Stacia Synnestvedt

Stacia is an amazing teacher and healer. I have had massive shifts and changes from her healings and readings. 

I highly recommend her and am constantly amazed by her work!

Donna Eden

Energy Healer

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Donna is one of the most influential developers in the field of Energy Medicine.

She is a great resource for self care using energy medicine.

Carolyn Myss

Medical Intuitive

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Carolyn is a pioneer in the field of Medical Intuition.

She is world renowned for her gift of medical intuition and has helped millions make connections between their emotions and illness.

She promotes self awareness.

Wayne Dyer

Motivational Speaker

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Wayne one of my favorite speakers.

His voice alone brings me to a whole new place. His wisdom is priceless, and he speaks from experience.

I highly recommend his audiobooks!

Bruce Lipton

Cell Biologist

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Bruce is on the leading edge of linking science and spirit.

He is an enormous value in both communities.

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Researcher and Scientist

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Gary has done extensive research on energy healing, psychic abilities, and medical intuition.

He is a great resource for anyone seeking proof of the intangible.

Dr. Eric Pearl

Chiropractor/Energy Healer

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Eric developed Reconnective Healing while working with patients in his Chiropractic office.

His healing work has benefited millions and has caught the attention of scientists and researchers because of its highly effective, immediate effects.