A Lesson For the Sensitive Soul

So I'm in this new class right now.  It's called Big Emotions for Sensitive Souls.  We are facing emotions head on.  The other night I learned something that was pretty powerful. All day before the class I was feeling off.  I felt irritated by just about everything.  I didn't know what was truly causing this irritability---so I just pushed it aside, hoping that it would go away.

Well, what I didn't realize was that what I was feeling all day was preparing me for class.   So when I found out we were going to be confronting sadness in this class, I was like, Jeez! That's what I was feeling!  Thankfully, I don't regularly feel so disconnected to my feelings---which is why I was so irritated.

When I sat in class and went into meditation (that's actually where we confront those feelings), I was like, oh hell no, I don't want to do this.  All day I've been feeling sad---but the other part of me-- the competitive good student thought, I've got to do this.  This is why you are here.  You signed up for this class to process emotion and now you are trying to bag on it?  Lame.

So I sat there and went into my trance-like state and took a look at sadness.  As soon as I saw it, I again felt like don't make me do this!  My sadness was huge, grey, ugly and I felt a strong resistance to it.  Then my teacher Karena said, I want you to visualize vacuuming out everyone elses' emotions around sadness that is showing up in your image of sadness.  At that point my sadness shrunk to a tiny pea!  It was cute! Little. And green. I couldn't believe how much of other people's sadness I was carrying around with me without realizing!  When I looked at the pea again it was actually happy--- happy to be seen by me!  I felt like I wanted to give it a hug!

In that moment, I realized that it's not MY sadness that I don't like to deal with, it is the sadness I pick up by accident from other people!

When I do energy work I have a bunch of techniques I do to remove feelings from my space that aren't mine.  It's basically energy hygiene.  Being a sensitive, I've developed somewhat of a "permeable" skin that I regularly need to "clean out."  This "permeable" skin is essential for my work.  In my sessions, I use my whole body to sense what my clients are going through, so in a sense I can "feel" my client's broken toe, or how my client is holding grief around the passing of her mother.  I purposely tune into those things.  It's super helpful in a session, but not when I'm on the floor playing trains with my son.

Looking back, I have an idea of where I picked up that sadness.  At the time I remember noting to myself, I'm connecting deeply with this other person's sadness but completely forgot to clear myself of that emotion.  What is interesting to note, is that I wouldn't have picked up that emotion if there wasn't some piece of me that was resonating with that sadness.  It was buried in me, and became activated within me when I connected with this other person.  That's why it seemed out of the blue and I couldn't place it.  No one had done something obvious to hurt me.  But in me, this connection pulled out a part of me that needed to be healed.  It became amplified so that I'd notice it and process it.

This class was so powerful because it illustrated to me how important it is for me to stay on top of my energy hygiene and that I'm really not all that terrified of my own sadness.  I also gained a few more tools to move passed the reluctance in dealing with my emotions (if it comes up again) and how I can process them in the moment even if I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I'm super grateful for these opportunities to learn.

Biohacking Your Purpose

A lot of people have been asking me why I decided to work with people with Parkinson’s. The short answer is because I knew I could help them. The longer version is ... Technically I shouldn’t be here (on Earth). I’ve almost died several times. I know it sounds dramatic—but it’s true. Sometimes we humans need these near death experiences like a kick in the pants—a reminder that we are meant to DO something here ---like being a part of something larger than your self.

So what does being a twin, a degree in psychology, teaching in the most dangerous school in NYC, and becoming an energy healer and coach have to do with each other? Seemingly nothing, but all of those experiences, plus more, have prepared me for today. Every single one of those things have helped me to trust my heart.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I was well on my way to finding my purpose when I was 26. The truth is, it wasn’t all that hard. I quickly realized the way to biohack your way to your purpose is by listening to your heart. I believe we all have something like a GPS system in our heart linked to our destiny with the most compelling—sometimes obnoxious—GPS lady, directing us to our destiny. Not listening to her will make you feel lost.

The latest example of me following my heart included me working with people with Parkinson’s. In February, I started volunteering at a boxing class for people with Parkinson’s on Saturday mornings because my heart was needing to give back.

This wasn’t some form of altruism. In fact, I don’t believe in altruism. I remember the day in college when my Evolutionary Psychology professor said, “There is no such thing as true altruism.” I remember being shocked. Ready to quit the class and tell him he was a moron. I was sad for humanity. I hated the idea that we weren’t doing something to help someone else just because we wanted to help. What I didn't realize in that moment was how PERFECT it all is. We all are in it together. We all need each other.  My professor was right—I couldn’t think of a single circumstance in my life where I helped and didn’t receive something—even if it was just contentment in my heart. So every Saturday morning at the boxing gym I was getting something. I felt good. I felt hopeful. I got to see determination and healing in action. I felt blessed. Sure, I helped them too—but that’s how we were ALL benefiting.

After several weeks of volunteering I decided I could give more. It was like a fire was lit in my belly. I grew hungry for living out my purpose, so I designed a study where I would offer 9 weeks of energy work to people with Parkinson’s in exchange for them filling out questionnaires each week rating their symptoms. Periodically in those 9 weeks, I checked in with my heart and I KNEW I was on the right path.

Every one of the participants benefited from the energy work to some degree. Two (out of 7) of the participants’ symptoms decreased approximately 80%! There were significant improvements in sleep, gait, balance, and fatigue, as well as improvements in pain from past and present injuries and a decrease in anxiety. (Click here to see the results of the study.)

So here I get to sit with the results. Here I sit reflecting upon the beautiful things I witnessed—people showing up—being present, open, and vulnerable. People improving beyond their wildest dreams. I’m the lucky one. Sometimes I ask myself, “How did I get here?” and the GPS lady says, “Because you followed your heart.”

I can’t wait till she tells me the next destination.

Parkinson's and Energy Work

So life has been pretty awesome lately.  I've recently gotten back into my energy healing practice and I'm loving it!  I love what I do and feel blessed to be able to work with my clients. In addition to working with my clients, I started volunteering at the Corner Boxing Club in Boulder where they have a program for people with Parkinson's.  Almost every Saturday I help at one of the stations where they are directed by me to go left, right or punch the bag.  It has been amazing working with these courageous people over the course of the last several months.  I have seen a transformation in just about every one of the participants.  I was so inspired by their dedication, that I decided it was the perfect time to offer an 8 week study, with 7 participants, on the effects of energy work on people with Parkinson's. So far we are in week two/three and I'm seeing some amazing things.  I'm noticing that people with Parkinson's have very similar energetic patterns.  In the past, no two energy sessions were ever similar--- and now I'm seeing the same energetic pattern over and over again--- so the same parts of the energetic body (thus the physical body) are having difficulty!  I'm also noticing that I need to work on certain parts of their body much longer than I would normally (like the brain).  Additionally I'm noticing the need to connect parts of their body and work with certain acupuncture points throughout the body.  This is all turning out to be pretty incredible. I don't know what the end result of the study will be, but I can't wait to find out!

The Key

It all made sense to me yesterday. As I graduated from one level of nutrition, I would feel better and better and want to know more. As I advanced in my understanding, I noticed that the key to life kept getting smaller.

As I decided to give up processed foods and replace them with whole foods, I was taking a step towards less. Less packaging, less added junk like preservatives, additives, and definitely less burden on my body.

As I noticed my health improving, I became more interested in vegetables and less interested in ice cream and cakes. It seemed that the more I cut out, the less I wanted it.

As I moved into juicing, I found the power of vegetables---and I became enamored. The juice of these plants left my body renewed, detoxed, well oxygenated, and abundant in health. As I incorporated this new lifestyle, I watched others around me adopt this new level of appreciation for the healing nature of nature itself.

When I embarked on my most recent journey towards greater health, I found a love and appreciation for essential oils. Through my quest for health, I realized I was seeking out the most healing power of all. The essence of these plants contains molecules that can target specific problems and help heal them through their molecular structure and frequency.

As one would suspect, I dove deeper into this understanding, and once again found energy to be the healer.  Energy comes in all forms and frequencies. What our bodies need in particular, is a frequency that is greater than the “dis-ease” that is perpetuating within the body. This is the key to healing. Finding the vibration that can uplift one from the vibration of disease is the key to opening the door to health.

It is very clear to me that we have been provided with what we need to heal. It is our choice in whether we use meditation, energy healing, visualization, juicing, essential oils, laughter or something else.  Our path to health is paved with choices.

Attaining the Next Level of Health


Lately I’ve been playing around essential oils.  I am extremely excited to have found them.  As many of you know, when we are ready, the teacher shows up.


It’s no surprise that all things that boost your energy excite me.  What I was unprepared for was just how excited I would get about essential oils!  When I came across essential oils was finishing up a juice fast.


I was super proud of myself getting through a 12 day juice fast, and was happy to know my body had rid itself of a lot of toxins.  It dawned on me that I was so focused on cleaning my internal environment that I neglected to focus on my external environment.


When I saw that there was a non-toxic cleaner that actually used essential oils to kill mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses, I was intrigued. 


As I began reading more about essential oils and what certain essential oils could do for my body, health and environment, I became obsessed with trying them out and testing them out on myself.


I’m happy to report---I’m still alive!  Actually, I’m the healthiest I’ve been in a long time.  Many of you know, I already have so much energy, but with these oils I reached a new level!  I am astounded at how fast they work, and how even just one oil can do so many things to help us.


If you want to know more about these oils, please feel free to ask me.  I am more than willing to share what I know.  I think EVERYONE should use essential oils.  They are truly amazing.  I am so grateful.

Every Little Bit

Last week I received an email from Oprah's website.  The email was titled, 6 Reasons You're Still Suffering From Allergies.  As you probably know by now, I was curious to see what Corrie (the author endorsed by Oprah) was suggesting to alleviate allergies. I wish I read the miracle suggestion for you but her article was as helpful as two left shoes.  I had hoped the author would tell readers what they needed to stop doing and start doing to treat their allergies, but the article came up shorter than Danny Devito in Twins.

The author started out making the reader feel bad for having allergies--- stating that the reason you have allergies is because "you're mistreating yourself" by not going to the  doctor to get diagnosed and given the appropriate prescription for allergies.  She then suggested that natural remedies are "making you sick."  She rounded out this uplifting article by saying, "so if you have them [in adulthood], you're probably stuck with [allergies]."

I can't tell you how disheartening this was for me to read.  I couldn't help but think of the dejected readers who gave up hope and resigned to a life of suffering because they believe Oprah is capable of delivering the Truth.  It's easier to believe these things when you are bombarded by prescription commercials, doctors suggesting them, and every other person you know is on a medication.  It has becomes harder to think of someone who is healthy, than someone who is not.

I think we, as a society, need to be remind of how sophisticated our biology is.  We wouldn't be here if we didn't have the mechanisms to circumvent disease.  Before we even recognize we are thirsty, our cells have already started preparing for the possibility that we might not get water anytime soon and begin shutting down functions that can wait til we get more water.

As an energy healer we are taught that every body is infinitely wise and knows how to heal it's self.  We are also taught to respect the divinity (perfectness) that is within that person.  It's a grand, beautiful perspective---but is there evidence for this?

It turns out... every little bit is true.

Dr. Robert Young discovered we are healthy (disease free and prescription free) when our blood pH is at the appropriate level of 7.4--- any deviation from this number means you are unhealthy.  Period.

So basically our "divine self" is measured at a blood pH level of  7.4.

Going to the doctor for a prescription pill that covers up the signal that we have dipped below optimum pH level not only goes against biology but it is keeping us from getting well.  Taking a pill is the same logic as pulling a stop sign out of the ground because it annoyed you.  The removal of that sign is going to cause so many future problems that we would be better off dealing with the sign than removing it or covering it up.

Some of us have deviated so far from optimum pH that we are forced to take something just so we can breathe, move, or live.  When life is so debilitating in that way, it is understandable that we would need medications.  But the underlying cause of these symptoms should have been addressed much sooner keeping us from needlessly suffering.

In my next blog I'll discuss some things you can do to get your pH level back to normal so you'll be whistling zippidy doo da with the birds nestled in the pollen filled bush right next to you!

If you are suffering from anything...there is hope.

The Power of a Story

I recently attended Mary Ellen O'Brien's Raise Your Vibration workshop and it was fantastic!  I wanted to share with you what we did because it was so powerful. The only goal of the workshop was to, well--- raise our vibration!  Some of you may be wondering, what does that mean?  The best way of describing raising your vibration is to notice it's effects---you just feel good after you "raise your vibration"---  and things that needed to change in your life start shifting in a positive direction.

There are various ways to raise your vibration, such as meditating, running, or receiving energy work--- so I was curious what Mary Ellen was going to do with us.

It turns out---it was brilliant!  She had us remember a time in our lives when we felt really good.  I mean, reeeeallly gooooood.  You know those times where everything just seems to fall in place.  Where you feel unstoppable!  Where you think of something and it arrives momentarily---well maybe not the last one, but you get the picture.  Essentially you are in the "flow."

She had us relive that particular time in our life by having us tell a partner all the awesome coincidences and details that seemed to magically orchestrate themselves for our greatness.

The experience was amazing and very empowering!  Not only did it stir up incredible memories about when I received a free vacation at the beach with an ocean view, or found the perfect apartment over-looking the water, it made me realize how much I have to be thankful for.

My life is pretty incredible on a daily basis.  It's definitely something I'm aware of, but when you are told to unabashedly disclose the awesomeness that is your life, you can't help but smile and be overwhelmed with graditude!

As I basked in everything I was feeling, I took a moment to glance around the room and take in all that Mary Ellen had created with us.  I noticed everyone in the room was beaming!!!

The vibration of the room drastically changed from when everyone was first settling to their seats.  As everyone sank deeper and deeper into their stories the smiles across the room multiplied and it appeared people could hardly contain themselves!

It didn't matter whether you were telling your story or listening to someone's story---it was palpable how happy everyone was!  The room was buzzing with energy!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to witness and be a part of so many people raising their vibration!  It was great to see them remembering what they are thankful for, and above all else, recognizing---without a doubt---there was some sort of divine hand in all that transpired in their story.

It turned out, many of the stories were based on people following their intuition---people doing things because it just "felt" right.  Many didn't know how things were going to work out when the began that particular journey, but something in them just trusted everything would work out fine---and it did.

I highly recommend you trying this with a friend.  Raising your vibration is exactly what you need to do to start attracting the things you want in life.  Feel free to post your incredible story below.  You will rediscover things about your self and you will raise the vibration of all who read about it!

For more info about Mary Ellen and her workshops, visit http://awakenyourtrueessence.com.

Top Ten Ways to Naturally Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Top Ten Ways to Naturally Regulate Your Blood Sugar

With sugar infiltrating most foods it is now necessary to monitor and regulate our blood sugar for optimal health.  Sugar has been linked with diabetes and heart disease--- and now many other diseases!  Excess sugar in the body creates insulin resistance over time--- which causes inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is the root cause of over 80 disease in the body.  Here are some ways you can help shed some pounds, get the thumbs up from your doc and feel better!


1)  Look at the ingredients in your food.  Foods such as peanut butter and bread generally aren’t considered to be foods where you would find sugar, but I have found it listed as the second ingredient!  In Jif peanut butter, it is listed as the first ingredient along with peanuts!


2)  Stay away from processed foods.  Many processed foods contain high fructose corn syrup and other sugars.  Processed foods are considered dead foods.  Choose live foods and you will likely find yourself feeling less tired, less depressed, more energetic and lighter.

3)  Beware of low fat foods.  Foods labeled low fat often contain added sugar to make up for the lack of taste.  Compare brands when you are in the grocery store.  If the same brand of cottage cheese has the same amount of calories in both the low fat and the regular, it has been infused with sugar.  Also, remember that the fat will help in slowing the absorption of naturally occuring sugars.

4)  Count your carbohydrates.  It seems obvious to watch your intake of sugars, but most people don’t realize carbohydrates turn into sugars in the body.  Limiting the amount of carbs you consume per meal to roughly 15 grams (7 grams per snack), helps to keep your blood sugar from spiking and making you feel hungry shortly after eating.

5)  Calculate the amount of added sugar in your food.  Most women should not have more than 100 calories (150 for men) from added sugar a day, which translates to roughly 6.5 tsps of sugar (9.5 tsps for men).  To get the amount of sugar or calories in your food, multiply the grams of sugar by 4 to get the calories from sugar, or divide the grams of sugar by 4 to get teaspoons of sugar.

6)  Drink Aloe Vera juice and gel.  You only need a few ounces a day to help regulate your blood sugar.  As a bonus, you will also boost your immune system and reduce your risk of colon cancer.

7)  Get 6+ hours of sleep.  People who sleep 6 hours or less have an increased risk of developing diabetes.  People who sleep less generally consume more calories during the day because they have higher levels of the appetite stimulating hormone ghrelin and lower levels of the appetite inhibitor leptin in their blood.

8)  Get moving!  Working out will help burn excess calories and fat, but it will also help you get a deeper sleep which will help keep your ghrelin and leptin hormones at optimal levels lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

9)  Supplement your diet with Cinnamon, Manganese and Chromium.  Cinnamon is a popular Chinese Medicine herb used to treat blood sugar.  Manganese and Chromium are crucial for blood sugar regulation because manganese is involved in the metabolism of glucose (sugar) and chromium is necessary for carbohydrate and fat metabolism.  Health food stores often have suggestions for blood sugar regulating brands.  I like Glucose Optimizer by Jarrow Formulas.  I noticed a significant difference in how hungry I felt between meals.  

10)  Try taking 150 mg of African Mango fruit extract twice a day.  Not only does this supplement curb your hunger by telling your brain you are full, it also helps regulate blood sugar!

*Please note I am not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist.  I read the information that is available to us all.  This is my informed opinion.

Transformation Nation

The other day I caught Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation special and had mixed feelings because some of the foods he was promoting were not exactly "healthy."

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Dr. Oz.  He's extremely knowledgeable, charismatic and knows the value of alternative healing and even promotes it on his show!  I'm glad he is trying (along with Weight Watchers) to help America lose weight and get healthy.

My only gripe with this particular show was that he was promoting "low fat" items.  To me, this is such an outdated viewpoint on weight-loss, I'm surprised such an educated man would be promoting these foods.


First and foremost, most "low fat" or "fat free items" contain added sugar to make up for the lack of fat.  Recent research has shown that fat doesn't make you fat.  I'll repeat that again.  Fat DOESN'T make you fat---at least it's not the number one offender in making us fat.

Many of us have heard that carbs have 4 calories per gram and fat 9 calories per gram.  Simple math would suggest that fat, with more than double the number of calories would make you fat, but scientists have now found that what is far more important is what our body is doing with these foods.

When carbohydrates enter the body they turn into sugar.  You know that fabulous, out-dated Food Pyramid many of us grew up studying--the one that says 6-11 servings of carbohydrates with pictures of bread, pasta and other grains--- replace those cute pictures with bags of sugar.  That's why we are getting fat!  Many of us followed these guidelines! All that sugar in a sedate--- or even mildly active person--- is going to cause major weight gain because with 6-11 servings of sugar on top of sugary drinks, cakes, and ice cream---and now "low fat" items containing extra sugar, you are now looking a pyramid as wide as many of our pants.

The biology is pretty simple to understand.  Carbs and sugar-laden foods enter the bloodstream faster than Jeff Gordon in the Daytona 500.  The body tries to bring down these sky high blood sugar levels by releasing insulin.  Insulin can only do so much and then the body resorts to storing the sugar in fat cells--- hoping to be able to process it later.  But the steady stream of sugar into the body is practically never ending---so we just keep storing... and storing...and storing.  Thus we find ourselves bigger than a Macy's Day balloon!

Some of you may say, "Amy, but fat clogs your arteries, so we should eat low fat foods!" I'm here to tell you that's another load of baloney.  Recent research has revealed that fat doesn't clog your arteries and give you heart disease.  In fact, it LOWERS your "BAD" cholesterol and raises your "GOOD" cholesterol!  You might need to go back and read that again.  We have been lead to believe that fat and heart disease are directly linked, but they are not.  The truth is, the excessive sugar in our diet is what causes inflammation in our arteries and that leads to heart disease.  In fact, excess sugar is responsible for making the "bad" LDL.

We need fat!  Well, the good fats.  You know, the ones from avacados, nuts, grass-fed butter, fish oil etc. Our brain, immune system, sex hormones, skin and hair are fat dependent--- which makes me wonder if low fat foods are partially responsible for our nation's fertility issues, (think about it, most women are chronically on a diet of low fat foods).

On top of all this---ANY processed food is going to put undo stress on the body.  The body, relatively speaking to the timeline of man, has just begun to try to adapt to processed foods.  We simply have not evolved to be able to handle processed foods optimally.  As Michael Pollan (an expert in the field of nutrition) suggests, stick to the "Five and Under Rule."  Only eat foods with five ingredients or less and you should recognize every single one of them---oh, and so should your grandma.

Dr. Oz should have stuck to promoting whole foods, rather than the processed ones that got us into the obesity epidemic.

My next post will give you some options and suggestions for keeping your blood sugar down and waist size ideal.

*Please remember, I'm not a doctor, or a nutritionist, just an educated person reading the research available to us all.  These are just suggestions based on research and personal biohacking.

A Classic Case of Intuition

The town I live in just had it's first annual Pints and Paws festival for rescue dogs.  The streets were filled with smiles, vendors and four legged friends.   The festival was raising money for two animal shelters. As I walked the streets, I noticed a woman with a small baby.  As I looked at this woman and her baby, something struck me as odd.  I couldn't put my finger on it right away so I  kept socializing.  Moments later she came rounding the corner, baby in her arms, and I was struck again by the feeling something was not right. I looked at the baby and told my friend, "That baby seems very sick and should probably be in the hospital and not in her arms parading through the streets."

The baby's energy seemed so listless that I was in shock she would be out with it.  I became so upset by this, that I stepped back and tried to find another perspective---so I consulted my intuition hoping to be relieved of my feelings that this baby was not well.

As I tuned in, I heard, "She's selling it."  At that, I threw my hands up and said, " I knew something was up!"

I was in total disgust!  I couldn't believe this woman was so brazen to be selling a baby in the streets!  I was so totally upset, that I asked my friend who is training to be a police officer to go investigate.  A few minutes later she came back and said, "You're right, she's selling that baby...it's a doll you duffus!"  We both had a good laugh at me.

I share this story with you because  we often receive guidance or information and we interpret the situation---rather than just taking the information at face value.  The lady WAS selling the baby but I assumed that the baby was alive because it was what made sense in the situation---adults don't usually walk around carrying life size replicas of babies!

The truth is I broke a cardinal rule in using your intuition---follow it implicitly without interpretation.

My mom always said, to assume makes an "A$$ out of you and me."  I guess she's right.

Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 7

Five Tips For a Better Week


1)  With Spring upon us, try to start amping up your intake of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and will help you though allergy season and boost your immune system.  A 1992 study found that taking 2,ooo mg of vitamin C daily lowered blood histamine levels 38 percent in healthy adults in just one week. *

2) If you are over the age of 40, your ability to turn CoQ10 into Ubiquitol deminishes.  Try taking Ubiquitol instead of CoQ10 for the vast health promoting benefits--- from lower cholesterol to higher sperm motility!  CoQ10 seems to do it all!

3) If you love pasta and are trying to avoid gluten, try organic Quinoa pasta and other similar products. I love them!  They don't get mushy like other gluten free products and are a good source of protein.  Quinoa is considered a super grain because it supplies all the essential amino acids in a balanced pattern.  Prego!

4) Zip- up!  For those of you who are sensitive to energy, try zipping up your energy centers the same way you would zip up a coat.  This helps to keep your energy contained and other people's energy out--- leaving you feeling more like yourself.

5)  Challenge your intuition.  Next time you are in a restaurant, before looking at the menu, set the intention that you will find the perfect dish for the evening.  Open the menu and scan it quickly.  Notice where your eye is drawn.  This just might be the perfect dish for you!  This is what I do!

*Johnston C. et al. Antihistamine effect of supplemental ascorbic acid and neutrophil chemotaxis” J Am Coll Nutr 11 (1992):172-76.


"Hi Amy,  it's James, I wanted to update you on my friend, he is doing much---much better. He has been moved to an other facility and is able to communicate 'yes' and 'no,'  and short fragmented sentences---and is laughing!  The hospital staff is amazed and has attributed his recovery to the work we did.  Thank you!" That was the incredible voicemail I received early this morning.

On Thursday afternoon I received a desperate call from my friend James.  He asked me to accompany him on a trip to do energy work on his dear friend who has been in the hospital for the past month (two, out of those four weeks his friend was in a coma).  His recovery since the coma was dismal, so the doctors had essentially given up on him and told his parents, "There is nothing more we can do for him.  This is the way he is going to be for the rest of his life."

That meant this 46 year old man would be in a state of frustration, crying, grunting, and sweating profusely, with strained movement, and little to no coordination of his limbs for the rest of his life.  He also wouldn't be able to communicate or swallow, so was hooked up to feeding tubes, heart rate monitors and other things.  The doctors and parents had decided there was no hope and he needed to go to a hospice facility to---die.

James, believing in the power of energy work, rounded me and another friend/energy worker named Marina to travel to Tampa to see this young man in the hospital.

Even though I had been advised about the state he was in--- it was still in shock.  Because of his outbursts of crying, grunting, and straining it was at first difficult to transmit healing energy.  I was told he was dominantly in his reptilian brain, which meant he was in survival mode.  I was afraid he might involuntarily lash out at me (i.e bite me) because he didn't know me.

I had to have the utmost faith that I would not be put in harms way.  I had to trust that the Universe wouldn't have created a dangerous situation for me or him.  I had to face my fear head on and chose love.  My faith, my concentration, and my ability to transmit healing energy were all being challenged.

James began calming this young man down with his endearing smile and caressing his hand.  He was expressing palpable unconditional love--- and it calmed me down too.  The love he had for his friend filled me with hope and I was able to relax and allow the energy healing to flow.

I was able to pick up on some vital medical intuitive information to make his friend more comfortable.  The feeding tube was making him sick, and hurting his throat.  James informed the nurses, and soon, they agreed the tube should be removed and he calmed down.

After closing the energy session, my only hope was that James' friend would improve from the energy healing---offering him a second chance at life.  It seems, energy work gave him that chance.

I am eternally grateful to be the messenger of such a beautiful message.



Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 6

Five Tips For a Better Week

1.  Trying to lose weight?  Try taking African Mango Extract 150 mg 2 times a day.  Make sure you take it 30-60 mins before a meal.  Studies have shown that people who do this lose an average of 18% of their body weight in 10 weeks.  It works by curbing your appetite by making you feel full.  It specifically helps people lose abdominal fat and lowers cholesterol.  It also helps regulate blood sugar!  Dr. Oz has even said it is the “miracle in your medicine cabinet.”

2.  Use coconut oil as a moisturizer on your skin.  Being cognizant of what you are putting on your skin is crucial.  Your skin is your largest organ and is very good at absorbing things.  Many people watch what they put in their bodies, but not what they put on their bodies.  So make sure you are using something that doesn’t have chemicals or fragrances in it.  Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-viral.

3.  Interact with nature, especially if you live in a city.  Living in a concrete jungle separates you from the rhythms of nature.  Research shows that we take many of our biological cues from nature.  Reconnecting with nature by placing your feet in direct contact with the Earth, has been shown to decrease inflammation in the body, which is at the root of at least 80 diseases!  If you don't think that you have time for this, you can purchase a grounding mat at earthing.com and use it at work or put it on your bed.  You will experience many of the benefits from connecting directly to the Earth.  I make sure I receive the benefits of grounding daily because they are just so good for you!

4.  Get outside and get some vitamin D.  Our bodies are great at making Vitamin D.  All we need is a little sunshine (15 mins a day) and we make enough Vitamin D to supply our body.  Some of the benefits of Vitamin D are that it helps fight and prevent the flu, is a building block in the immune system, and aids in a healthy bone structure.  Who doesn't like to feel better for free?!

5.  Try substituting apple sauce for an egg in your baked goods.  Surprisingly this actually works!  I used 1 cup Pamela’s Gluten Free pancake mix (which is really an awesome pancake mix) and used 1/4 cup organic apple sauce in place of the egg, sprinkled cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla, 3/4 cup of unsweetened Hemp milk, a tablespoon of melted Earth Balance buttery spread, a tablespoon of blue agave syrup and organic blueberries and voila!  Awesome, gluten free, vegan blueberry pancakes!  Enjoy!

Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 5

Five Tips for a Better Week:

  1. Don’t to take anything personally this week.  This is one of the Four Agreements published by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It’s excellent advice, because what people say and do is a reflection of what they are going through, not a reflection of you.  You have complete control over how you interpret every situation.  If you chose to make the situation about you, you are not only risking your self-esteem, but you are missing the opportunity to see and learn what the other person is going through.  Observing and understanding the root of their behavior will give you much insight about your own life and keep you from losing your cool.
  2. Floss.  Many of us forgo flossing because it is tedious, but research shows it can add up to 7 years to your life.  That’s because gingivitis is a chronic infection that your body needs to fight.  This infection is constantly taxing your immune system, because the bacteria get into the blood stream and cause inflammation around the body.
  3. Spend some time on yourself.  With this week full of Valentine’s Day hub bub, don’t forget to share the love with yourself first.  Self love gives you the strength to give of yourself.  Wen you’re not feeling 100%, you are not going to be able to give 100%.  So take some time to give back to yourself, so you’ll have more to give others later.
  4. Stretch.  Stretching improves flexibility, but also moves energy.  Your body is constantly looking to enhance the energetic flow enervating your muscles and organs.  By stretching, you can release pent up energy which could lead to pain and discomfort if not released.
  5. Check in with your body every morning.  This is crucial.  Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback about how we are doing---we just don’t always listen.  Two popular medical intuitives, Carolyn Myss and Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz, refer to aches and pains as “Body Talk.”  Listening to your body helps build your self-esteem--- because listening is a form of active love.

If Your Income Is Variable...

If your income is variable you need to be careful your self-esteem doesn't mimic your cash flow.

With so many people's sense of worth coming from their wallets, it is easy to hop on the rollacoaster that has become our economy.  Anyone who makes their livelihood from the stock market, real estate market, or is self-employed is all too familiar with the ups and downs that not only marks the bottom line on their bank statements but also their mood.

This is a cycle that needs to be broken.

When self-esteem repeatedly fluctuates a person can develop a digestive disorder that can eventually turn into an autoimmune disorder.  I have seen this time after time in my practice.

Biologically speaking this is what is happening.  The stress from feeling scarcity triggers an adrenaline response, which causes your energy to be diverted away from digestion to the extremities (your arms and legs).  This is really useful if you are fleeing a saber tooth tiger, but not great if you are sitting comfortably at your desk watching the stock ticker.  This stress response inhibits the proper absorption of nutrients in our digestive tract.  Since the gut produces 90% of our immunity, we are left feeling emotionally and physically spent.

Lack of funds doesn't need to mean lack of self-esteem.  Gaining our self-worth in a non-materialistic way will help us weather the financial storm and leave us unscathed.

True happiness and self-worth comes from within---and that's exactly where it's supposed to be.  That way we don't have to worry about it being taken away.  It is not a material object subjected to the outside world's whims.  It is held safely in our hearts, ready to guide us to safety.

Engaging in activities that make us feel good about ourselves, such as volunteering or extending a compliment, we can build our fortress of self-esteem to unparalleled heights.

Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 4

Five Tips For a Better Week:

1.  When someone is driving you crazy, change the lens of how you look at them to compassion.  Find a way to love them---or at least like them.  Try to rememberthey are figuring things out just as much as you are.  Their behavior is coming from their experiences---it is how they have learned to cope with the situation.  Just as you would not fault a student for having a poor teacher, do not fault the student who does not know what you know. 

2.  Have fun!  Chances are you have gotten swept away with the rat race.  Take time to release some pent up energy!  If you can, imagine your younger self and ask him/her what he/she would like to be doing right now---then do it!  Your inner child is waiting to play.

3.  Try Tabata.  Tabata is a workout regime that burns 3-5 times more calories than a traditional workout. It also significantly improves cardiovascular health faster than a traditional workout.  Tabata is working out intensely for 20 seconds, with a 10 second recovery time, 8 times in a row.  Do that 7 times, with 7 different activities (alternating between aerobic exercise and weight training), and you will see a significant improvement in your strength, and cardiovascular health. *

4.  Say what you are thankful for before you fall asleep.   This is one of the easiest ways to help you fall asleep.  It relaxes your body and puts you into a state of peacefulness and abundance so that you drift softly to sleep.

5.  Switch from coffee to green tea for a week.  Green tea is full of antioxidants and health benefits.  Drinking green tea (even if it's caffeinated) helps burn more fat, reduces the number of free radicals floating around your body (which are linked with cancer and other diseases) and can help women suffering from infertility or endometriosis according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

*Please check with your doctor before trying any new workout regime.

32 Days Sober

Last month I challenged myself to go 31 days without drinking any alcohol.  Suffice to say, I did it.  It wasn't easy though---I visited family and friends, watched football games (hello beer and wings!), and even attended an event solely based on drinking.  In the past, all these occasions would have included some level of drinking.

Before sharing my realizations, I'd like point out I didn't give up alcohol because I was addicted to it, or felt I needed it daily, I gave it up because I wanted to see what life would be like without it.

Here's what I found---much to my surprise!

I became significantly more aware of my surroundings---even for me!  I noticed colors, smells, and peoples' interactions more than ever.  I experienced a new found zest for life, and a heightened connection with those around me.

It was so much easier to see how we are all connected.  I couldn't believe the high I was on!  Feeling the vibration of those under the influence paled in comparison to the heightened awareness I felt.  I ached for them to have the moment of clarity I had while dancing among them.  Everything was beautiful!---they were, their hearts, their minds, their thoughts, all of them!  I suddenly realized, why would I ever want to miss this!  Why would I not want to bask in the energy of all that was, is and will be---the MOMENT.

When I realized alcohol pulled me out of the moment, I realized I was missing some profound connections. When we aren't fully present in the moment we are missing our opportunity to create a profound connection with ourselves and others---and possibly it all.


Five Tips For a Better Week: Vol. 3

Five Tips for a Better Week:

1.  Set a fitness goal and try to break it by the end of the week.  Do you think you can’t run 3 miles?  That’s what I thought---until I did it.  Little wins boost our confidence significantly.  So try running or walking non-stop at your fastest pace for 1 minute, or walking up the stairs all week instead of taking an elevator.

2.  Treat yourself to a massage.  With stress being top on the list of reasons we become ill, a massage naturally packs a one-two punch against illness. It decreases stress, anxiety, and blood pressure and also boosts the immune system.

3.  Disconnect yourself for an hour a day.  People are flocking to "Black Hole Hotels" in an effort to avoid feeling tethered to the internet.  Constantly being connected to a cell phone, tablet or computer keeps us disconnected from ourselves.  They have become our choice distractor.  Spending an hour of your waking day disconnected will ironically help you get in touch with yourself and those around you.

4.  Use your "Golden Hour" wisely.  The "Golden Hour" is the first hour after waking.  This is primetime for our brains to learn something new, set an intention, or focus on the future.  After waking, our brains are in the alpha stage, which means we are most open to ideas and suggestions.  Plant the seed for your ideal future in your golden hour.


5.  Go organic.  Did you know some fruits and vegetables can have up to 14 pesticides on them?!  Not only are these chemicals linked with cancer, but they also decrease the amount of antioxidants found in the plants.  This is because the plant doesn’t need to produce as many antioxidants to protect the plant from disease because the pesticides are already doing that.  Antioxidants protect the plants and us from disease.

Foot-loose and Fancy-free!

Donating your stuff will not only increase the balance in your karma bank and likely put a smile on your face, it will also give you flexibility in life. I was talking with a friend who is giving up almost everything to pursue her dream. Kudos to her!  She has waited almost 40 years to manifest her dream career and surprisingly one of her main concerns is if she needs her enormous, ji-gundo green couch!

I simply told her, "No, don't be ridiculous!"  Thank goodness she's got a good sense of humor!

Since she is going to be living out of a suitcase for the next 6-9 months as she goes to school, it doesn't make any sense to keep it especially since she needs the money!

Plus, she wouldn't want to be in a position of saying, "I can't take that job/apartment/opportunity because of my couch."  THAT would be ridiculous.

So why is she so set on holding on to a couch she won't use for at least half a year?  A better question is, why do people hold on to anything?

The truth is, stuff makes us feel safe and secure.  When we really examine why we hold on to stuff, we find that a lot of that stuff is actually holding on to us.  Often we accumulate things, give them meaning, energy, time, and space, and then resent them when we lose our freedom to move foot-loose and fancy-free!  Some of us have even created debt to accumulate this stuff---and that's a double choke hold on our freedom!

Purge yourself of your "stuff."  I'm not suggesting you act like a monk or go sans everything including your underwear, I'm just suggesting you look around and think,  "What's holding me back from feeling free?"

Ultimately I think we all want to feel free to move when we feel inspired to do so.

Selling or donating your stuff will make you feel lighter and you'll be sending the signal to the Universe that you have enough--- which will be matched with you always feeling like you have enough!

Start off the new year by signaling that you have abundance and are ready to move with your intuition and opportunities!