or flight response is held in the Triple Burner meridian---which is fueled by---get this---prenatal and postnatal energy!  It also begins in the kidney meridian---and the kidneys contain the adrenal glands and they secrete cortisol!  Cortisol is essential to helping our bodies cope with stress and to fight infection-- balance is crucial to health!

Isn’t it totally amazing that these energy concepts are so similar yet created by different cultures!!!

So you may be wondering what is turning on the fight or flight response?

It turns out---mental stress!  What is stress?  Wayne Dyer posed these questions which really got me thinking.  Can you go out and buy stress?  Can you touch it?  No!  It is a pattern of negative thought.  It is worry--- better known as wasted creative energy.  Basically, it is all thought and no action.  That energy has got to go some where!

There you have it folks!  We have come full circle.  Emotions effect the body through the release of chemicals.  Constantly bombarding the body with these chemicals becauseof negative thoughts (energy) about something that happened 30 years ago (for example), can over time create illness.  This compounding of stress (thoughts --> chemicals) creates catastrophic complications for the body.

Cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton said it best,  “We are currently taught that genes control life.  However, we will come to realize that our learned perceptions of life control our biology...With this knowledge we can knowingly control our life experiences.”

So what can we do to stop this vicious cycle effecting our base chakra and the foundation of our health?

Any activity that decreases stress is a great idea.  Changing thought patterns---possibly carrying a graditude rock, living in a state of appreciation, and forgiving.  As always, meditation also helps because it lowers blood pressure, decreases cortisol levels, and lowers cholesterol.  Grounding (connecting to the Earth with bare feet) has also been shown to be especially effective in bringing down inflammation in the body and so has energy healing.

Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Take yourself back to the beach for a moment...Waves are rolling in, salty air gently brushing against your face and the sun warming your body---you lean back and dig your feet into the sand as if to say hello to Mother Earth.  Ahhhhh.

Science can now help explain why you feel so good.  It’s called grounding.  It’s a “new” form of healing.  It’s easy to do, natural and you can do it yourself!

There’s plenty of new science to backup this age old remedy.  Grounding is simply connecting with the Earth with your bare feet.

Scientists have discovered this simple technique can lower the risk of heart disease (to the point of possibly coming off Coumadin!), aid in weight loss (by lowering cortisol levels), relieve allergies, eczema, chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia and a slew of other problems.

Many of these dis-eases result from inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is the underlying cause of 80+ chronic illnesses and more than half of Americans suffer from one or more of them (Earthing, p15).  So what’s causing all this inflammation in the body?

Besides the usual suspects (diet and exercise), scientist believe our bodies are being effected by our disconnection to the Earth’s electrical surface.  The surface of the Earth is subtly signaling to our body certain crucial circadian rhythms---that need constant updating.  Additionally, inflammation in the body has a positive charge and the Earth has a negative charge.  Connecting to the Earth neutralizes these charges--thus bring down inflammation!

In the 1960’s and 70’s scientists wanted to know what would happen to the human body if it was shielded from these crucial rhythms (what would we do without those freshman college students???).  So they built underground rooms that electrically shielded the subjects for months at a time.  As expected, sleep was disruptive, hormonal secretions were abnormal, and a host of other conditions developed.  You may be thinking, that’s because they were underground!!!  Of course their bodies are going to freak out!!! It turns out the scientists were psychic and knew you and I would be thinking that, so they left those poor subjects underground but allowed the Earth's electrical energy into the rooms---and their bodies restored themselves!  Scientists and doctors alike know that continual disruptions, such as these, to our natural rhythms would lead to illness (p. 17-18).

Science doesn’t need to twist my arm in order for me to believe all this.  I’ve experienced it for myself.  I bought a grounding mat and my allergies have never been better.  My dreams are more lucid and I have an overall additional calmness within my body.

Sometimes, the science behind something really isn’t that important when we can move on with our lives in a healthier more comfortable way.  If I had a child with autism and grounding made him have more social behavior I’d be thrilled (grounding experiments proved this!).  If I was on the Tour De France and got Tour De flipped off my bike, I’d be thrilled my wound healed super fast because I grounded all night.  I’d also be thrilled if I suddenly became pregnant, after being considered infertile, by using a grounding mat.

Participating in your health is crucial to comfortable longevity---this is yet another option for you and worth considering!

*The evidence for the positive effects of grounding are so overwhelming I did not include all information and studies.  If you are interested you can do research or refer to the book Earthing by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D, and Martic Zucker.  You can also purchase an Earthing Mat which makes it possible to ground in your home.  I am in no way affiliated with this company---I just believe strongly in their product.


“If the total band of electromagnetic frequencies [light] is represented by the height of the Empire State Building..the band you see is much less than the height of a grain of sand.” ~Gary Schwartz Ph. D.

Despite how amazing this planet is in all it’s brilliance, it is a proven scientific fact that 99.999 % of the light around us is invisible.

Donna Eden has the ability of seeing energy with her eyes.

This past weekend I attended her workshop.  She is so vibrant, energetic, charismatic, and beautiful!  I don’t think I stopped smiling for 48 hours.  Donna is going to be 68 years old next month-- and she clearly has the energy of a 24 year old!  She laughs without hesitation, smiles with delight like a child, and is passionate--about nearly everything.  She wraps herself in the present like no one I’ve seen before.  Her attention is so focused on the present-- it’s no wonder she is able to see energy clearly.

She can look at a person, see exactly where there is insufficient energy flowing and restore the flow.  She once had a practice of over 10,000 clients.  She now shares her unique style of seeing energy with millions of people. During a workshop, she spends almost the entire time calling people up to the stage, revealing their personal energy dysfunction, and fixing it on stage in front of everyone!

Donna translates what she sees energetically (which is invisible to many of us) into a visible and tangible demonstration which is called energy (muscle) testing.  Simply put, energy testing is measuring the degree to which energy is flowing through a particular area in the body using the arm as an indicator.  This system can be used by anyone.  And can be used to treat dis-ease and enhance well being.  Donna has overcome dyslexia, multiple sclerosis, a heart attack at 24, food allergies and many other health complications.  Amazing!!!

One of the exercises Donna teaches helps children with learning difficulties.  It was discovered in New Zealand that children were not suffering from the same learning disabilities as other children around the world.  They found these children were playing a game that included making figure eights around their body.  Amazingly, this action has been shown to “unscramble” energies because it is guiding the energy from one side of the brain to the opposite side of the body-- and this promotes focus and retention!

They also found that kids who suck their thumb (even for a few moments), were less disruptive in class.  This action corresponds with the action of linking central and governing meridians--which is known to have a calming, centering effect.

Here’s something else to think about... a person with multiple personalities can have a personality that is allergic to peanuts and all other personalities are not.  Studies have shown that a person can be experiencing an allergic reaction (such as hives) under one personality and upon switching personalities, immediately show no signs of that allergic reaction.

If energy isn’t related to illness or dis-ease, how could all this be possible?

My Heart Will Go On

"Far across the distance, And spaces between us, You have come to show you go on..."  -Celine Dion

I’m quiet baffled by the number of people who are coming to me reporting that the doctors are “mystified” and “can’t figure out” what’s going on in a particular body.  These cases seem to make sense to me even before I start listening to their energetic system.

Hearing a few symptoms, recalling different energy modalities and tuning into the energetic body creates an obvious map to wellness (at least better-ness).  Even my massage book talks about the benefits of energy work --giving substantial credit to Reflexology, Acupuncture, Chakras, Meridians, and their energetic emotional components in creating wellness.  I wish doctors were given just a little more instruction about  the general mapping and linking of emotions and physical symptoms-- we might find a more well-rounded approach to wellness. We all have different experiences, which makes us unique! How could one scope of medicine treat all of us the same?  It can’t.

I keep seeing a pattern of doctors saying “Well, take this medicine, maybe it’ll work.”  Come on docs! Stop over prescribing! Masking a symptom is not treating the cause!  Get to the root of the illness--especially considering there are over 100,000 deaths a year due to people taking prescriptions as suggested by their doctors.

I may seem like I’m ranting, but I am mystified. I can’t comprehend how doctors need to spend so much time in medical school without studying the energetic component of the body. Some doctors and skeptics don’t believe in energy work because it hasn’t been proven by Western medical research--but the truth is, it is being researched, and we are getting closer to a marriage of the two.  Skeptics also say, they can’t see how it works. I’d like to say, do you have any clue how text messages are sent and received?  Or how the NY Giants appear in your living room Monday nights throughout the fall?

Sometimes all we have is faith--and Guinea pigs.  No seriously, Eastern medicine has been so successful in mapping the energetic system because they’ve studied living human beings!  Beings containing energy!  Western medicine studies cadavers--beings without energy.  Now it is easy to see why they are in the dark about energy!

Here’s a pretty powerful example of how emotional energy is stored within the body and transferred energetically.  You may recall, the heart is 5000x as energetically strong as the brain.

There was a 5 year old boy named Daryl who received a heart transplant from a young boy named Thomas (nicknamed Tim by his parents).

Upon an interview with Daryl, the 5 year old recipient, (with no prior knowledge about his donor), said, “I gave the boy [donor] a name. He's younger than me and I call him 'Timmy'. He's just a little kid. He's a little brother like about half my age. He got hurt bad when he fell down. He likes Power Rangers a lot, I think, just like I used to. I don't like them anymore, though."

After the surgery, Daryl’s mother found out that Tim fell trying to reach a Power Ranger toy that had fallen on the ledge of the window.  She also reported that Daryl won't even touch his Power Rangers following the surgery.  Woah!

When the donor and recipient families met, Tim’s mother immediately recognized the recipient because he had the same crooked smile her son had.  Pretty amazing stuff!! (Memory Transfer Between Organ Transplants, By Paul Pearsall, PhD, Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Linda G. Russek, PhD).

If you're interested, there are many cases like this one.  Check out .

Ok, now that I’ve got that out I can calm down.  No need to store that frustration in my liver.

Your Body is a Wonderland

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.  The challenge is to silence the mind." ~ Caroline Myss

So before we go any deeper into energy medicine, let's take a look at the benefits of alternative medicine and what's at the root of illness.

Many people seek alternative medicine, because Western medicine has been unsuccessful in treating their dis-ease. Dis-ease is when the energetic body is not in balance-often leading to disease.*

One amazing woman I met said, "Amy, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.  The doctor said the cancer had spread to my femur and neck too.  The doctor said I had 6 months to live and there was nothing they could do for me. Amy, that was 2.5 years ago, and I just went to the doctor yesterday and they can't find the cancer in me.  There is nothing wrong with me (my jaw dropped to the floor).  Do you want to know why?  I found Reiki.  I decided my health was in my hands, so I found an alternative.  I started getting Reiki treatments twice a week, took natural herbs and became a Reiki Master myself.  I don't know why God decided I should live, but I guess it is to do this (energy healing)!"

Shortly after meeting her, I spoke to 2 more people who survived cancer using alternative medicine.  And those are people I have met!  I can't imagine how many others are out there!  So why isn't the shock media talking about these cases?  It's shocking, isn't it?

So what's really at work in helping these people overcome things like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, nausea, stress, asthma, allergies, infertility and many other problems?  That question has left many doctors and scientists scrambling for an answer.  Some say, the placebo effect.  Some say, misdiagnosis and others remain curious.  The curious ones are the pioneers helping the rest of us understand what is truly at work here.  A new science called Psycho-Neuro Immunology is the study of the mind-body connection.  Essentially, it is the study of how emotions are related to illness.  We, as a society, are starting to look at the body more "Whole-istically."  This is great!  We just need to figure out what's causing our emotions to effect our bodies so dramatically.

If our bodies are exposed to all sorts of bacteria and viruses daily, why aren't we always sick?  Also, many of us have cells in our body that are reproducing too much (forming a tumor) that are destroyed without becoming life threatening or even noticeable.  Why?  What is the defining factor in whether we get sick or not?  You may have guessed by now that it is the complex dance between our emotions and our body.  Emotions are biologically a complex network of chemicals and hormones being released into the body.  Some make you feel good (Serotonin), other's not so good (Cortisol).

In discussing illness, we are mostly concerned with the abundance of stress hormones.  Of course, the other biological chemicals and hormones are important, because they help to balance the body, but for now we will discuss Cortisol.  Cortisol, a stress hormone, in large quantities puts stress on your body and leads to inflammation and immune suppression.  Originally, this stress hormone served an important function--to save you from being eaten by a lion!  But now, this hormone is being released when we are late to pick up our kids from soccer practice (not so life threatening!). This chemical is being sent around the body misinforming the body that there is danger.  So the million dollar question is, who or what is responsible for the body interpreting things as stressful when in fact they are not?

The soul!  To make this easier to understand, I describe the soul like having a sophisticated four-year old child inside your body at all times (bare with me please).  The less you listen to that four-year old, the louder the four-year old screams back at you until you listen. The more you listen to and love the four-year old, the more she listens and loves you back.  It's that simple.  In this case, ignoring the child creates dis-ease.  Rarely, does someone become miraculously sick (sounds funny just saying it).  Generally there are warning signs-- much like when a four-year old is about to throw a tantrum.  It usually starts out (with increasing desperation), "Mommy.... Mommy... Mommy, Mommy... Mommmmmy, Mommmmmmy, Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!"   The same thing happens in the human body.  There are warning signs such as fatigue, "low energy," confusion, unhappiness, pain, bleeding, vomiting-- you get the picture.  It's when we pay attention to those signs that we often avoid the big Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!  If we don't listen to the warning signs the soul will get our attention no matter what because it always has our best interest at heart.  That's when things like cancer and heart attacks happen.  The idea is, if we stop you in your tracks--make you listen, maybe you will hear what the soul has to say.

If you'd like to connect with your soul/four-year old child inside, just get quiet and listen to your body.  Your body is talking to you through your cells in every moment.  Your soul/body knows exactly what is best for you.  If you listen carefully enough (meditation really helps with this), you will be guided to do things you probably aren't use to.  That's ok!  We have all been programmed to do things that aren't great for our body/soul over our lifetime.  Often, the quiet is what we have spent much of our lives avoiding.  Which is why cell phones, email, the internet, and television are so popular.  It seriously takes guts to listen to yourself.  However, I assure you that you will be glad you did.  You will begin to become more in tune with your emotions and body and thus lead a happier and healthier life!  Who doesn't want that?

Many alternative medicines aid in listening to the body and correcting the energetic imbalances taking place in the body.  Often emotions that were once pent-up, are released thus aiding in relaxation of the body and boosting the immune system.  Boosting the immune system helps in reducing inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is linked with all chronic illnesses.

Got energy medicine?

*Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that anyone should abandon modern Western medicine.  I truly believe it serves its purpose (thus my hope of the marriage of Eastern and Western medicine).  I believe that anyone in crisis should seek out both options and chose the one that works for them.

Rock Your Body

"I think... the most important alternative medicine treatment of the area of energy medicine." ~Dr. Oz

So what is energy medicine?

Energy medicine is Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, Qi Gong, reflexology, Donna Eden's meridian work and many others.  To be quite honest, they are all working with the same thing--the body's energy system, so placing all these under the same umbrella makes it easier to talk about.  Each modality offers a unique way of translating the energy from one source to another, but ultimately, they are all using the same main tool-universal energy force or Qi.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with referring to the body as being "made up of energy."  You are not alone.  Western medicine has certainly made it difficult to get a glimpse of these "alternative medicines"-- mostly because the drug companies would be missing out on millions of dollars spent on prescription drugs (I'll explain why that is true at a later time).

First, we all need to be on the same page--the human body is made up of energy. On the simplest level, energy cannot be created or destroyed.  You may remember from Earth Science class (thanks Ms. Silva!) that the universe came from a single atom splitting.  That same energy has been recycled for billions of years.  Each of us is made up of that very same energy.  Essentially we have all been dinosaurs, plants, fish, rocks, spiders, etc.--at least part of one.  It sure makes it easier to comprehend the idea that we are all "One"-- doesn't it.

Ok, so moving onto a deeper level.  Many of us are familiar with the idea that the brain "fires" signals (electrically) to the rest of the body.  These signals tell the body (all the way down to the cellular level) what to do, but in fact the heart is the major source of energy in the body.  It helps supply the energy necessary to run the body. The heart is energetically 5,000 times stronger than the brain!  The electromagnetic energy from the heart can be measured up to 10 feet away!   Holy moly is right! Guess what, when you were feeling "heartache" because your partner, lover, mother, father, whoever spends a lot of time with you, left to go somewhere far away, your heart was looking for their heartbeat (unique energetic pattern emitted from their heart).  When you are around someone a significant amount of time, your energetic system begins to recognize and sync up with the other's heartbeat.  So when he/she leaves, your heartbeat continually searches for his/hers.  Awwww, how romantic.  Scientists believe that our heartbeat energy is continuing to travel out into outer space continually.

Ok, now for the stuff that may blow your mind.  At least it blew my mind.  (Drum roll please...) The brain of the cell is NOT the nucleus.  Yup! I'll give you a minute.  It is the cell membrane that is the brain of the cell.  They now call it the plasma membrane.  The name says it all (memBRANE-jeesh, that's obvious).  The plasma membrane is on the outside of the cell.  How do we know this?  Well, my buddy (I wish) Dr. Bruce Lipton decided to take a cell and put it in a petri dish and put an apple slice near the cell.  The cell actually moved towards the apple.  He took the same cell and put it near a toxin, and it moved away.  This is evidence that the cell/plasma membrane senses the environment.   It sends a signal (via e-mail-jk) back to the now emotionally defeated nucleus.  That's how the body is able to reproduce/repair what is needed to be reproduced/repaired at time.  The nucleus is like a filing cabinet and pulls out the blueprint (of an ear cell, blood cell, etc) that is needed at the time.  Without the plasma membrane's input, the nucleus is at a loss of what to do.  So WHY is this important?

Thinking more globally... So if humans are made up of trillions of cells, this means that we are like walking antennas- constantly sensing our environment.  Now can you see why you may not like the "energy of a person/room/situation."  It is your cells (trillions!) talking to you.  Now is it a little easier to understand how the body may respond to energy medicine?

Alright, I think I've bombarded you with enough to think about. Enjoy the rest of your day.  I will!