The You Are Energy Series is a basic introduction for those looking to explore the power we have to change our bodies and transform our health. Throughout this series you will learn about:

  •  The Human Energy Field

    • How it influences and creates our health.

    • How breaks in the Human Energy Field can cause fatigue, illness and pain.

    • The most effective ways to support and enhance the Human Energy Field.


  • Energy Healing Modalities

    • Why meditation is so important for both health coaches and their clients.


  • Why making a change can be so difficult

    • Addressing the core issue of making larger changes in ones life.


  • Energy Tool Box

    • Tools to avoid feeling drained after working with clients.

    • How to feel more clarity, centered and focused.

Ultimately, this series will lead to a greater awareness and understanding of your self, your health and what is possible in healing.


  1. The Human Body Is Energetic
  2. What Does The Energy Body Look Like?
  3. Forms Of Energy Medicine
  4. Meditation
  5. Power Of The Mind
  6. How Do We Raise Our Vibration
  7. How Do You Protect Your Energy After Working With A Client

See what others are saying about this course:

I highly recommend!!! I learned so much from this course. Amy explains it in a way that people can understand. This is a course that you WILL WANT to watch more than once! It’s full of valuable, life-changing recommendations of ways to live a happier, more energetic and healthier life.”
— D. from D.C.
Amy’s “You Are Energy” online course series was a perfect and powerful first look for me into the world of energy healing. Chocked full of science and backed up by studies, Amy teaches not only what energy looks like in the human body, but provides powerful hands-on strategies for her learners to tap into the healing powers we all have within us. The course has a natural progression that builds as you go and Amy’s teaching style is highly accessible for any learner. The course includes helpful videos, PDFs, and links to research so learners can access the information at their own pace. I have just started to put into practice several of the energy healing options and have already begun seeing positive results on my healing journey. I owe huge gratitude to Amy for such a fantastic and informative course! Can’t wait to see where this practice will lead me.
— J. from Colorado
The videos were awesome! Amy is very enthusiastic and eager to share her awesome knowledge. The video quality was excellent. The music and the interaction with graphics was spot on.

Very interesting subject! I was disappointed when it was over!
— K. from Florida