Healing Stories

It's Electric

“Thousands of emotions well up inside me throughout the day. They are released when I dance.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

A lot of wonderful things have happened in my life—-some considered miracles.

Years ago, I was making a house call to a boisterous older Italian lady. Her personality filled the room along with her laughter and the essence of home cooked food. I felt like I was part of “The Family.”

She explained that in the last few years, her mobility has significantly declined—and was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her knees. She no longer was able to enjoy her walks to the cemetery to visit her late husband—he simply struggled to just get out of a chair.

She told me stories of when she used to enjoy cooking and dancing with her husband. These stories lit up her face and brought tears to mine. She clearly missed him.

As we talked, I began seeing the connection between her emotions and the manifestation of her arthritis. She didn’t feel safe, her heart was breaking, and she felt like the part that completed her was missing. She even admitted to not taking enough time to grieve his death.

It made sense that her arthritis became worse after her husbands passing and why she no longer found joy in many things. It appeared she was having trouble moving on with her life---both mentally and physically.

What followed was a m-i-r-a-c-l-e.

When I began the session I found much of the energy being drawn to her knees. First, I started with one knee. Then the other. I saw mini chakras that had developed around each knee and the meridians that run from the knee to the toes. I understood my role in relieving the energetic congestion there. While finishing up on her right leg, a jolt of energy came out of my left middle finger to her knee that made a buzzing noise and a blue spark! This sensation felt like electricity---I know this, because I have so brilliantly stuck my finger in an outlet before! Nothing of this magnitude had ever happened before in my healings. I wondered if I had actually electrocuted her! I glanced up to see if she was in pain---thankfully a peaceful expression blanked her face. Phewww...

As I continued to work I could see an injury from her early twenties in her ankle. It appeared to part of an accident with a car door— sure enough, she explained a car door was slammed on her ankle in her early twenties! This injury was impeding the flow of energy to her knees, so I cleared the trauma and realigned the energy. It always amazes me how long the body will hold on to trauma. That energy and information (injury) was over 50 years old!

After I finished up the healing I spoke to her about the electrical shock—she was indeed aware of it! I asked her why she wasn’t afraid of the shock and she said, “I just trusted it was supposed to happen!” Wow!

After debriefing her on my findings, I informed her that her late husband was present during the healing session. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulders to comfort her during the session. She was thrilled to know that he was close to her and remarked how he had always wrapped his arm around her when they were together.

When it was time to say goodbye, she stood up with ease and exclaimed, “I don’t have pain anymore! I’m going to go for a walk around the block! Maybe I’ll go all the way to the cemetery!” We laughed, and I told her to not over do it as her body adjusts to the new energy and frequency. She agreed a walk on the block was a safe bet for now.

What happened in this healing turned out to be the perfect dance between her mind, body and spirit, and a perfect example of a miracle.

****I just want to take a moment to share how honored I feel when those who have passed present themselves in healings. Their energy is so pure, loving, and their messages so clear and healing. It is hard to describe how lucky I feel to be able to connect to them during healings and be in their presence. It’s humbling and honoring at the same time. Sometimes it instantly makes me cry because the beauty, clarity and love is so overwhelming.****

*All stories are told with permission.


"Hi Amy,  it's James, I wanted to update you on my friend, he is doing much---much better. He has been moved to an other facility and is able to communicate 'yes' and 'no,'  and short fragmented sentences---and is laughing!  The hospital staff is amazed and has attributed his recovery to the work we did.  Thank you!" That was the incredible voicemail I received early this morning.

On Thursday afternoon I received a desperate call from my friend James.  He asked me to accompany him on a trip to do energy work on his dear friend who has been in the hospital for the past month (two, out of those four weeks his friend was in a coma).  His recovery since the coma was dismal, so the doctors had essentially given up on him and told his parents, "There is nothing more we can do for him.  This is the way he is going to be for the rest of his life."

That meant this 46 year old man would be in a state of frustration, crying, grunting, and sweating profusely, with strained movement, and little to no coordination of his limbs for the rest of his life.  He also wouldn't be able to communicate or swallow, so was hooked up to feeding tubes, heart rate monitors and other things.  The doctors and parents had decided there was no hope and he needed to go to a hospice facility to---die.

James, believing in the power of energy work, rounded me and another friend/energy worker named Marina to travel to Tampa to see this young man in the hospital.

Even though I had been advised about the state he was in--- it was still in shock.  Because of his outbursts of crying, grunting, and straining it was at first difficult to transmit healing energy.  I was told he was dominantly in his reptilian brain, which meant he was in survival mode.  I was afraid he might involuntarily lash out at me (i.e bite me) because he didn't know me.

I had to have the utmost faith that I would not be put in harms way.  I had to trust that the Universe wouldn't have created a dangerous situation for me or him.  I had to face my fear head on and chose love.  My faith, my concentration, and my ability to transmit healing energy were all being challenged.

James began calming this young man down with his endearing smile and caressing his hand.  He was expressing palpable unconditional love--- and it calmed me down too.  The love he had for his friend filled me with hope and I was able to relax and allow the energy healing to flow.

I was able to pick up on some vital medical intuitive information to make his friend more comfortable.  The feeding tube was making him sick, and hurting his throat.  James informed the nurses, and soon, they agreed the tube should be removed and he calmed down.

After closing the energy session, my only hope was that James' friend would improve from the energy healing---offering him a second chance at life.  It seems, energy work gave him that chance.

I am eternally grateful to be the messenger of such a beautiful message.




“You know what really gives you satisfaction? ...Offering others what you have to give." ~Morrie (From Tuesdays with Morrie)

Recently a gentleman in his early 70’s came in to “clinic” for a massage.  He looked like a fisherman on Deadliest Catch.  I was intimidated.  I glanced at his stature and it felt like it was twice mine---and I'm not considered petite!

As I walked him back to my massage table, he quickly remarked in a thick Irish accent, “I’ve never had a massage before--- my friend brought me here.”  His tone seemed to imply two things.  It seemed he was both confessing this for some reason and implying that he really didn’t want a massage.  I thought, this should be interesting, he doesn’t want a massage and I don’t want to give one.

I have to admit, I’m still not entirely comfortable giving massages.  I prefer to do energy work but when in Rome, do as the Romans do.  Right?

I explained the process of the massage to him so that he would feel comfortable and left him to get on the table.

When I returned, he was laying on the table very stiff and eyes wide open.  I reminded him that this is a re-lax-a-tion massage (so relax buddy!).  I don’t know if it was a cultural barrier or what, but he laid there stiff as a board, eyes wide open---not even blinking!  I decided to get started.  As I worked my way down to his arms his body remained stiff and alert as if a bomb was about to go off.  At that point, I turned to God (knowing everything happens for a reason) and asked, “Why on Earth did You place this guy on my table?”   At this point, his arm started to raise up in the way German’s would salute Hitler.  Great--he’s so uncomfortable that he is now resisting me.

I kept going knowing that this would all be over soon enough for the both of us.

I started thinking about all my other classmates---figuring out which one of them would have suited him better. This guy has waited almost 60 years to get a massage---and he got me?!  At this point, his arm was so high in the air it was impossible for me to do anything but stare at it, so I tried to push it down.  It wouldn’t go.  I tried again with a little more effort.  Still no budge.  Fine.  I’ll leave it I thought.

I passed my hands over the top of his forearm towards his elbow and back down his hand.  His entire arm jerked, his forearm muscle quivered, and his arm flopped on the table like a fish out of water.  “Woah!  That was great!  You really did something there!”  He was so loud in such a quiet room I had to laugh and smile at his childlike behavior.  “I have such pain in there all the time! I’m always using that hand!”  He wasn’t about to stop shouting with excitement, so I leaned over like a teacher and placed my finger to my lips and whispered, “The other clients are going to get angry with you.”  He smiled with delight, nodded his head and whispered "Thank you."

After that, we both were able to relax and enjoy the delight in what we had just experienced together.

People often wonder why some people need to go to a healer for help if what heals us is within us and all around us.  My answer is, that the divine plan is so brilliantly created to bring us together.  It is in unity that we are able to support one another and create the space that provides healing for all involved.  What could be more brilliant and beautiful?



“God continues to work miracles in my life.” ~Willie Aames

Last week I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

I booked a hypnosis session with a dear friend and mentor. She is a silver haired lady in her 70’s--- an unusual choice for a 30 year old, but when I met her I already knew we had history.

I booked the session with the intention of finally getting off my asthma medicine that I have been taking daily for 15 years!  I have tried several time to come off this medicine, but have not been able to do so.  I usually can go a couple of days before I experience frightening tightness in my chest so I cave into the fear and begin taking my medicine again.  I hate it.  Truthfully I find it very annoying that I know the spiritual and emotional origin of this dis-ease, and yet I haven’t been able to rid myself of the dependence of this medicine.  Ugh!  I’ve even tried doing energy work on myself, but it’s sort of like trying to tickle your self.  With this level of awareness, attachment, and ingrained behavior--- I needed some external help.  Big time.

As I entered my friend’s house, I remarked, “I’m not so sure this is gonna work because I’m pretty wired.  I just found out a good friend is coming down to visit!”  In her calm, unwavering voice, she uttered, “sure it will.”

Let me just say, the level of trust I have with this woman is remarkable.  Her mere presence sparks an inner relief that everything is going to be ok.  I wish everyone knew her.

We began the session with me focusing on a particular spot on the wall---and within second, literally a second, I was “under.”  Hypnosis is a funny thing.  In my experience---which is very limited, it feels as if your body is completely asleep, but your mind is more aware and active than after a double espresso.  Iremember the entire experience.

She began by talking about my asthma and releasing it.  The words in this situation paled in comparison to what I experienced.  As she was talking, a very warm light began slowly sweeping up and down my body.  I was sure that the light was coming from a flashlight.  The way it moved up and down my body had humanistic qualities. It would spend more time on my forehead, then down to my toes---short stopping at my knee.  Very interesting.  I chocked it up to another tool to put me under--- kind of like when people use those ancient pocket watches.  The light was so engaging, that I was tempted to take a peek at the flashlight out of my insanely instinctual curiosity.  Instead, I decided to stay present in my body and allow the process to unfold.

After settling into the sweeping light sensation, I began to feel tugging on my left lung.  I saw chakras--two of them, that were being released.  I actually felt pain like something was leaving me.  I knew what was happening.  I was receiving a healing---from me!  I relaxed into the process and allowed what was happening-- knowing I was in good hands!  It was at that point that I was asked by my friend to take a deep breath.  Oh- My-Gosh!  I could breeeeeeathe for the first time in 30 years!  I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt.  My left lung felt like it was 3 times it’s size!---Expanding beyond my body!  My lung felt cool, smooth, and healthy inside.  Simply, amazing.

When I came out of the hypnosis, I asked if I could see the flashlight she was using.  I was met with a blank stare.  She clearly had no idea what I was talking about.  Knowing that she can be the type of person to “pull my leg,” I begged her to see it.  She said, “I don’t have a flashlight, I’ve just been sitting here!”  We both paused in that moment, and knew the enormity of what had just happened.  We were in awe.  I couldn’t believe such a beautiful experience had been bestowed upon me.  I felt humbled.

It has now been a week and I am almost completely off my medicine (I’ve decreased it over several days, as I usually do).  I have ran several miles each day with no tightness.  I was exposed to lots of pollen and dust (two strong triggers) and no asthma attacks.

To say that I am truly grateful for this experience is an understatement.

*(Update: Nearly 5 years later I still have not had to take that medicine. So grateful.)

Mamma Mia

"Mamma mia, it's a game we play Bye-bye doesn't mean forever." ~Mamma Mia

One of my clients suffered a stroke a couple of years earlier and has done a remarkable job of rehabilitating his mind and body.  When I work on him, we work out some of the “kinks.”  Some of the energy signals in his brain are still not making it to parts of the body so I help guide these connections.

When I first started working on him I surveyed his body to see where the stroke was and how it had effected his body.  I could see that the stroke happened on the left side of his brain, and effected a baseball sized area of his brain behind his ear.  It also effected movement on the right side of his body, face, mouth, speech, ability to write (specifically his thumb and pointer finger) and walk.

Working on him is always an amazing experience. When I send Reiki energy through the specific areas I can see the muscles twitching beneath the skin. To me, it appears that the Reiki energy activates connections in the effected muscles and nerves and sends the signal back to the brain.  Often, my clients will feel tingling, sensations of heat, and movement.

When I was working in his throat chakra (located over the throat), my entire face went numb and I couldn’t move my jaw or tongue.  This scared me until I realized it was his symptom from the stroke.  After I realized that, I was able to release the energy and concentrate on helping the brain, jaw and tongue fully reconnect.

While working on his hands, I began getting an itchy feeling between my pointer finger and thumb.  This kind of sensation signals to me I need to pay extra attention to the area. I began directing the energy from his brain, down his arm, and out his fingers.  When I no longer feel resistance (a clog) in the energy, I move on.

When I moved towards his waist, I immediately sensed a presence in the room-- and she felt pretty darn physically close to me.  I tuned into what I was feeling and soon realized this spirt was my client’s mother.  She was participating in the healing session-- but was also distracting me.

His mother is Italian.  Need I say more?  She’s the kind of mom who would start wiping something off your face with spit when you are trying to act cool in front of your friends.  She just didn’t care.  She would even vacuum his room when he was sleeping early in the morning because “she had things to do!”

I recognized his mother from a previous reading I had done for him.  She was, (surprise!), very close to her son, and repeatedly told me how much she loved her son, missed having pretzels with him after school and tucking him in at night.  She showed me what his bedroom looked like as a kid, so I was able to describe exactly how it was decorated.  It turned out, they enjoyed pretzels everyday after school, and his room was exactly as I described.

During this session, she emanated, this is my son and I need to attend to him.  She was happy I was there working on him but she seemed concerned that part of his midriff was showing. I kept feeling like she wanted to pull down his shirt.  She wouldn’t leave the area I was working on and so I could hardly concentrate on the healing at hand (no pun intended!).

When I finished the session, I asked him if his mom was the type of mom to be fixing his clothes when he was talking to a friend. “Yes! She was! It was so embarrassing!”  I explained how she was so concerned about his midriff showing and kept distracting me--he laughed and so did I.  After the session, he reported that he was better able to write and could now place weight on his right leg--and I was happy to help.

*Note:  I have received consent from any client who's story is posted.

The Message

"I don't look at this as a religious based thing. To me this is energy based."  ~John Edward (Medium)

While my “gift” isn’t being a medium, sometimes I get information for a client that comes from someone who as crossed over.  Often these spirits are both trying to heal themselves and the person I am working on.

One afternoon I was doing Reiki on a client who had pulled a muscle.  Throughout the session I discussed the information about her body and chakras and gave her some advice about things she could do to help her body heal faster.

Later that night, I was dreaming about anatomy (as I often do), when I suddenly heard my client’s (from earlier in the day) cell phone ring.  I remember coming out of the dream confused as to why I was “hearing” her cellphone (my friend Gemma and I refer to this as “spearing”--spiritual hearing). That’s when the lights in my bedroom flashed on, and then went out!  Holy moly!  I was scared!  What the heck was that?  This was totally not cool with me.  When things like this happen, I know there is a spirit who has a message that needs to be delivered.

It has been perfectly described to me (thank you Susan!), that people who are in my line of work have a “spiritual light bulb” over their heads.  We stand out to the other side, as someone who can help with communication between worlds.  We are like telephone booths.  Anyway, I was scared (I can’t even watch scary movies!), but I knew I could firmly tell the spirit I was not going to engage until I was ready--which would be in the morning.

Early the next morning, in meditation, I decided to talk to the stranger in the night.  When I say talk, I’m not actually using words that come out of my mouth (I’m not that crazy!).  I just communicate through thoughts (more normal)--which is just energy.  That’s when I discovered I had an important message to deliver.

This spirt was my client’s brother who had recently passed.  He wanted me to inform his sister there were two nurses in the hospital who were responsible for his significant decline in health.  One of the nurses had inserted the breathing tube incorrectly and the other nurse knew about it, but didn’t say anything about it.  I could see where he was located in the hospital (second floor all the way at the end of the hall) and I could describe what the nurses looked like and their ethnicity.  I even knew one of the nurses names.

I delivered the message to my client with much trepidation-- I had to for his sake and mine. I knew it would help his spiritual journey, and if I didn’t share this information I’d feel like I was carrying a weight around for days--maybe weeks.

Low and behold, everything I said made sense.  She said with tears in her eyes, “I knew he wasn’t treated well in the hospital. I have written a letter to the hospital stating how he was treated.  I know which nurses you are referring to and I have doctors that have agreed to back me up about how he was mistreated...He was also all the way at the end of the hall on the second floor at some point during his stay. In my letter I distinctly talk about how they didn’t manage his breathing tube correctly.”

I was stunned.

I love what I do, and I’m grateful I had the guts to share this information so she could have some validation about what happened to her brother in the hospital.  I’m also glad I was able to deliver his message and bring him peace.

Cleanin' Out My Closet

“I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet...” ~Eminem

It feels great to do spring cleaning.  We donate clothes, tidy up and the house feels amazing!  It is lighter and cleaner.  According to Feng Shui, when we do this we are getting rid of stagnant energy which allows for more prosperity to flow into our life.  Who doesn’t want that?!

Our bodies also benefit from spring cleaning. When I work on a client I clear out unnecessary energy from the chakras and balance them, but I also feel energetic imprints on the energetic body.  So, what are energetic imprints?  They are imprints (like a fingerprint) that are left on your energetic body when we experience something emotionally.  The emotion becomes part of us if the body does not process this emotion fully.  Western medicine would suggest talking about the emotions and releasing them that way.  I find this method falls short especially when someone is not aware of a feeling they are having.  We have an unbelievable ability to suppress emotions and feelings. In fact, many scientists and psychologist are finding out that the mind is much more powerful than we ever thought!  This type of healing is more multi-dimensional.

As I’ve discussed in earlier blogs, the emotions translate into the body on a physical level through the release of hormones, but they also translate into the energetic body through imprints.  I see these imprints and can feel how they manifested.  Essentially, each imprint has an emotional component.  For instance, I might feel an imprint and it is related to a divorce that happened 12 years earlier.  I also may feel a nasty break up that is so intertwined in the energetic body that is so large, it is pressing on the chest (hence the feeling of “having a weight on your chest,” or “having to get something off your chest”).  What I do for clients is remove these imprints.  You are probably thinking, how is that possible and does it really work? Well let me explain...

In acupuncture and acupressure, the purpose of the treatment is to get the energy flowing around the body in it’s optimal way.  Chinese medicine is based on the theory that the body has major meridians (like highways) that supply energy to various parts of the body.  If one of these meridians becomes blocked, subsequent areas of the body (such as organs!) will be receiving less energy--yikes!  Additionally, what is cool about Chinese medicine is that major intersections of these meridians corresponds to major overlappings of muscles in the body.  Just like a car sitting in the middle of an intersection slows down or stops traffic, so does blocked energy in the meridians!

When I am working on a client I often find emotional energy trapped in the armpit area and chest.  Interestingly, these are major intersections of muscles, but also the lung meridian points are in this area which also corresponds with the heart chakra.  (Remember, the heart chakra is related to love and grief.)  Also, part of the lymph system is here as well (but I’ll explain why that’s cool too in a minute).  So when I am working in this area, I am working on three different levels, which is why people are so sensitive in this area.

Energetic imprints in these areas look like a dense, gray cloudy matter in the shape of an oval or a bean.  They usually are attached to the body by a cord, and can be connected to other similar imprints.  Basically, they look very similar to the lymph nodes that sort through the toxins in your system and keep you healthy.  The cool thing about this is that you have another system to help keep you emotionally healthy (thus physically healthy)!  This energetic system catches these floating emotions that have not been fully processed by the heart and mind.  What’s interesting is if there is a build up of these energetic imprints (aka “emotional baggage”) in the armpit area and chest, the person can feel sick, lethargic, and depressed. If there is a build up of toxins in the body the person can feel sick, lethargic and depressed too!  Very interesting!

When I have found an energetic imprint that is no longer serving a client, I discuss what I am feeling, ask them to validate the feeling, and ask for permission to remove the energetic imprint.  Usually, people want the imprint removed (not always! we like what is comfortable for us! it’s like an old ratty shirt you can’t part with).  At that point, I literally take the energetic imprint off the energetic body to be recycled into a more useful energy (energy cannot be created or destroyed). Upon removal, many times a client will cry, sigh, or sob and can feel me removing the energy.  Often it is described like feeling tugging on the body and can feel uncomfortable.  What you should understand is, I am not actually touching the body at this point.  All sensations are coming from the energetic body!

Amazingly, my clients report feeling lighter, and energy flowing better in their bodies.   It is the emotional release with the energetic release that provides that maximum benefit for the client.  Many of my clients report wonderful life changes occurring in the few days following the removal. That is because the energy is no longer stuck in their body and they are now vibrating on a higher level-- which brings me to the Law of Attraction...

Thank You

"I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill --a skill based in self-esteem." ~ Caroline Myss

Recently I was working on a new friend of mine and totally enjoying it.  I love being in the zone--channelling this beautiful energy, knowing that I am helping her body physically, spiritually, and emotionally. To me, the emotional and spiritual body are one and the same.  They are energetically intertwined.  Emotions are rapped up (sometimes tightly!) in the chakras.  I promise to share all my knowledge of the chakras at a later time, but for now, chakras are basically energy centers located close to the body and correlate with major intersections of nerves. I want you to be able to see how emotions, the chakras, and listening to your body are all related because I use information to help my clients.

I started working on my friend because she was experiencing pain in her middle back.  It was also causing her ribs to hurt.  As soon as I reached the area, I could see exactly what I needed to do.  I could literally see her ribs and the muscle that was slightly torn (because I can do this, I am considered a Medical Intuitive--but not a doctor!).  I could also feel the bottom four chakras out of balance.  As l’ve mentioned before, spontaneous illness is unlikely the cause, so I started to listen to what her body was telling me so I could see what may have lead up to this muscle being torn.

That’s when I started feeling anxious, protective, like I was battling something, worried about finances and alone. Whoa!  That’s a lot of emotions!  So how was this information related to the imbalances in her body?  Each of those feelings corresponds to a chakra.  Rather than standing over her and continuing to try to make sense of what was going on, I decided to tell her what I was feeling and describe the imbalances in her chakras.

Low and behold I was making sense (maybe I haven’t lost my mind)!  My friend revealed that her brother had passed 11 months earlier, and there was a financial battle over his estate.  She also said she has been dealing with the financial aspect of his death for so long that her body hasn’t had the space to grieve. So, exactly how are these emotions effecting the body?

Here’s how these emotions translate into the body spiritually speaking.  The base chakra (first chakra) is related to family, second chakra (in the back) is related to finances, third chakra is related to power, and fourth chakra is related to love and grief.  All four of her chakras were responding to the emotional things in her life--family, finances, power, grief and love.  After discussing these things, she could see how her muscle in her back became vulnerable and eventually torn.  There was an overall weakness  in the area that paved a path for dis-ease!  Her torn muscle (pain) is her body signaling that certain emotions need to be processed and released.  This is why I worry when Western doctors prescribe pain relievers without addressing the whole body (mind,body and spirit).  Pain is your body talking to you!  So the next time you have a headache or your neck is sore, ask yourself, what is my body trying to tell me?  Listening to your body will probably help you avoid disease!  How great!!!

Once I balanced my friends chakras and made a few suggestions she could do for herself, I was off on my way-- always grateful for the opportunity to help someone and to bring more clarity and peace into their lives.