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Amy will be studying The Effects of Energy Work on Children with Autism. Amy has been doing energy work for 12+ years and has a Masters in Special Education. Amy was a Special Education Science and Math teacher in the NYC public school system for 4 years. In her energy healing practice she has noticed Autistic and sensitive children benefit from energy work. She is interested in looking at which aspects of a child’s life can possibly benefit from energy work. This study is FREE to participate. Here is what she will be measuring:

  • Heart Rate Variability changes
  • Language progression
  • ATEC Score changes
  • Social/Emotional changes
  • and more...

We will be utilizing video, photos, and various assessment tools (such as HRV monitor, and paperwork) to gauge changes.

Amy and her team will be distributing an organized notebook of paperwork for the parents/caregivers to fill out each day of the 8 weeks. These are quick check in forms that are related to observations of the day, such as any new words, expressions, temperament changes, sleep and type of day (school or home). They will take only a couple minutes a day to fill out, but will be key to tracking social, emotional, and language changes.

How long is the study? 10 weeks

How long is an energy healing session?  Most sessions are 30-45 mins.

How often does my child meet with Amy for a session? Amy will meet with each child once a week for 8 weeks (total of 8 sessions).  There will be two additional sessions, one prior to seeing Amy and one after your last session with Amy. These will be to meet with Research Assistant and Speech Pathologist.

How many children are in the study? We are looking for 10-12 children for the study.

What if my child is not between the ages of 4 and 6? Please contact us if you are interested in this study and you feel your child would be a good fit. 

How much does it cost to be in the study?  There is no cost for you to be in this study unless you terminate participation before study is over.

Location of energy healing sessions?  The sessions will either be in Lafayette or available through FaceTime/Skype.

What kinds of questions are on the forms to be filled out?  We are looking to see areas of improvement in behavior, such as, coping abilities, sleep, eating, elimination, anxiety, sociability with friends, sociability with family, and more.

Who do I need to give the forms to so that they can be filled out?  We are looking to see the various areas that may see improvement-- the child’s teacher, occupational therapist, parent, speech teacher, after-school teacher, sports coach, nanny, or other fitting adult. We are looking for 2 adults to report on the child’s behavior.  We will need the same set of adults to fill out the forms at the start of the study, and at the end of the study. 

If the energy work does not seem to be helping, can we just stop coming? We ask for a commitment of 8 sessions since all the information for the study needs to be included. If issues come up, please discuss with Amy directly. You will be charged for your participation in the sessions that you have received.

Will there be a video taped interview? Yes. There will be two. It will be with you and your child.  We would like to hear you talk candidly about your child and their behaviors. We would like to know the areas you would like to see improvements in.  We would like to visually see what your child is like before and after the 8 sessions.  These video clips maybe used in the future to get the next study funded, or for bringing more awareness to how energy healing can benefit children with Autism.

There will be two observation videos of your child. The purpose of these videos is to capture how your child is interacting with his/her environment. Amy's team will calculate the number of recorded interactions before and after the study. These interactions will be used as data.

What other quantiative data is Amy looking for? Amy will be testing your child's heart rate variability score, before and after the study. The higher your heart rate variability score the greater your ability to handle stress.

How else is Amy evaluating my child? Each child in the study will receive 2 speech sessions. One before and after the study. Jen Mc Nerney, the speech pathologist, will evaluate each child's language skills.

How does energy healing work? Cells in the body communicate with each other through electrical signals. These signals can become disrupted from injury, emotional trauma or from toxins. It is believed that energy healing helps the cells to communicate better, which can result in decreased pain, a calmer nervous system, less anxiety, more physical energy, more ability to cope, increased feelings of connection and more.

Why is Amy studying the effects of energy work on children with Autism? Amy is very passionate about helping children. She has seen how effective energy work can be in helping people overcome various things, and would like to bring more awareness about how energy work may help children with Autism.

I heard Amy did a pilot study on a child with Austim. How did that go? Here is what the mom had to say about working with Amy:

Amy was able to help stabilize Will’s fight or flight response and eliminate what was holding him back from seeking out meaningful connection with others. The changes were immediately noticeable after each session as he was more tuned in to the social scene; mimicking his brother, following friends around and wanting to do what they were doing, and we saw a spike in spontaneous language and shared enjoyment in activities. Over the course of the eight weeks she worked with him, these behaviors appeared more and more frequently and ultimately stuck, such that this is our new norm. It’s wonderful!

This is the before and after of Will. This is after 8 sessions of energy work.

Was there any data from that study? Most of what was gathered was in observation. This will be posted soon.

Has Amy done any other studies? Amy completed a study in 2016 on The Effects of Energy Work on People with Parkinson’s. To read more about the Parkinson's study, please go to: http://www.starktransformation.com/parkisons-study/

Families that participate in the study will receive the you are energy online education series for free as a thank you!


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