Why do a session?

What Does A Session Look Like?

Many of us are walking around with an energy field that is depleted and not functioning optimally.  We are not taught in school, at home or else where how to care for our energy field. Unfortunately, if you are chronically ill, you most likely have and energy field that is sub par. Amy's gift to see and read the energy field is unique because she is able to specifically tap into the mental programs that are creating the sub par energetic field. By addressing the mental programs that are running the energy field and body, re-writing them through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and removing the old energy that is impeding the communication within the body, the person's energy field rapidly changes thus the client begins to rapidly feel better and their life begins to transform.

During an energy session, Amy channels energy specifically to enhance the mind, body and soul connection.

Often, people with chronic illness are so depleted of vital energy that they begin to feel lost, hopeless and angry. Amy works with her clients to release those feelings, so that they may feel lighter, think more clearly, operate from their Truth, and know that their illness is their opportunity to reclaim and redefine who they are and what they want. In addition to doing energy work, Amy coaches and teaches her clients to understand that they are energy, and what they can do to start feeling better immediately, and how to handle "tough" situations.

After a session, clients often feel like a level of hope has been restored and their whole life starts to transform. They begin to see the beauty all around them, see situations differently, become excited about life and all it's options, and they realize they have more control over how they are feeling than they once thought.


Amy works with clients all over the country.  Amy is able to do distance healing sessions because she is able to tap into the quantum field and access the other person's field through the Quantum Physics principle of Entanglement. You can read more about that here.

Amy helps her client in two very specific ways. Prior to a session, she tunes into the client's energy field, notices the energy that needs to be released, reads the energy signature that created the energy that is stuck in the body (creating symptoms) and discusses her findings with the client. Based on the energy that was read, Amy will be able to determine if the client would be best served by a Emotional Freedom Technique session, or a typical energy session (where the client lays down and relaxes and receives the energy healing).

In the beginning of the session, Amy coaches her clients about how the programs running in their subconscious are creating and perpetuating the life, symptoms, and dis-ease they are experiencing.

If it is determined that an EFT session is most appropriate to expedite the healing, Amy will Facetime, Skype, Facebook, or Duo the client. In the session where Amy and the client utilize EFT, they work to dismantle the mental programming that is not serving the client, rewrite it-- so the client is now operating under a new set of programming that is more inline with their true nature.

If it is determined that an energy healing session is most appropriate, Amy will call the client, discuss her findings, and then hang up and do the energy healing session, while the client rests peacefully in the comfort of their home. At the end of the session, Amy will call the client back with any updates on the energy field. While Amy is not on the phone, she is helping the client move out the energy that is impeding the connection and communication between cells and then enhances the communication by specifically channeling energy to those areas.

In Person

In person sessions are the same as distance session in terms of what happens, the only difference is Amy speaks directly to you.

After suffering for 50 years, I decided it was time to get my life back. I found Amy through social media posts by two other lyme patients. At first I was skeptical but the results have but nothing short of a miracle.

— Debbie Friedlander

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