Why Energy Work?

Amy’s clients seek her services because they are looking for transformation. Through energy healing and coaching, Amy helps her clients to see and achieve their greatest potential. It is what she does best!

What To Expect

What an energy session with Amy looks like

Amy tunes into your energy prior to the session. She interprets your unique energy patterns. She will convey this information to you at the start of your session. Amy will check in with your energy field to see what will be the best type of energy healing for your body, energy and spirit. Amy will either guide you through a specifically tailored for you Emotional Freedom Technique session, or she will discuss your energy and then will help you move that energy through a traditional healing session where you will lay down quietly and receive the energy.

What you should do

Be as open as possible to what you are about to receive. This is very important.

Some people want to know how energy work helps people to heal, and so spend some of the time busy trying to figure it all out. I truly understand and appreciate your curiosity!  Unfortunately, if you are in this state of mind you are not going to be as open as possible. Your brain waves will be very active, and your body will not be able to accept as much as it would have if you had relaxed and allowed the energy to flow.  So relax and enjoy!

Sometimes Amy finds that some people struggle with accepting such a wonderful gift. Women especially are conditioned to be givers, rather than receivers. Allowing yourself to receive what is being given will allow you to experience the amazing things that energy work has to offer! Each healing is catered to your needs.

The possibilities of energy work are endless! Some people experience instantaneous healings, while others take some time. Please be patient with your healing, and trust that you have been delivered exactly what you need for your healing journey. Amy has seen miraculous things happen with her clients both on the day of the appointment and days later.

What to expect during your session

You may notices your stomach gurgling, the sensation of energy rushing around your body, feeling lighter, more relaxed, happier, sensations of heat and cold, tingles, and twitches. You may, however, not experience any of these sensations. Either way, the results will be unique to you.

I love working with Amy. I’ve been having sessions with her on a regular basis for the last several months and the improvement has been remarkable. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good!
— Susan Lander, Hay House Author

What to expect following your session

You will likely feel extremely relaxed—like you have just been on a long vacation!

Amy will inform you of any new information she may have picked up during your session. She will discuss this with you and you are free to share your experience and ask questions. Amy loves to share what she knows, so please ask!

Many of her clients experience a deep, restful night’s sleep following a session. They also notice they are more focused, relaxed, and happy following their session. They usually feel lighter, more energized, ready to take action for better health, and many aches and pains have disappeared.

Please drink plenty of water as this helps to move the energy around your body and be gentle with yourself.  You may find you are more emotional during the next three days. This is normal. This is the energy working its way out of the body.

Please contact Amy for your next energy healing session.  She has two locations in:

Lafayette, CO and also works remotely.


What to expect If you are working with Amy Remotely

The sessions are the same, except Amy will either talk with you over the phone, FaceTime or Skype. She will discuss which is better prior to your session.

Does Amy Offer a Free Consultation?

Yes, Amy is happy to chat with you to see if you are a good fit for her services. Consultations are 20 mins. Amy asks that you have reviewed her website for prices, content, and what to expect. Please email her at starktransformation@gmail.com to set up a time. 

Amy requires a full payment before a session

Amy accepts cash, check and Pay Pal.

Cancellation policy

Amy requires 24 hours notice before cancelling an appointment. If it is within the 24 hour period, you will be charged for your appointment.  If there is truly an emergency, Amy will try to accommodate you.

Please be conscientious of my time. If you have booked an appointment, please be on time. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please give Amy a call as soon as possible. There are other people waiting for a healing session, so please be courteous to them too.

If you cancel your appointment frequently, I will not be able to accommodate you in the future.