10 Healing House Plants

10 Healing House Plants

If you’re a health conscious person, you likely eat plants every day. Maybe you’re vegan or vegetarian and in that case, plants are a huge part of your life. While we often know that plants can be incredibly beneficial to eat for nutrients, they also can be extremely helpful in purifying the air.

The Ultimate Biohack

When something is called the “Ultimate Biohack” it definitely catches my attention. Biohacks are great tools or information to help you upgrade your health quickly. So, when I saw that Osteostrong was calling themselves the “Ultimate Biohack,” I knew I needed to learn more.

My Favorite Sleep Hack

My Favorite Sleep Hack

One of my favorite life hacks is expressing gratitude.

For the first 25 years of my life I had difficulty falling asleep. I’d be laying there… waiting…waiting… and waiting… I was so tired, yet I couldn’t fall asleep. I’d wonder, how long will this take? Will I be rested in the morning? When will I fall asleep? Why can’t I fall asleep like a normal person? Is this normal?!


Late one night I was at a light and was guided (through my intuition) to “turn left.” My usual route was to continue straight. After hearing the guidance, I contemplated turning left---it would take me the long way to the highway but I’d still get home. In my exhaustion, I decided I would stay straight because it was the fastest way home. I heard again, “turn left.”  I contemplated it once more.

Energetic Growth Spurt

Sounds too good to be true---even for me!  I had to check out Reconnective Healing. Dr. Eric Pearl developed the “technique”---for lack of a better word.  He was a chiropractor in L.A. who was guided (intuitively) to do a little extra healing after each of his chiropractic sessions.  He had no idea why he had an urge to wave his hands over a person’s body, but when he did, people were miraculously healing.  People who couldn’t walk---were walking.  People with diseases---cured.  Tumors---gone.

Transformation Nation

The other day I caught Dr. Oz's show and had mixed feelings because some of the foods he was promoting were not exactly "healthy."

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Dr. Oz.  He's extremely knowledgeable, charismatic and knows the value of alternative healing and even promotes it on his show!  I'm glad he is trying (along with Weight Watchers) to help America lose weight and get healthy.

A Lesson For the Sensitive Soul

A Lesson For the Sensitive Soul

So I'm in this new class right now.  It's called Big Emotions for Sensitive Souls.  We are facing emotions head on.  The other night I learned something that was pretty powerful. All day before the class I was feeling off.  I felt irritated by just about everything.  I didn't know what was truly causing this irritability---so I just pushed it aside, hoping that it would go away.

Biohacking Your Purpose

A lot of people have been asking me why I decided to work with people with Parkinson’s. The short answer is because I knew I could help them. The longer version is ... Technically I shouldn’t be here (on Earth). I’ve almost died several times. I know it sounds dramatic—but it’s true. Sometimes we humans need these near death experiences like a kick in the pants—a reminder that we are meant to DO something here ---like being a part of something larger than your self.

Parkinson's and Energy Work

So life has been pretty awesome lately.  I've recently gotten back into my energy healing practice and I'm loving it!  I love what I do and feel blessed to be able to work with my clients. In addition to working with my clients, I started volunteering at the Corner Boxing Club in Boulder where they have a program for people with Parkinson's.