Have you been chronically ill for years? I know how exhausting, frustrating, isolating and heartbreaking being chronically ill can be. In this course you will learn game changing tools to handle whatever comes your way, so you can feel happier, healthier, and more like you!

After years of struggling with my own chronic illness, I learned game changing tools to not only handle the stress of life but how to thrive! 

I've made it my life's purpose to teach others what they need to know to do the same. I believe everyone should have these tools and information! 

Imagine what it would feel like to become a stronger, healthier, happier wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother or friend. 

Imagine letting go of what doesn't serve you almost effortlessly. 

Now imagine creating a connection with your innate intelligence that is nearly unshakeable.  

How amazing would THAT feel?!

While special diets, nutritional supplements and therapy may be an important part of your healing journey, it’s crucial to first address any energetic trauma that’s been stored in your body so that you can fully receive their benefits. Learning to calm the body is essential to healing.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to quit your job, abandon all your things and start meditating on a mountain 24/7.

You can have peace and happiness right in the palm of your hand!

In this program you will learn:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T)

  • When and how to use EFT

  • The science behind EFT

  • The ways in which our body, cells and DNA store information

  • The different modes our body can be in and why that is important to know

  • How to clear your energy

  • How to handle almost any situation

  • How to maximize your healing potential

  • The importance of the 3 R’s

  • Important ways of being

  • How to create the life you want

  • The science of energy medicine

  • How to tap into your wisdom quickly

  • Critical emotional patterns to rewrite

  • Ways to increase your energy

The Rewrite the Script 3 month coaching program starts April 26th, 2019! Click the link below to grab your spot!

After DECADES of being on this path to health and wellness… 

  • spending 1000s of hours of studying how to harness and maximize the energy of the mind & body 

  • reviewing and reflecting on my life and health

  • personally testing the diets, supplements and wellness gadgets on my brain and body

  • meditating for several hours at a time 

  • joining and attending top notch conferences and programs 

  • achieving consistent measurable outcomes 

  • witnessing profound transformations in myself and others  

  • doing 1000s of energy healing and coaching sessions with people like you…

I am certain the KEY to life-long health and happiness is NOT outside of you. The KEY is in the ENERGY of your body. By carefully aligning your energy, you can master your life.

This is the key to TRANSFORMATION.

If you do not address the energy stored in the body, you will NOT achieve your fullest potential. 

It is that SIMPLE.

I didn’t always know this. I struggled just like you. I …

  •      frequently felt “off” in my body

  •      thought I should feel BETTER and have more ENERGY 

  •      saw doctors and specialists and was told “its all in your head”

  •      have been told that I have to live like “this” 

  •      have been told there is NOTHING the doctors can do to help me

  •      have become OVERWHELMED with day to day tasks of life

  •      have lost clarity and become DISINTERESTED in life and I knew that was not like me!

  •      have had trouble sleeping and laid awake at night wondering, “WHAT’S NEXT?” 

  •      was sick of the negative self-talk---feeling like I needed to be PERFECT 

  •      have wanted to get back to me and not known how

I’m past that now. I NOW have all the tools and techniques necessary for massive transformation.

“Amy is a game changer!”

In the Rewrite the Script! 3 month group coaching program, you will learn the tools to feel EMPOWERED, as well as begin chipping away at the things that are keeping you from building the life and health of your dreams. You’ll have the SUPPORT of me and experienced coaches, as well as others going through the same transformation.

“Amy is a gifted healer who has helped me transform my life in so many ways, including ways I wasn’t anticipating.”

What I HEAR most from people like you, is when they learn and use these tools, their relationships IMPROVE, they become happier, less stressed, see the world in a whole new way, and feel better in their body.

My goal is to always bring the highest value to my clients and students.  I am confident you will experience a beautiful transformation from this program as long as you utilize the tools and techniques taught in the program, and commit to the coaching calls and the practices. 

“Working with Amy has changed my life completely and I am so grateful for her guidance.”

By signing up, you’ll have access to all seven video lessons of the You Are Energy Online Course. This is usually offered on its own, but through my group coaching program you’ll have the chance to complement your group learning with this self-paced program that contains the fundamentals for transformation. 

The Rewrite the Script! 3 month group coaching program is beneficial for everyone, from the spiritual-newbie to the person who’s been practicing holistically for years. 

“I learned tools that I could use every day, and saw positive changes in my mood and my relationships with others.”

Working with private clients is so rewarding, but nothing can match the healing that happens in a group  setting. Together you’ll lift yourselves up, cheering for one another’s  accomplishments along the way. The energy generated from a group of  dedicated men and women working to change their lives together is felt  like a ripple effect!

“I wish everyone I know could work with Amy.”

This community will be open, honest and caring. And most importantly, it will be filled with people who truly want to (and believe that they can!) change. You will feel inspired daily and it will be fun!

This program is for men and women who:

  • Are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

  • Have been struggling with their health for a while.

  • Have an open mind and are excited to learn about new concepts that will change the way they feel every day. 

  • Are interested in holistic, natural, alternative methods of caring for themselves. 

  • Are willing to make the changes necessary to see huge improvements. 

  • Believe in a higher power or organizing field. 

  • Are willing to believe the body can heal itself given enough nurturing.

  • Want to feel a deeper connection to who they are and to others.

  • Want to start trusting their gut by honing their intuition.

  • Are aware of the ability to sense energy, such as a “vibe” in a room.

  • Believe they’re holding on to things they know they should let go of.

  • People who are willing to have fun! Transformation doesn’t have to be hard or serious. 

  • Are O.K with swearing. Words are energy and sometimes it’s necessary to call out the energy exactly as it is!

What you’ll get:

  • 12 weeks of carefully structured lessons delivered over the course of 3 months over Zoom (an online video conferencing program that can be downloaded for free). Each video call will be 1.5 hours long. Participants  will have the opportunity to email and ask questions as they arise. The coaches and I will do our best to answer all questions.

  • Real and actionable strategies to start working on right away.

  • Regular exercises and education-based teaching strategies to get you thinking spiritually and actively learning as you go.

  • Weekly homework assignments to keep you moving forward.

  • A recording of each group  coaching session so you can review any lesson that you might have  missed, or re-visit a concept you would like to go deeper with.

  • Access to the members-only Facebook community to view any “Lives,” get connected with others who are on a similar journey, and receive additional support from the coaches.

  • Continually updated content, so that you’re always accessing the most up-to-date knowledge and strategies.

The cost of the Rewrite the Script! 3 month group coaching program is $2100. You get 3 months of coaching calls, totaling 12 coaching calls, the You Are Energy Online Program, access to our private Facebook group, and the support of others just like you! 

The start date is April 26th, 2019.

Summary of Rewrite the Script! 3 month coaching program:

  • Start date of your transformation: April 26th, 2019.

  • This group is for men and women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, who are looking for greater health and happiness.

  • You will learn the tools to create transformation in your life and health.

  • You will have 12 group  coaching sessions over 3 months on Zoom. Coaching calls will be on  Fridays at 12 pm Mountain Time (2 pm Eastern).

  • Access to You Are Energy Online Course videos.

  • Cost of the 3 month program is $2100. Here is the link.

  • You will receive actionable items to help you in your transformation.

  • Community support through our Facebook group.

  • You will be among a group of like-minded, spiritual, inspired men and women.

  • Men and women looking for greater connection to themselves and others.

  • Fun! Transformation is fun!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to be available live for each lesson? +

If you have something specific you’d like to talk about with the group, it’s best to be available live for each of the Q&A sessions. But, if you can’t make it they’ll all be recorded for you to listen to later.

Will I be a master meditator by the end of the program? +

Meditation is a skill that takes practice. I’ll be teaching you why meditation is important and how you can do it most effectively. From there, you’ll need to practice and find the methods that work for you. I’ll be here to help you, but you need to be able to commit at least a few minutes every day to honing your meditation practice, and practicing the other tools given to you.

Would it be better to just sign up for private, one on one sessions? +

Currently, Amy's one on one coaching practice is full. This is why I'm excited about the opportunity to have group synergy where everyone is learning the same things, and witnessing others going through similar transformations. I have been a part of the amazing energy that comes from group learning and I love it! With access to the private You Are Energy members Facebook group you can share your experience with others, as well as feel supported by me and coaches.

Can I be at the beginning of my spiritual journey? +

Absolutely! You don’t need to have it all figured out before joining this coaching program (that’s why you’re here!). However, you do need to be dedicated. I’ll be giving you the information that I’ve seen work for myself and my clients, but you need to be willing to put in the time to make change happen in your own life. I guarantee that if you do, you’ll see transformation!

How can I expect to feel by the end of this course? +

You’ll begin to feel better at the beginning of this program. By the end, you’ll likely feel happier, more at peace, have better clarity and you’ll find your relationships improving. Overall, you’ll be experiencing significant transformations in your life and you’ll see it in all aspects - even in areas you’re not expecting!

Will we be discussing our trauma’s (large and small) with everyone in the group? +

No. We will not be going into detail about our specific traumas. We will however, speak broadly about the common traumas as we all may have experienced. You will have the opportunity to work privately on your traumas on your own time with the tool that is taught specifically to manage your brain body connection, and release old energy and thoughts, creating a neutral state of being to the trauma.

I’m not really into woo. Is this going to be a lot of ohming and virtual hand holding? +

No. I’m not THAT woo. I certainly have an appreciation for woo, but I’m more into the science behind transformation and how to maximize your mind and body—based on solid scientific research. I will occasionally refer to things that may sound woo, but I’m simply referring to energy—-the energy that I have the ability to see, feel, know and heal. I believe I am a happy balance of science and spirit, with a touch of “Jersey” to say it like it is.

I have some questions additional questions about the program, where should I direct my questions? +

You can email me at I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Testimonials from women who have worked with me:


“I’m so grateful for how I have  been feeling. It’s all because of Amy and I can’t thank her enough! I  know I still have work to do but everything I have worked on just seems  better. My husband and I are better, I’m not as afraid of change, I’m  excited for what is coming, my relationships with others seem better. I  trust things will work out. I’m not going to worry about things!! I wish  everyone I know could work with Amy. I feel like she saved me! I no  longer dread waking up in the morning. I don’t cry in the bathroom. I’m  not angry all the time. I am so grateful!”

~Amy, Ohio


“Amy and energy healing were my  missing puzzle pieces in fully regaining my health. I’ve suffered from  chronic illness for years and have tried SO many different things, yet  still didn’t feel fully well. I had this nagging feeling that I was  missing something, and it was the emotional aspect. I was a bit unsure  when I signed up for my first meeting with Amy, but nothing had gotten  me to where I wanted to be and so I figured, why not?  Amy is super  kind, funny, empathetic – I immediately felt at ease. I was surprised by  all the ground we covered in just the first few sessions, and how  different I felt after our sessions. I learned tools that I could use  every day, and saw positive changes in my mood and my relationships with  others. I’ve always been a sensitive person, and she taught me how to  harness/tap into my energy so I don’t feel so depleted at the end of  every day and especially after stressful situations, which overtime, I  believe was a major cause of why I crashed.  I really do feel like a  renewed person after working with Amy – I can think more clearly and  articulate my thoughts without feeling overwhelmed or confused; I am  able to read again (this inability to read was something I thought  stemmed from my chronic illness, but no, it seemed to be energy based!)  and am able to pursue an online training, thanks to working through  stored energy; and she gave me great tips to help with sleep.  I feel  lighter emotionally, I’m not carrying around as many concerns and  worries.  I feel confident, healthy, and lighter after our sessions, and  Amy is an absolute joy to work with, she’s a wonderful and ultimate  healer.  I finally found my missing link, and feeling very lucky to be  more confident in my own body and mind again.  I’m so glad to have  energy healing and Amy in my life.”

-Lisa, Colorado

“Amy is a gifted healer who has  helped me transform my life in so many ways, including ways I wasn’t  anticipating. Not only did she help me with my battle with chronic  illness, other areas of my life improved simultaneously including my  relations with others as well as with myself. She opened my eyes to a  whole new world of love, self-love, acceptance, and hope.”

~Jess,  Colorado

“Working with Amy has changed my  life completely and I am so grateful for her guidance. My anxiety levels  have decreased dramatically, my health has improved and I am the  happiest I have ever been. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world  and has shared tools which I use daily to help me on my journey and live  my best life.”

-Amy,  D.C


What's included: You Are Energy Video Course          

  In this transformational series, you will learn about: 

  • The Human Energy Field

    • How it influences and creates our health.

    • How breaks in the human energy field can cause fatigue, illness and pain.

    • The most effective ways to support and enhance the human energy field.

  • Energy Healing Modalities

    • You will learn about different healing modalities.

  • Why making a change can be so difficult

    • Addressing the core issue of making larger changes in ones life.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    • What EFT is, how to use it, and the science behind it.

  • Energy Tool Box

    • Tools to avoid feeling drained after being with other people.

    • How to feel more clarity, centered and focused.

Ultimately, this video series will lead to a greater awareness and understanding of your self, your health and what is possible in healing. You will find yourself moving towards greater health and happiness.

Lessons in The You Are Energy Series:

  1. The Human Body Is Energetic

  2. What Does The Energy Body Look Like?

  3. Forms Of Energy Medicine

  4. Meditation

  5. Power Of The Mind

  6. How Do We Raise Our Vibration

  7. How Do You Protect Your Energy