It's Electric

“Thousands of emotions well up inside me throughout the day. They are released when I dance.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

A lot of wonderful things have been happening in my life---some considered miracles.

Recently I found myself making a house call to a boisterous older Italian lady.  Her personality filled the room along with her laughter and the essence of home cooked food.  I felt like I was part of “The Family.”

In the last few years, her mobility has significantly declined---and was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her knees.  She no longer was able to enjoy her walks to the cemetery to visit her late husband---she simply struggled to just get out of a chair.

She told me stories of when she used to enjoy cooking and dancing with her husband.  Stories that lit up her face and brought tears to mine.  She clearly missed him.

Knowing that arthritis is a base chakra problem, I began to see the connection between her emotions and the manifestation of her arthritis.  Her arthritis became worse after her husbands passing.  She remarked that she no longer found joy in many things.  It appeared she was having trouble moving on with her life---both mentally and physically.

When I tuned into her dis-ease, it was clear that she had not taken the time to grieve his death and she agreed.  When I began to explain how her emotional body was influencing her physical body she could see how her body was talking to her and what she needed to do to heal.

What followed was a m-i-r-a-c-l-e.

We began the session and I found much of the energy being led to her knees.  First, I started with one knee.  Then the other.  I saw chakras that had developed around each knee.  I saw the meridians that run from the knee to the toes.  I understood my role in relieving the energetic congestion there.  While finishing up on her right leg, a jolt of energy came out of my left middle finger to her knee that made a buzzing noise and a spark!  This sensation felt like electricity---I know this, because I have so brilliantly stuck my finger in an outlet before!  Nothing of this magnitude had ever happened in my healings.  Had I actually electrocuted her? I glanced up to see if she was in pain---thankfully a peaceful expression blanked her face.  Phewww...

I finished up the healing and spoke to her about the electrical shock---she was indeed aware of it!  I also informed her that her late husband was present during the healing session.  He had his arm wrapped around her shoulders to comfort her during the session.  She was thrilled to know that he was close to her and remarked how he had always done that when they were together.

When it was time to say goodbye, she stood up with ease and exclaimed, “I don’t have pain anymore!”  To this day (over a month later), she does not have severe arthritis in her knees and is back taking walks around the neighborhood and cooking lasagna.

What happened in this healing turned out to be the perfect dance between her mind, body and spirit.