Everyone should have the opportunity to create the life and health they want!

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a Master Healer and Transformation Coach. I believe the key to creating the health and life you want is in mastering your energy. I teach others how to clear their energy, release trauma and rewrite limiting beliefs. When you change the way the brain and body communicate you can create massive change in your life. We all have other peoples’ energy and information in our space and that creates a lack of clarity and purpose, that makes it difficult to stay focused on the life and health of your dreams.

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My own practice leads me to new discoveries every day. This is where I share those moments and a bit more about my everyday life.

Speaking Engagements & Interviews

I’ve been busy spreading my message about the possibilities of energy work and clearing programming. Check out the podcasts, summits, interviews I’ve been a part of.


Whether you're in a healing profession or just want to learn more about energy, these lessons will  take your practice to the next level.