The Science of Energy Medicine

In America, Energy Medicine is often overlooked as a significant way to enhance health. However, Chinese Medicine, which uses much of the same principles and techniques, has been healing people for over 5,000 years!

In recent years, hospitals, doctors, and nurses noticing the benefits of Energy Medicine and are now offering Energy Medicine as a complementary form of medicine to:

  • speed recovery times
  • lower blood pressure
  • decrease pain
  • decrease symptoms from chemotherapy
  • increase one’s ability to sleep
  • prolong life by increasing cellular longevity
  • reduce stress
  • support a healthy immune system
  • and help to release pent up emotions

These are just a few of the well documented benefits of energy healing! Pretty amazing stuff! In addition to these benefits, I’ve also personally seen significant results with lower back pain, sciatica, arthritis, depression, negative thinking, stroke and other problems where energy is not flowing properly across the body.

You may be wondering how is this possible?

The body is made up of energy. This is well documented and used in modern medicine. Doctors harness this energy to help diagnose and treat illness using technology (ex: EKG). A trained energy medicine practitioner interacts with the body’s energy to promote healing—on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. To understand this how this is possible, one must understand where the energy of the body is coming from.

The body is made up of over 50 trillion cells. Each cell acts as a transmitter and receiver of information. The cell membrane, which surrounds the cell, is constantly monitoring the environment and sending this information back to the nucleus of the cell.
Now this is where it gets deep into the science of energy medicine…

The nucleus contains our genetic information on 2 DNA strands (one set in each of the 50 trillion cells). Each of those strands contracts and expands over a billion times a second. Each contraction and expansion releases a photon of light that has your genetic information encoded in it. That means that every photon has information about who you are as a person physically, and possibly emotionally.

This creates waves of energy coming from the body. In addition, the brain and heart are transmitting electromagnetic waves as well. The heart’s waves are 10X as strong as brainwaves! So this adds to your energetic body too! These “heart waves” are composed of energetic molecules that were created from emotion (biologically speaking, our emotions, are a result of chemicals released in the body). All of these components make up your energetic “soup,” — better known as your measurable and detectable aura/electromagnetic energy field.

An energy healer, transmitting Universal Energy/Qi/Chi, has a very high vibration. This is because a trained energy healer understands and lives by certain Universal principles. (It would take several paragraphs to explain these principles, so please just take my word on this one!)

When the energy healer interacts with the client the two energy fields merge and so are changed (this is visible with a sophisticated aura machine that reads changes in energy frequencies). This change in energetic fields is what creates a physical change within the client’s body (because the 50 trillion cells are receiving this new vibration). Often, lower vibrational problems such as pain and dis-ease, disappear due to the interaction with the higher vibration sort of how if two apposing waves were to crash into each other, a flat wave would result and could be rewritten with the new higher vibrational signal. Believe it or not, energy healing is based on the “new” physics called Quantum physics, which goes much deeper than my analogy.

Based on these principles and an energy healers ability to sense energy and information coming from the body, the energy healer can instruct the client as to the patterns of dis-ease coming from the body, leading to a greater awareness of their mind-body connection. This awareness can lead to a “Spiritual Awakening,” where the client has a greater awareness of their own energy system, how it interacts with the environment, and how they want to apply this knowledge to their life/life purpose.